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"A Quiet Awakening" (Japanese: (しず) かな覚醒 (かくせい) Shizukana Kakusei) is the three hundred fifty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 29th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2019 series.


With a renewed mindset, Asahi decides to focus solely on scoring the next point. He finally blows past his previous failures and succeeds after pulling off a feint at the least expected moment, thereby raising morale for his team.


Sugawara is subbed in to give Karasuno more attacking options. After reaffirming Kageyama's trust in Asahi, Sugawara warns the spikers that he and Kageyama will keep on sending tosses until they score. As the team converses, Asahi silently recognizes the limit of his capabilities and ultimately sets his mind on scoring a point for the team. Just before the match resumes, he uses the muscle relaxation technique taught by Ukai to rid of any extraneous tension.

Sugawara aims his serve at Hoshiumi, leaving Kamomedai to rely on Gao. Karasuno is ready with a soft block and aptly cuts off Gao's spike. After Sugawara follows up with a pass, Kageyama sends an impeccable high toss to Asahi. With the expectations of his teammates on his shoulder, Asahi prepares to slam the ball down. However, he changes to a feint after clearly seeing the blockers coming to stop his spike. His decision takes Kamomedai by surprise and successfully earns a point for the team. While Karasuno, especially the third years, celebrates Asahi's feat, Kamomedai calmly acknowledges that they have been tricked into anticipating a powerful smash. Hirugami, in particular, notes that Asahi's last feint is not an attempt to run away. 

Having relaxed both his mind and body, Asahi can now see the court with a clearer vision. He admits to having the best aerial view of the court in the last rally, which allows him to switch to a feint at the right moment. With renewed confidence, he calmly tells his teammates that they can score the next point.


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