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"A Needle and a Sword" (Japanese: (はり) 大剣 (たいけん) Hari to Taiken) is the three hundred eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 31st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


The long rallies are proving to be exhausting for both Karasuno and Nekoma, but Karasuno powers through undeterred. Instead of slowing down, Karasuno ups the intensity in both offense and defense to show that they can't be taken down that easily. 


Tanaka and Asahi think they have already played 5 sets.

The long rally is taking their toll on Nekoma, but they persevere fully aware that Karasuno has it much harder. However, Karasuno remains un-wavered because they know that slacking off will make things much easier for Nekoma. Finally, Karasuno performs their synchronized attack, and Tanaka breaks through Nekoma's persistent defense with an intense spike. Despite maintaining a lead over Nekoma, Karasuno encounters a stamina problem. Asahi and Tanaka are already feeling their energy depleted despite the match being in the early second set. Even the usually calm and composed Daichi is affected by the pressure as he notes just how daunting of an opponent Nekoma is. In the audience, Suguru echo's the same sentiment, explaining that Nekoma is especially skilled at wearing their opponents down and causing significant damage before the opponents realize. 

In the following play, Kageyama clinches his first service ace of the match when he hits a serve with a difficult trajectory. Everybody is taken aback with this incredible display of skills and realizes that Karasuno isn't planning on backing off one bit. With the score at 9-6 in favor of Karasuno, Nekoma takes their first time out. Kuroo complains about Karasuno's ever relentless attacks but Kenma assures him that Karasuno is indeed being tired out since no one possesses unlimited stamina.

Hinata keeps the ball in play.

Once the match resumes, Kageyama pulls off another powerful serve, the force of which knocks Fukunaga down upon impact. Nekoma manages to keep the ball in play but can't organize a proper attack. Kenma is trusted with returning the ball, and he purposely aims for the empty space in front of Karasuno's court. Having moved back in preparation of an attack, Karasuno can't seem to reach the ball in time until Hinata comes through with a flying receive. Kageyama immediately tosses to Tanaka whose spike gets one-touched by Lev. As Kenma prepares to set, Hinata carefully observes Kenma's form and hurriedly moves to block. Hinata acknowledges this match as exhausting but declares he will always have energy to jump. He completely shuts down Yamamoto's spike and cuts off Nekoma's momentum.


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