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Hinata races through the hallway in Karasuno High School to the gym, excited to start practicing and bent on getting revenge on Kageyama.
Hinata and Kageyama encounter

Хината обнаруживает Кагеяму в тренировочном зале

However, as soon as he enters the gym, he finds Kageyama there. The setter insults Hinata as soon as he recognizes the latter but before a full-scale fight can start, the Karasuno third years enter the gym. Tanaka recognizes Hinata as “that number 1 shorty” and compliments him. Hinata exclaims that he will become Karasuno’s ace, causing Kageyama to insult him again, leading to an argument. The vice principal enters the gym to check out the ruckus and despite Tanaka’s efforts to get the first years to stop, they start their own 1-on-1 match against each other. Kageyama serves to Hinata but it flies past the latter’s face. The second time, to Kageyama’s shock, Hinata manages to receive the ball but it bounces off him and hits the vice principal across the face, causing his wig to fly off his head and onto Daichi's. The vice principal then takes Daichi outside to talk and after coming back, Daichi tells the two first years of Karasuno’s past and his desire to get the team to nationals. However, he can’t accept anyone who can cause trouble for the team, no matter how skilled or determined they are. To the first years’ shock, Daichi then throws them out of the gym, saying that until they view each other as teammates, they are not allowed to participate in club activities.
Out of desperation, Hinata starts begging but nothing works until Kageyama decides to challenge the third years to a 2-on-2 match. Hinata disagrees with the idea at first but after Kageyama reminds him of his past, Hinata starts to change his mind. He tells Kageyama that he has to get into the club because if he wants to beat Kageyama one day, he needs practice. 

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Later on in the evening, as the Karasuno members are cleaning up, Hinata and Kageyama ask the third years for a match. However, Daichi changes it to a 3-on-3 match against other first years and has Tanaka play with Hinata and Kageyama. The conditions are that if the two first years lose, Kageyama will not be allowed to play as a setter as long as the third years are still around. Hinata tries catching the captain’s attention, feeling left out since he didn't receive a punishment, but fails. The two first years eventually agree to the terms and leave. As he's walking away, Hinata tells Kageyama happily that it's okay if he isn’t the setter because he will still be able to become a regular and wing spikers are cooler than setters anyway; this angers Kageyama and leads to an argument about whether setters or spikers are cooler. As they're talking, Kageyama thinks about how they're going to practice and Tanaka catches their attention from inside the gym. He discreetly tells them that the gym will be opened before 7am the next day, and the two first years decide to come at 5am.

The next day, Hinata and Kageyama arrive at the gym only to find it locked. At that very moment, Tanaka arrives with the key and to their delight, decides to help them practice. Hinata enters the gym excitedly, remembering how the Small Giant had once practiced there. He thinks happily that compared to junior high, he now has a net to use and a setter to play with, no matter what kind of personality the latter has.

They start practicing but can’t seem to sync at all and soon end up fighting. Suddenly, they're interrupted by Sugawara’s arrival, but the third year agrees to keep their secret and helps them practice as well. Sugawara ends up helping Hinata with his receives while Kageyama practices with Tanaka, but Hinata isn’t satisfied. Hinata decides to approach Kageyama and asks him to toss to him but Kageyama flat out refuses, stating that Hinata's too slow. To Hinata’s anger, Kageyama tells him that all Hinata should do on Saturday is to try his best not to drag the team down. Hinata asks him whether he will toss to him if he can receive the ball in a way that satisfies Kageyama, and Kageyama replies that he will toss to Hinata only if it's necessary; however, he doesn’t think Hinata's necessary to help him win.

Later on during a break in class, Hinata goes outside to practice with Sugawara. As they're talking, Hinata reveals to Sugawara that during junior high, he didn’t have a setter and had to ask his friends to toss to him. However, he didn’t give up and practiced with the mothers club and the girls’ club’s setters, but he could never consider them as teammates. When he went to high school, he was excited to see what kind of setter he would have, but it turned out to be Kageyama. Sugawara tells Hinata that he will set to him from now on, but Hinata replies sullenly that it will feel like he lost to Kageyama. Sugawara asks Hinata if he came to Karasuno just so he could defeat Kageyama, and Hinata replies that he wants to become as strong as someone who can beat Kageyama; this will allow him to play against other strong opponents on equal footing. He doesn’t want to lose anymore. Sugawara states that even though Hinata views Kageyama as the strongest player and enemy, he is currently Hinata’s strongest ally.

A few days later, Kageyama starts practicing with Hinata for real. One day, Kageyama pushes Hinata to his limits, but the latter refuses to give up, stating that the ball hasn’t fallen yet. Kageyama spikes a ball too hard and it flies to the back of the gym, but Hinata chases after it with all his might. This inspires Kageyama to finally toss to Hinata and despite being at his limits, Hinata spikes it happily. Kageyama then approaches him and says that they will win on Saturday, showing his acceptance of Hinata as a teammate. Hinata tries to reply but throws up instead.

