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Ajinomoto National Training Center (Japanese: (あじ) (もと) ナショナルトレーニングセンター Ajinomoto Nashonaru Torēningu Sentā) is located in Kita Ward, Tokyo and is the location of the All-Japan Youth Training Camp and is noted to be the training center of Olympic athletes.

In Haikyū!!

The Ajinomoto National Training Center first appears in Season 4 and Volume 24 Chapter 209, when Tobio Kageyama is invited to join the All-Japan Youth Camp. It is in front of the building that Kageyama first meets Kiyoomi Sakusa. The volleyball court is where the invited members of the Youth Camp first meet one another and also meet Fuki Hibarida, the coach of the Japan Olympic Men's Volleyball team.

In real life

The Ajinomoto National Training Center is the real national indoor training center for Japanese Olympic and Paralympic athletes, located in Kita, Tokyo. Although only the volleyball courts are shown in the anime, the actual training center is capable of catering to several different sports and their athletes[1].


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