"A Battle of Milliseconds" (Japanese: 0.数秒 (すうびょう) (たたか) 0. Sū-byō no Tatakai) is the one hundred seventy-fourth chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 43rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


With the score tied once again, Karasuno sends in Sugawara as a pinch server. Kageyama makes a silent declaration against Shiratorizawa Academy. However, his rhythm is starting to be affected, as shown when he sends out a short toss. Nevertheless, Hinata remembers the former Coach Ukai's words and is able to maneuver his body to compensate for the toss. Karasuno wins the fourth set.



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  • In celebration of the release of the second compilation movie and the end of the fourth set, a center color page featuring the entire Shiratorizawa Academy Boys' Volleyball's starting lineup. The text reads: "Victory will always be ours."
  • There are multiple errors included in the magazine edition. For example, when Tendō blocks Hinata's spike after noting that Kageyama's rhythm is a mess, the person to his left is Goshiki. However, when it is shown that the block is out of bounds, the person to Tendō's left suddenly becomes Ōhira.
  • Another error occurs when the two teams are getting reading for the final set. Goshiki is drawn to have jersey number 5 when that number belongs to Tendō, who is leisurely stretching to his right. Goshiki's correct jersey number is 8.


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