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"Above" (Japanese: (うえ) "Ue") is the ninety-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 12th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


The summer training camp officially ends, with teams talking and bonding with each other as they eat the food prepared for them by the coaches. As the Spring High Preliminaries draws near, teams from Miyagi Prefecture are constantly practicing and preparing themselves for the upcoming tournament.


All of the teams indulge in the barbecue and many players are seen interacting with one another. Nishinoya leads Tanaka and Yamamoto in preventing other boys from trying to gain Kiyoko's affections. Yamaguchi questions why Nishinoya is the leader of the group and learns from Tsukishima that it is because Nishinoya is the only person to have ever been slapped by Kiyoko. Daichi, Kuroo, and Bokuto approach Tsukishima and Kenma and encourage them to eat more despite their protests.

Their interactions being witnessed by Sugawara, Yaku, and Kai who refer to the three captains as being like pushy uncles. Yaku then points out to Sugawara that Yachi is acting oddly. Yachi finds herself terrified at being in close proximity to so many tall people, saying it's like being in a jungle of giants. She is fearful of trying to get any food due to thinking she might be mistakenly grilled and eaten if she is not careful. Masaki Gōra notices Yachi trying to get some food and offers her some. Panicked, Yachi accidentally eats a piece of charred meat. The players around her offer her water and tea but she is so terrified that she cannot speak to any of them.

The scene is comically witnessed by Daiki Ogano and Eikichi Chigaya who refer to it as something that would have police called upon if it were occurring in a downtown area. The two are then distracted by the rest of the female managers gathering together, wishing to be part of their group. Kaori notes how Karasuno's third years seem to be very mature as opposed to Bokuto who seems so simple minded.

Bokuto is currently being heavily admired by Hinata for being one of the nations top five ace's. That admiration is ceased when Kuroo mentions to Hinata that one of the nations top three ace's, Wakatoshi Ushijima, is from Miyagi; annoying Bokuto who feels upstaged. Lev questions who the other two ace's are. Kuroo informs them of Ushijima from the Tohoku region, Wakatsu Kiryū of the Kyushu region, and Kiyoomi Sakusa of the Kanto region. Kuroo points out that even though these three are the top ace's it doesn't mean that their teams are the top three teams. He does mention that Sakusa's team, Itachiyama Institute, is claimed to be the favorite to win the Interhigh. Hinata and Lev become excited at the thought of being number one if their teams beat these teams until Kuroo points out how they're both still inexperienced.

After the barbecue ends, Takeda takes the chance to once more thank Coach Nekomata for inviting them to the camp. They both notice how the teams seem to have changed during the course of the week and how this will carry on into the future. Coach Nekomata voices that he wishes for the teams to finish a game with no fears and having put nothing but their best efforts into everything they do.

As Karasuno begins leaving, Hinata admits that he doesn't like the thought of being weak but becomes excited at the thought of facing so many stronger players that are above him. The teams bid farewell to Karasuno as the training camp comes to an end.

A week after the training camp ends, the players of the Johzenji High team hear about Karasuno from their manager. The team captain does not feel at all concerned about the possibility of facing Karasuno despite hearing that they nearly beat Aoba Johsai during the InterHigh.

At Karasuno's first gym, the new girl's volleyball team captain declares that they will be aiming to place in the top eight; not wanting the girl's team to be overshadowed by the boy's team. At Date Tech, Kamasaki appears during practice and questions Aone if he has gotten taller. Futakuchi approaches Kamasaki and makes fun of his free time by claiming his job search is not going well and the two are kept separated by Aone.

At Aoba Johsai, Kindaichi questions Kunimi if he heard about the rumors surrounding Oikawa. During Shiratorizawa's practice, Ushijima recalls how Hinata promised Karasuno would go on to Nationals after defeating him.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Tora calls Nishinoya “master” for being the only person to have been slapped by Shimizu.
  • The top three aces in Japan are Tohoku's "Ushiwaka", Kyushu's "Kiryu", and Kanto's "Sakusa".
  • Itachiyama, the school "Sakusa" attends, is the favorite to win the championship.



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