Aaron Murphy (Japanese: アーロ マーフィ Āro Māfi) is the coach of Kamomedai High's boys' volleyball club. 


Murphy has a large and heavy built. He has short hair, thick eyebrows, and a small beard. Due to his age, wrinkles can be seen on his forehead and around his eyes.


Murphy appears to be quite cheery and is often seen with a happy grin on his face. Although he can be surprised by the opposing team's plays, he remains unaffected and maintains an untroubled countenance.


Murphy is a famous coach who used to coach in Italy's pro volleyball series. After he came to Japan, he helped a team that has been stuck in Japan's V2 league and pushed them to V1. His arrival at Kamomedai attracted many talents to the school. His coach philosophy focuses on strengthening a team's serving, blocking, and mental toughness.



"The two things I love most in this world are my wife and my daughter. But volleyball comes in a very close third. I hope all of you will come to love volleyball too."[1]


  • At 102 kg, Murphy is currently the heaviest character in the series.
  • Murphy reveals his favorite things are his wife and daughter, followed by volleyball in a close third. [1]
  • Murphy's height is originally revealed to 189 cm, but in a poll result, his height is listed as 192 cm. It is unknown which one is the correct one.[2]


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