Adriah Tomas (Japanese: アドリアトマス Adoria Tomasu) is a middle blocker for the MSBY Black Jackals, a Division 1 V-League team. 

Appearance Edit

Tomas has medium length hair, parted unevenly with blunt bangs. 


Tomas appears to be quite friendly and enthusiastic, giving high-fives to his teammates during the MSBY Black Jackals vs. Schweiden Adlers match. He also eagerly congratulates Hinata on his receives. 

Plot Edit

Final ArcEdit

MSBY Black Jackals vs Schweiden AdlersEdit

Set 1Edit

Tomas first appears in the MSBY Black Jackals vs. Schweiden Adlers match.[1] He is seen speaking to Hinata in English, congratulating him on a difficult recieve. 

Set 2Edit

Tomas scores a point from the middle of the net after Hinata receives Ushijima's serve. He is later on surprised that Hoshiumi was able to get a spike past his block as there was very little room for him to do so. Consequently, Inunaki tells Tomas to tighten his blocking. 

Statistics Edit

Tomas is a very skilled player as he plays in the Division 1 V-League. He is known for his fast quick set. 



  • He speaks English. 



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