Aoba Johsai's Gears (Japanese: 青葉城西 (あおばじょうさい) 歯車 (はぐるま) Aoba Jōsai No Haguruma) is the one hundred thirty-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 48th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Karasuno manages to stay in the lead and show how they not only remember what they've learned from their last match against Seijoh but how they are now able to adapt. Karasuno seems certain to win the first set when Seijoh makes an unexpected move by sending Kentarō Kyōtani into the game.


Karasuno has put a two point gap in the score and Oikawa takes credit for Hinata and Kageyama getting the new quick to work thanks to the advice he had given Kageyama.

With more spectators gathering to watch the match, Oikawa makes the next serve. Daichi is able to make the receive, annoying Oikawa. When Hinata and Kageyama prepare to do the quick once more, Kageyama notices that Aoba Johsai may be using digs to counter the quick like they had in their last match against each other. Hinata is able to land the quick past Watari as he finally sees that Hinata is now able to get his spikes to land where he aims. At the same time, Matsukawa is seen noticing something as well.

When Kageyama's serve is received, Oikawa leaves Hanamaki to make the set to Kunimi. The two are able to score easily, surprising and annoying Kageyama and Tanaka that Hanamaki was able to set so easily despite being a wing spiker. After several plays, Matsukawa rotates in as Watari goes out. He quickly informs Hanamaki and Kindaichi of a plan he has.

Knowing that Kindaichi will be aiming for the spot where Kageyama will move from in the back row, Tanaka is prepared and is able to receive it. Hinata rushes forward to do another broad attack but everyone is surprised to see Matsukawa following after him. Although knowing that it would be difficult to stop Hinata with one blocker, Matsukawa uses his block and presence to intimidate Hinata into hitting a straight shot instead of a cross shot. Because of this, Kindaichi is able to make the receive and this play is to be revealed to have been Matsukawa's plan after noticing they could try to block the cross shots. Kunimi scores with a counter and Matsukawa is praised for his plan.

When the score is 22-21 with Karasuno still in the lead, Hinata remembers what Sugawara mentioned about the speed of Seijoh's quick attacks. He is able to jump at the right time to block Kindaichi and put Karasuno back at a two point lead; the block also building the rivalry between Hinata and Kindaichi.

Irihata and Mizoguchi notice how Karasuno is becoming more adaptable. Oikawa is next to serve. His focused expression is noticed by Iwaizumi who covers the back of his head and warns Kindaichi to do the same. Oikawa serves the ball with such force and speed that it lands before anyone on Karasuno can try to save it. Despite this, the ball landed out. Though Daichi tries to play it off as a lucky point for Karasuno, he internally compares how the serve was basically a spike. Nishinoya is aw-struck by the serve while Hinata and Kageyama are somewhat rattled by it.

With Oikawa's serve having landed out, Karasuno is now at set point. When Seijoh is a point behind, a substitution takes place. Second year wing spiker Kentarō Kyōtani is sent in and Kunimi is taken out. Iwaizumi continues the game with his serve but Daichi is able to receive. Kindaichi gets a one-touch on Tanaka's spike. Oikawa prepares to set to Kindaichi but everyone watches in shock as Kyōtani rushes forward, knock Kindaichi down and takes the set for himself.

Though Hinata attempts to block, Kyōtani is able to get his spike past him. With this new player before them, Karasuno comes to see that the Seijoh they have played before is no longer the same.


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  • In commemoration of the Aoba Johsai High vs. Karasuno High match and Halloween, a center color page of Yachi (pumpkin monster), Saeko (vampire), Shimizu (witch), Nishinoya (werewolf), and Ryūnosuke (mummy). The text reads: “Trick or Treat!!”


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