Ai Nakashima (Japanese: 中島 (なかしま) (あい) Nakashima Ai) is the matriarch of the Nakashima family. The Nakashima family often attends Takeru's matches and has grown to be known as Wakutani South's famous "cheering squad family".


She has unruly light brown hair that goes slightly past her ears and thin, short eyebrows. She is of average height and build. She has been shown wearing a long sleeved shirt and a pouch baby sling where she holds her baby.


Not much is known about her personality, except that she is unabashed when it comes to displaying her affection to her husband. She's usually seen with a kind smile on her face, even when her son lost in his match.


She is currently married to Masayoshi and has five children with him.


Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

She first appears with most of her family at the end of the Wakutani South vs. Ōgishō match[1]. Holding a megaphone cone, she compliments Takeru for his plays.

She shows up with her family again for the Karasuno High vs. Wakutani South match. She would cheer her son on often. When Takeru loses, she joins the rest of her family in applauding the Wakutani South players for their performance[2].


Masayoshi NakashimaEdit

She is terribly in love with her husband and often shows her affection for him even in front of their children. When he started crying after Wakutani South lost to Karasuno, Ai comforted him.


  • She and her family appear in Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan (where her daughter is one of the main characters).
  • Nomenclature
    • Nakashima (中島) - Island in a River
    • Ai (愛) - Love



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