A Chance to Connect
繋がれるチャンス ● Tsunagareru Chansu
Director: Masako Satou ● Scenario: Taku Kishimoto ● Production: Taku Kishimoto
Aired: March 20, 2020
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"A Chance to Connect" (Japanese: (つな) がれるチャンス Tsunagareru Chansu) is the eleventh episode of Haikyū!! To The Top, based on the manga Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on March 20, 2020.

The opening theme of this episode is PHOENIX by BURNOUT SYNDROMES and the ending theme is Kessen Spirit by CHiCO with HoneyWorks.

Overview Edit

With Kageyama back on track, Karasuno begins to power through the rest of the set and show they are not to be underestimated. At the same time, the Tsubakihara team starts doing all they can to ensure that they did not come to the Spring Tournament as mere participants.

Plot Edit

With the quick attacks success, Karasuno gains a point and Kageyama is back on track. Hinata and Kageyama are praised by announcers for their quick attack and Hinata is noted to be the shortest of the middle blockers but his speed to be unlike anything seen before. In one of the balconies, Atsumu Miya is watching the game and sees a difference in Kageyama's demeanor since the Youth Camp while at the same time is intrigued by Hinata.

A brief flashback is seen when Daichi, Sugawara and Asahi were first years and are encouraged by their captain to
Group s4-e11-1

Former captains Tashiro and Kurokawa watch the match

take any chance they can to make it to Nationals. After Daichi receives Maruyama's serve, former team captains Hidemi Tashiro and Hiroki Kurokawa are with Karasuno's cheering section and observing the game. Tashiro becomes emotional at seeing how much stronger Daichi has become since joining the volleyball club.

As the Karasuno team launches the synchronized attack, the Tsubakihara team try not to focus solely on Hinata. Kageyama then surprises everyone by pulling off a successful setter dump. He is showered with well mannered insults by the team as Asahi tries to defend him. As Kageyama goes to serve, he feels himself being energized from gelatin he ate earlier and feels the condition in his stomach to be ideal. He serves and Teradomari receives. The ball is sent back to Karasuno's side and Nishinoya makes an overhand receive. Shimada believes that Kageyama will not be able to make a set since he just served but watches in amazement as the setter rushes forward and positions himself to deliver the quick set to Hinata.

Hinata scores unmarked and brings the team to being one point away from being tied with Tsubakihara. As Kageyama and Hinata bicker, Kageyama is announced to have been a player selected to attend the All-Japan Youth Camp. Takeda muses how Kageyama is gifted with incredible talent and believes that his overwhelming passion is the original reason he was not widely known through middle school but now is catching the attention of the world. Ukai silently agrees with Takeda though had voiced that he was possibly exaggerating a bit.

Tsubakihara calls a time-out and Coach Ōsado reminds the team that they are not to focus only on stopping Hinata as it will cause them to fall into Karasuno's trap and tells the team to continue using read blocking in the attempt to build pressure. As they go back onto the court, Echigo encourages the team to bring down Karasuno's positive atmosphere. 

Kageyama serves again and the force of his serve is so strong that Maruyama is knocked off his feet when he
Echigo and Tsukishima s4-e11-1
receives. Echigo sets to Teradomari who spikes with enough force that the ball is sent into the stands. With Hinata moving into the back row, several of the Tsubakihara players feel relieved but Echigo is still on edge because Tsukishima is now in the front and is very aware that the first year middle blocker is incredibly persistent and was able to block Ushijima.

In the next rally, Tsukishima right away gets a one touch on Teradomari's spike. Daichi is given the last hit but his spike is picked up by Maruyama. Echigo sends the set to Atema only for Tsukishima to once again get a one touch. When Maiko receives Asahi's spike, Teradomari again goes to spike. As Tsukishima leads Daichi and Asahi to block, he keeps in mind that Teradomari has more power than most high school players but tends to use cross shots most of the time.

Teradomari is determined not to be underestimated by the Karasuno blockers and spikes a straight shot past them. To everyone's surprise, Hinata is in place to receive but had gone too far forward and took the spike to the chest. With the ball up, Asahi gets the ball past Atema and scores when Echigo cannot receive. 

