"Afternoon" (Japanese: 午後 (ごご) Gogo) is the three hundred twenty-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 50th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


Karasuno and Fukurōdani progress to the next round. It is revealed that Fukurōdani will face Mujinazaka, a team that includes the top 3 spiker Kiryū. Meanwhile, Karasuno's next opponent is none other than Kamomedai with Hoshiumi challenging Hinata to a "Small Giant" showdown.


Karasuno and Nekoma attentively watch as Fukurōdani defeat their round 3 opponents in straight sets. After the game concludes, the three teams discuss their matches as well as the strenuous schedule of day 3, in which teams play two matches in a single day. While the listless members like Tsukishima and Kenma dread such an idea, Hinata and Bokuto are full of enthusiasm. After spotting Fukurōdani's next opponent, Bokuto eagerly greets Kiryū from Mujinazaka High, much to the shock of the latter. It's now clear that the upcoming match will be a battle of the top-ranked aces.

At lunchtime, Hinata is eager to watch the next game that will decide Karasuno's next opponent. He goes to observe the match until Kiyoko reminds him to eat his lunch. Sometime later, the match concludes with Kamomedai emerging victorious. Hoshiumi exits the court and walks directly toward Hinata before challenging him to a showdown that will decide who's the current "Small Giant."


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  • Fukurōdani, Mujinazaka, and Kamomedai's tournament brackets are revealed.


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