Aritaka Shishio
Japanese 鹿尾 有敬
Translation Shishio Aritaka
Character information
Gender Male
Age 39
Home town Ishikawa Prefecture
Home country Japan
Team Sarukawa Tech High
Occupation Coach
Affiliation Sarukawa Tech High
Background information
Chapter "Meanwhile, the Lethargic Cats..."
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Aritaka Shishio (Japanese: 鹿尾 (ししお) 有敬 (ありたか) Shishio Aritaka) is the coach of Sarukawa Tech High's boys' volleyball club.

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Not much is known about Shishio's background but he was a former trainee of Nekomata, which is thought to be the origin of Sarukawa Tech High's tight defense.[1]

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