Karasuno is now tied with Tsubakihara. Tadashi and Kinoshita rub their chests in pain after seeing Hinata's receive as Tadashi comments whether or not Hinata should be considered lucky or unlucky. Nishinoya right away points out that it wasn't luck because Hinata purposely positioned himself in place to receive Teradomari's spike.

The game continues and Tsukishima quickly spots a back row attack attempt from Maruyama. He and Asahi attempt to block only for Maruyama to do a feint. Hinata surprises everyone again by being in place to receive but once more is too far forward and is hit on the shoulder. Tanaka sets the last hit over to a back spot that Kaikake is barely able to save. As Kurokawa watches, he remembers when Tanaka was first trying out for the team and would put all his power into spikes but now is showing to put more thought into his actions.

Echigo tries to set the ball into a tough spot and forces Kageyama to get the first touch. Tsukishima is called to make the set as Asahi calls for the last hit. Sugawara watches on, noting that while Tsukishima's sets are still a bit off they are still full of care. Tsukishima remembers how Goshiki called his sets to be sloppy and sends a high set to Asahi. The ace feels moved at getting the set and hits the ball against the blockers to send it out; putting Karasuno in the lead.

Tashiro is overjoyed at seeing that Asahi has grown in more than just his appearance. Asahi praises Tsukishima for his set though Tsukishima is still finding difficulty in getting a sense of distance in the new area and notices Kageyama glaring at him. At the same time, Hinata is heckled by the Tsubakihara side for having received spikes with his body while Daichi comes to realize that Hinata is no longer relying on instinct alone and is starting to read players forms.

After his third serve, Hinata reads where the next ball will go but Tsukishima gets a one touch on it. The team executes the synchronized attack as Sugawara calls for Hinata to do the Back Minus Tempo attack. Hinata scores and puts Karasuno at a two point lead. Tsubakihara calls for another time-out where many of the players try to keep themselves level headed. On the Karasuno side, Ennoshita questions Sugawara on what he called Hinata's attack. Sugawara explains he dubbed Hinata's quick back attack as the Back Minus Tempo. Nishinoya suggests that the word Thunder be added to it and, while Hinata is excited about the idea, Sugawara says this will just make it sound like one of the libero's techniques. Before they go back onto the court, Kageyama warns Hinata not to mess up his next serve.

Despite promising he will not mess up, Hinata's next serves goes out. When Tsukishima's turn to serves comes up, Kinoshita is subbed in. While being wished luck from his teammates, Kinoshita tells himself to aim for Teradomari. He serves but the ball goes long and lands out. When he goes back to the waiting area, Ukai sees that Kinoshita is using this moment to become more ambitious. The game continues and eventually Tanaka brings Karasuno to set point. The Tsubakihara players become nervous seeing Kageyama is next to serve only for Kageyama to send the ball directly into the net.

With Karasuno still at set point, Coach Ōsado sends in first year Aoi Himekawa as a pinch server. Tadashi and
Himekawa s4-e11-2
Kinoshita right away notice how Himekawa seems more nervous than they themselves are. As Himekawa goes to serve, Hinata sees that he is using an underhand serve. Himekawa serves but, to his horror, he hits the ball wrong and the ball hits Teradomari directly on the back of his head; winning the set for Karasuno. Though caught off guard, the Karasuno side celebrates winning the first set as Himekawa is taunted for messing up an underhand serve and is sure to be haunted by it in the future. While Echigo laughs at the sound the contact had made, Teradomari warns Himekawa to hit someone else if he messes up the serve again.

Ukai questions if the team is good and warmed-up and Sugawara mimics Tsukshima saying that he is already exhausted. The game proceeds and half way into the second set, Himekawa is called to go in again while being warned by Chiharu Tsukioka not to be concerned about being called in as the pinch server during the game instead of him and to make the best of the chances he is given.

Himekawa goes to serve and is visibly more calm than before. He serves and Karasuno is shocked to see the ball be sent high toward the ceiling. The ball begins to fall and Daichi prepares to receive only to be blinded by the lights and fail to receive. Himekawa receives great praise from his team and goes to serve again as he calls the ceiling his greatest ally. Though Tsubakihara scored on them, Hinata can't help but admire the ceiling serve.