A while later, Kageyama and Hinata are practicing outside and Hinata contemplates happily how he finally got Kageyama to toss to him.

Хината и Кагеяма знакомятся с Тсукишимой и Ямагучи

Kageyama suddenly hits the ball up the tree and Hinata has to get it down. Angrily, Hinata calls Kageyama a “damn King”, annoying the latter, but Hinata doesn’t understand why because he views “King” as a cool nickname. The two continue practicing into the night until they're interrupted by Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Tsukishima teases Hinata, angering him. Hinata exclaims that he won’t lose to Tsukishima in the match. The taller boy then asks Hinata if he wants him to just throw the game. He soon turns his attention to Kageyama and teases him about his nickname and past. Hinata watches on, confused as to why Kageyama isn’t reiterating. He then decides to take things into his own hands when Kageyama starts walking away. As Tsukishima throws the volleyball into the air, Hinata jumps up from behind him and grabs it, exclaiming that he's going to hit the ball above Tsukishima’s head in the game. Tsukishima soon leaves and Hinata angrily tells Kageyama that they're going to beat up Tsukishima, but Kageyama brushes him off coolly.

The next day, the match starts with Hinata, Tanaka and Kageyama vs Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, and Daichi. Hinata is shocked at first because Daichi's on the other team, but he quickly gets over it. Right after the match starts, Kageyama tosses to Hinata and he spikes it, his high jump shocking everyone in the gym, but it's immediately blocked by Tsukishima. Hinata reassures himself that even if the opponent is huge, he’s only one person. Hinata can get it through next time. However, Tsukishima keeps blocking his spikes.  

Tsukishima teases Kageyama about his past, and Kageyama replies sullenly that tossing the ball only for no one to be there frightens him. Hinata interrupts him, stating nonchalantly that that situation was back in junior high. Kageyama tossed the ball properly to Hinata, so the latter doesn’t care about the setter’s past.   

The next move, Kageyama was going to toss to Tanaka but Hinata suddenly appears behind him, asking for a toss. He barely hits the ball past the net. He then turns to Kageyama, yelling that he is here now. No matter what happened in junior high, Hinata wants to hit Kageyama’s tosses. He will jump anywhere and hit any kind of ball, so Kageyama has to keep tossing to Hinata. 

Tanaka approaches the two first years, asking if they know how to do quick sets. Hinata replies that he doesn’t know how to and only hits whatever tosses he can get and Kageyama adds that they aren’t in sync so a quick strike is still impossible, angering Hinata. Tsukishima adds that Hinata’s reckless play style isn’t a good mindset, and Hinata sullenly explains that no matter how high he jumped, he was always stopped by a blocker and could never fill the overwhelming gap in height. However, the Small Giant didn’t let that stop him, so Hinata wants to be like him. Disadvantages and inability don’t bother Hinata because of that. With this body, he wants to win and keep winning. Tsukishima continues berating Hinata though, but Kageyama steps in, stating that clearing the wall in front of a spiker is what the spiker is for. He then turns to Hinata, stating that he needs to use all of his physical ability and reflexes to hit his toss. While Tanaka's worried that Hinata doesn’t understand Kageyama, Hinata wants to try Kageyama’s idea anyway. Hinata excitedly rushes onto the court and tries to spike Kageyama’s toss but misses, surprised at how quick it is. Hinata then fails several times and Kageyama starts arguing with him. Sugawara interrupts the two, reminding Kageyama of his past in Kitagawa Daiichi. Sugawara explains that Hinata lacks technique and experience but he has determination, and Hinata blushes at the compliment. Sugawara continues, saying that Kageyama should try to utilize Hinata’s ability. Kageyama thinks over Sugawara’s words and turns to Hinata, exclaiming that he's jealous of Hinata’s physical ability and hates how Hinata has skills but is horrible at volleyball. Kageyama announces that because of that, he has to help Hinata, confusing the latter. Kageyama then tells Hinata to move as fast and jump as high as he can and Kageyama will get the ball to him. Kageyama explains that Hinata doesn’t have to see the toss and Hinata doubts the idea because he doesn’t think he can hit without looking. However, Kageyama convinces him to try the idea anyway. 

Кагеяма пытается сделать "быструю" с Хинатой

In the next move, Hinata jumps and spikes successfully. Hinata excitedly celebrates, but the other players are shocked because Hinata’s eyes were closed. As Hinata rambles to Kageyama, the latter asks him angrily why his eyes were closed and Hinata replies simply that if his eyes are opened, he can’t stop watching the ball. Hinata’s utter trust in Kageyama confuses the latter, but Kageyama tells Hinata to believe in him and jump for the next toss anyway.However, they fail the second time and Hinata ends up getting hit in the face. As he's walking away, he looks down at his hand, remembering the amazing feeling of the ball hitting it. In the end, Kageyama and Hinata succeed with most of their quicks and win the game. After the match ends, Hinata approaches Tsukishima and tries to make peace with him by offering a handshake but Tsukishima rejects it. Determined, Hinata forces it anyway. Kageyama and Hinata then approach Daichi and hands him their application forms which Daichi accepts. As the team's resting, Kiyoko arrives with the new jackets and Hinata excitedly receives his, modeling it to Tanaka and Sugawara. Kageyama asks Hinata to practice their quick strike and the two begin talking about a practice match against another school. They are soon interrupted by Takeda’s arrival and announcement of a practice match. Kageyama and Hinata grin in excitement when they find out that the opponent is one of the prefecture’s best four schools; Hinata notes to himself happily that since coming to Karasuno, the Aobajōsai game will be his first official match with all the necessary players.

