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Yui calling Daichi
Yui Michimiya is the captain of the Karasuno High Girls' Volleyball Club. She, along with Daichi and Tokonami's Ikejiri, attended the same middle schools and were part of their school's volleyball team. In high school, she was often the lone member showing up for practice. When her team lost and the members were down, she stopped herself from crying, only doing so when no one's around. She would sometimes help cheer for Karasuno during their match. Read more...

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Just when Karasuno gains traction against Kamomedai, they face a major setback when the team discovers that Hinata has been playing with a high fever. Despite his protest, Hinata is forcibly taken out from the match before its end.

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Karasuno, who were once named as the "Fallen Rivals" and "Flightless Crows", defeats Shiratorizawa with a score of 21-19. Tears of joy and mixed emotions burst through, as Karasuno resolves to win the upcoming Spring Interhigh Tournament.

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Shōyō Hinata, after seeing a volleyball match, aims to become the next "Small Giant" and thus joins his middle school volleyball club. After finding new members, he sets out for the middle school tournament, where he crosses paths with a formidable school with the "King of the Upper Court," Tobio Kageyama. Although his team lost, Hinata is still determined to aim for the top and exact revenge on Kageyama. Upon entering high school, he receives the biggest surprise: He and Kageyama are in the same high school volleyball club!


  • September 4, 2019 - Volume 11 of Haikyū!! Shosetsuban will be released.
  • January 2020 - Season 4 of the Haikyū!! anime is confirmed to start broadcasting.
  • January 22, 2020 - OVAs "Land vs. Sky" and "The Volleyball Way" will be released on Bluray and DVD


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