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"Another Idol" (Japanese: もう (ひと) つの (あこが) Mō Hitotsu no Akogare) is the one hundred twenty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 40th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Hinata surprises everyone when he performs the rebound taught to him by Bokuto. Nakashima begins to feel the pressure of facing the revived Karasuno as he remembers the player who inspired him to pursue volleyball.


Faced with a triple block, Hinata wonders if it would be best to feint or tool the block but decides to reset instead. He hits the ball against the block on purpose and brings the ball back to Karasuno for another chance to attack.

Sugawara notices that Hinata had hit the block on purpose to which Tsukishima calls it the rebound. He guesses that Hinata must have learned the rebound from Bokuto during the training camp but he is certain Hinata managing to do the rebound just now was a fluke. Whether the rebound was a fluke or not, Sugawara sees that Hinata is doing all he can to help since Daichi is out of the game.

With the Wakutani Minami blockers hesitating at seeing Hinata approach the net, Kageyama sets to Tanaka. Tanaka is able to get a spike in with the block not fully complete and gives Hinata great praise for his play. At Fukurōdani Academy, Bokuto suddenly has the sensation of being praised but Akaashi insists that he is imagining it.

Nakashima becomes unsettled at seeing Hinata has more weapons to fight with. He had heard that Karasuno had a talented middle blocker but had originally believed it was because of the team setter. Ennoshita compliments Hinata before Nishinoya does the same to him for his incredible save. Ukai sees that Ennoshita has now finally fit into the team after having believed for a while that he was just a replacement for Daichi. But having settled himself, formulated a plan, relayed it to his team, and carrying it out allowed him to see he finally fit in. At the same time, Ukai wonders what can be done for Yamaguchi.

Tsukishima scores and brings the score to 12-13 with Wakunan in the lead. Nakashima watches the Karasuno team and remembers how they were normally known as an average team. But there was one thing that kept his interest in them. When he was younger and was becoming more self-conscious about his height, he saw the Little Giant playing at Nationals. From seeing the Little Giant play, Nakashima saw that there were other ways players with short height could fight. Now Karasuno has another Little Giant in Hinata who is wearing the same number but Nakashima vows to surpass Hinata and then the Little Giant himself.

Tsukishima blocks Nakashima's spike and ties the score. Isamu, Nakashima's older brother and Wakunan's former captain and setter, wishes that he could be on the court to set for his younger brother. Younger sister Makoto agrees that Isamu and Nakashima were a formidable pair when they played together but admits that the team now is stronger than when Isamu was still the captain.

With Tsukishima having blocked Nakashima, the Wakunan players start to panic. Nakashima does his best to keep them calm and gets ready for Ennoshita's serve. Wakunan gets the point back but Asahi does the same and keep them at a tie. Asahi's serve is then received and the ball goes directly over the net. Nakashima jumps to push it over but is beaten by Kageyama and becoming more frustrated with his short height.

Kawatabi makes the save. Nakashima performs another block-out as he makes a silent promise to Hinata that he will not allow himself or his team to lose.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Takeru and Isamu used to be a combo back when the latter was part of their school’s volleyball team.


  • In commemoration of the publication of the results of the second character popularity poll, a center color page of the top ten characters. The text reads: “Holy cow! A whopping total of 53,717 ballots!! The protagonist has finally taken back the #1 sport!!”


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