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The next day, the positions are handed out, and Hinata's shocked when he receives the middle blocker position because it’s usually for tall players. Kageyama announces loudly that Hinata will be the absolute strongest decoy. Initially, Hinata's overjoyed, but he quickly becomes disheartened because it isn’t really a cool title. Kageyama then points out the good points of being a decoy but adds a weakness that Hinata has to look out for. This worries him and he begins to freak out, despite Daichi’s efforts to calm him.

Hinata can’t calm down though and on the way to Aobajōsai, his anxiety reaches its peak and he throws up on Tanaka’s lap. That still doesn’t

Хината так разволновался, что его стошнило на штаны Танаки

help and even when he arrives in Aobajōsai, he's still worried about messing up, getting benched, and many other things. He ends up going to the bathroom to cool down and bumps into Kindaichi and Yahaba there. Hinata and Kindaichi instantly recognize each other from junior high, and Kindaichi asks Hinata jokingly if Kageyama's still the same. Hinata replies firmly that Kageyama's even worse and then goes on with Kindaichi to complain about Kageyama to Yahaba. However, the two reach a disagreement on Kageyama’s tosses; Hinata thinks the tosses are amazing while Kindaichi thinks the opposite. Kindaichi quickly shoots down Hinata though, stating that even though he’s a setter, Kageyama still fails to do his job–to enable the spiker to hit the toss. He needs game pieces that move according to his own will, so whatever isn’t needed for him to win is thrown away. Tanaka then interrupts the first years and reassures them that Kageyama has changed but Hinata's doubtful, having been unnerved by Kindaichi’s words. 

Hinata soon goes back to his teammates and the game begins. However, Hinata makes a bunch of mistakes right away, such as taking a receive that was meant for Daichi, knocking Tanaka over, and finally hitting the back of Kageyama’s head with his serve.

Кагеяма ударяет себя по затылку, чтобы подчеркнуть важность своих слов, чем очень пугает Хинату

 The point scored over the missed serve allows Aobajōsai to win the first set, and Kageyama's livid. He slowly approaches a terrified Hinata, backing him into the wall. Kageyama then asks Hinata why he's so afraid and starts hitting the back of his head to emphasize his words. Just as Hinata thinks Kageyama's going to deliver the final blow, Kageyama yells at him to get back to normal, surprising the latter because he realizes that Kindaichi’s words about Kageyama throwing away unnecessary things are false. 

After Kageyama backs away, Tanaka approaches Hinata, scaring the latter as he thinks he's going to get blamed for the team’s loss, but Tanaka only encourages Hinata to get his head back into the game.

Hinata then recovers and the second set starts. Kageyama and Hinata try to perform a quick but fail, causing Kindaichi to mock them. However, the second time's a success and the entire gym's shocked at the speed. During a break, Hinata stares down at his hands in awe and Daichi asks him what's wrong. Hinata replies that back in junior high, he thought that he had to handle everything by himself because his team was a complete mess but now, he is surrounded by players who are much better than he is. All he can do is trust in them and jump. Just as the third set begins, Hinata and Tanaka suddenly hear a lot girls cheering and the two look over to see Oikawa enter the gym. Kageyama introduces him as his senpai in junior high, and Hinata immediately nicknames him as the “Grand King”. The game then resumes but Oikawa doesn’t play yet, and Karasuno's soon at its match point. Oikawa's then switched in as a pinch server and soon scores several points off Tsukishima. Hinata watches his teammate and thinks of how he doesn’t like his personality, but he’s still his teammate. Hinata then starts calling for Oikawa to serve at him instead so he can take the attention off Tsukishima. However, Tsukishima only insults him for it.  After several tries, Tsukishima finally manages to receive the serve but it's sent back as a free ball to Aobajōsai’s side. Kindaichi spikes it, but Hinata touches the ball and is able to send it to Kageyama for another quick. Hinata spikes the ball right past Oikawa’s face, scoring the last point for the game (Karasuno’s victory).  The Karasuno team gets off the court and goes to Takeda to thanks him. Takeda states that he feels like something incredible is happening, like a chemical reaction, and the team will become even stronger than ever before. Hinata doesn’t really understand the speech though, partly because he isn’t paying attention and is thinking of food.

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