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Aikichi Suwa (Japanese: 諏訪 (すわ) 愛吉 (あいきち) Suwa Aikichi) is a third-year setter and captain of Kamomedai High's boys' volleyball team.

As of 2021, he is a photographer in Nagano.


He has dark hair cut into a buzz cut with similarly dark colored eyes. He is decently tall, standing at 177cm and has an athletic build.

Post-timeskip, Suwa's appearance has changed very little though he now wears large square framed glasses.


Suwa is a dependable captain and setter who is able to keep his cool even after seeing Kageyama and Hinata's minus tempo attack. He is often seen leading the team by noticing points that they couldn't get and saying that they should only get the points they can get, which makes them feel better about lost points. Additionally, whether the team is losing or winning points, he always keeps a calm attitude.


Suwa currently attends Kamomedai High, located in Nagano Prefecture in the Chūbu region.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

Suwa starts off the game with a float serve and Karasuno notices he's dropped it to a nasty spot since the opposite team captain, Daichi is barely able to bump it. Kageyama pulls an impressive serve and right after, when Hoshiumi serves, Kanbayashi notices that Hoshiumi is trying to compete with Kageyama's serve, which Suwa agrees with. Soon after, Hirugami is able to quickly react to Hinata's quick set and block Tanaka despite Hinata being used as a decoy, he is praised by the commentators with the nickname “Hirugami the Immovable”. At this, Izuru Nozawa remarks that Hirugami is being called an immovable object of some sort and Suwa tells him that if he's going to say it, he might as well say the entire title[1].

Not long after, Karasuno pulls their synchronized attack, and Tanaka slams the ball right past the blockers, and even though Suwa tries to bump it, he quickly becomes unsuccessful, which frustrates him. Suwa is also part of the stack block that he, Bessho, and Hoshiumi position themselves into. Obara and Sakunami see this as a good strategic decision, but Koganegawa notices that it leaves a big hole on one side of the net. However, he gets surprised when he sees that all three blockers have the speed to block Tsukishima on the other side of the net.

When Hakuba wins Kamomedai the first set, Suwa praises his junior for his block, which Hakuba gets flustered about. During the start of the second set, Suwa yells words of encouragement to motivate his team. Not long after, Suwa sets for Hoshiumi but gets frustrated once he finds out it's too short. Despite this, Hoshiumi can still score. Suwa is getting ready to serve and Shimada notices in shock that Kamomedai is sending their three best servers at once[2]. When Suwa serves, Tanaka is barely able to bump it and Suwa is satisfied.

Karasuno's first-years easily steal a point from Kamomedai and Suwa tells the team to calm down since they aren't able to do anything either way and that they should focus on getting the next point. Before blocking Asahi, Suwa deliberately splits his block and leaves a gap on purpose to block the opposing hitter. When Kamomedai wins the rally, Suwa reminds his team of what he said earlier and to just focus on the next point while the team is surprised by their captain's abilities and composure.

Into the third set, when Hinata uses his minus tempo attack to get through Kamomedai's defense, Hakuba is so shocked that he starts complimenting him, which Nozawa remarks but Suwa says that deep down, he's just a nice kid. Sometime later, Suwa knows to watch out for Kageyama's dump, so he has three blockers on the watch for it, but gets surprised once he sees that Kageyama does the dump but that it lands on Daichi's foot. After Hinata is revealed to be running a high fever and is removed from the match, the game resumes, and Daichi apologizes to Suwa for taking so long, which he accepts[3].

Sometime later, Kamomedai gains a one-point lead but Suwa thinks that all that matters is that they say somebody from Kamomedai blocked the ball and that alone is proof of how good of a team they are. Following their victory, Suwa shakes Daichi's hand.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Suwa is excellent at receiving, setting, and blocking. Like the rest of his teammates, he is very adept at read blocking to form a bunch read block. He was strong enough to be able to block one of Asahi's spikes. He is also known to have a proficient jump floater serve. As stated by Shimada, Suwa is one of the three strongest servers on his team along with Hirugami and Hoshiumi.


Kamomedai High

Suwa is on good terms with his teammates, and as their captain, they respect him. Although he finds the team's second-years a bit strange (according to his current concern), he still trusts them and sees the best in them, exemplifying this when Hakuba starts praising the opposing them out of shock and Suwa tells his other teammates, confused at what Hakuba is doing, that he's simply a nice person inside. Additionally, his composed demeanor makes it easy for his teammates to ease themselves when playing. When he wins his team the rally and goes to them as if nothing happened, the team's second-years have clear intimidation on their faces. Moreover, he seems to be on good terms with his fellow third-years, as he is one himself, even if he often responds to Nozawa's numerous remarks about the second-years.


  • Chapter 245 showcases Kamomedai's #1 being interviewed about Hoshiumi, however, that player does not appear to be Suwa as they have different physical features. It is most likely that the concept for his character had not being created yet.
  • Suwa is a name of a city in Nagano Prefecture.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Aikichi (愛吉) - Love, Luck/Good fortune
    • Suwa (諏訪) - Consult, Visit/Offer sympathy