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Aritaka Shishio (Japanese: 鹿尾 (ししお) 有敬 (ありたか) Shishio Aritaka) is the coach of Sarukawa Tech High's boys' volleyball club.


Shishio is one of the younger coaches known throughout the series. He has thick eyebrows and short, dark spiky hair.


Shishio seems like a reliable person. Additionally, he was able to put his team's spirits back up as Nekoma was gaining an advantage.


Not much is known about Shishio's background but he was a former trainee of Nekomata, which is thought to be the origin of Sarukawa Tech High's tight defense[1].


Shishio is first shown when the announcers praise Sarukawa's great defense and speculates it may be because of him being a former trainee of Nekomata's. Soon later, Shishio refers back to Sarukawa's strategy of making Kenma a liability through tiring him out since he would most likely not fall to mental pressure. Shishio then remembers that Nekomata always gives defense the most important role, so targeting the setter would be the wiser choice. Following Nekoma's victory, Shishio shakes hands with Nekomata and praises his former teacher for sharpening his team's skills so greatly.


Yasufumi Nekomata

Shishio was a former student of Nekomata's. Although their interactions are minimal throughout the match, after Nekoma wins, Shishio praises his former mentor for his team, so it can be assumed that they always had a good relationship.