Himekawa serves again. Daichi and Asahi call to receive but hesitate and let the ball fall between them; giving Himekawa his second service ace. On the third serve, Asahi manages to receive and Kageyama gives the last hit to Daichi. Daichi attempts a feint but it's received and Teradomari lands a spike. As Karasuno calls for a time-out, Kageyama makes a request for the receives to be high regardless of how short they may be.

When the time-out ends, Himekawa goes to serve again and notices that he is being heavily observed by the Karasuno players. He serves and Nishinoya makes the receive. Karasuno starts the synchronized attack and Himekawa begins to panic when he sees all the players looking ready to attack. Asahi spikes and scores, cutting Himekawa's serve off. When he is subbed out, Himekawa hears Echigo tell him to prepare for the third set. 

With the score tied, Asahi serves next and lands a service ace. Now on edge, Maruyama tries to calm the players by reminding them that they have their own powerful ace and level headed captain. Though they are all aware of how strong Asahi is, Maruyama advises the rest of them to focus on receiving his serve as it will give them a better fighting chance.

Asahi serves again and Maruyama receives. Echigo scores when he lands a setter dump and tells his team it's too
Karasuno s4-e11-2
early for them to head home. The score is now tied and Kageyama sends Tsukishima a set but the middle blocker misses; Kageyama thinks Tsukishima is worn out already while Tsukishima thinks Kageyama set the ball higher. Daichi hits the ball over with his fist and scores with the determination not to let Karasuno head home too early either and Karasuno is now at match point.

Sugawara is subbed in when Tsukishima is next to serve. Though not sure on his nerves, Sugawara is aware of what he must do and this lets him have a clear mind. Sugawara serves and Maruyama receives though it is not clean since the ball had been aimed to go where Echigo had to be.

Seeing Teradomari approaching, Sugawara is aware that the ace tends to hit in the direction of where his body is facing. Asahi receives and Sugawara sets to Tanaka. The second year attempts a cross shot but it is received due to not having enough power behind it. Daichi receives the next spike and Hinata attempts the quick but Echigo picks it up. Maruyama goes to spike and Sugawara takes a few steps back. When Maruyama does a block out, Sugawara gives chase and receives.

With calls from each of their teams to score, Hinata fakes being the next attacker and baits Iwamuro into blocking early only for Asahi to get the set. As Asahi prepares to spike, Tashiro muses how opportunity favors those who are prepared.

Asahi lands his spike and Karasuno wins the game.

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Difference between Anime and MangaEdit

  • Manga: When the announcers comment on Hinata's height, Hinata gets the sensation of getting the compliment. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: The Date Tech team is shown watching Karasuno's game. Anime: They are not shown.
  • Manga: Atsumu is shown watching the match after Kageyama goes to set after serving. Anime: He is shown watching after Hinata and Kageyama do the first quick attack.
  • Manga: The Nekoma team is seen preparing for their first game and briefly watching Karasuno's match. Anime: The Nekoma team is not shown.
  • Manga: Iwamuro is shown attempting to block Hinata's quick attack. Anime: Hinata scores before the Tsubakihara team can react.
  • Manga: When Takeda is speaking of Kageyama's passion for volleyball, a flashback is seen of when Kageyama admitted he was not accepted into Shiratorizawa. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Before Tsubakihara calls a time-out, a flashback is shown of Tsubakihara's first time at the Spring Tournament and their loss in the first round. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: After Teradomari sends the ball into the crowd, Kageyama and Asahi are shown repeating the same action and a competition between the setters and aces seems to start. Anime: This was skipped due to time restrictions. 
  • Manga: When Maruyama receives Daichi's spike, he is shown getting into place from having noticed where Daichi was looking to send the spike. Anime: This is not shown.
  • Manga only: After Hinata's missed serve, several plays take place; including Dai Mikawa going in as a pinch server.
  • Manga: When Himekawa is subbed in, Ukai looks to Yachi for information on him only to learn there isn't any. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Before serving, Himekawa tries to remind himself of all the practice he has put in and is aware that the usual pinch server, Chiharu Tsukioka, is watching. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Before Himekawa's third serve, Kenma is seen observing the play. Anime: Kenma is not shown.
  • Manga: When Echigo performs the setter dump, Tsukishima has not jumped to block. Anime: Tsukishima did jump.


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