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Asahi isn't mentioned until Nishinoya arrives and asks if Asahi had returned to the club. When Daichi says he hasn't come back, Nishinoya storms out, saying "a coward will remain a coward". Nishinoya agrees to come back to practice but says that he won't play until Asahi returns. When Kageyama and Hinata ask Nishinoya who Asahi is, he says that he was the Ace of Karasuno, or should be.
Sugawara asking Asahi to return
Later, Sugawara approaches him and tells him that Nishinoya has returned - and he asks him to return as well. When leaving his classroom along with Sugawara, he comes across Kageyama and Hinata and tells them to do their best. When they ask him why doesn't he return despite being the Ace, he replies by saying "Sorry, I'm no Ace", and leaves. When Kageyama asks Sugawara if Asahi injured himself, he replies by saying that Asahi started to grow away from volleyball after he wasn't able to score against Date Tech High, and lost all his self-confidence.

The next day, when Kageyama and Hinata once again approach Asahi to implore him to come back to the club, he asks why they are so persistent on him returning. Hinata says that he wants to see the real Ace of Karasuno in action and says the upperclassmen aren't satisfied without Asahi. Asahi replies by saying he isn't able to get past high blocks anymore. When Hinata describes he's now able to get past high blocks with the help of Kageyama, Asahi is tempted to return and recalls how he used to feel while playing volleyball. When Hinata and Kageyama are about to leave, Kageyama tells Asahi that even he recently realized that volleyball doesn't depend on one player, but on the team of six players.

As Asahi leaves school that day, he stops by the gym and sees Kageyama and Hinata practicing. He stares at his hand and realizes how much he misses volleyball. He overhears Hinata and Kageyama speaking about their upcoming match with Nekoma High School, and when Asahi expresses his surprise, Daichi catches him loitering. When Daichi asks him to return, Asahi says what might Nishinoya and Sugawara think, to which Daichi replies by saying they'll keep quiet about it, and if he still loves volleyball, that's reason enough for Asahi to return. Later, when Asahi thinks about it while sitting in a grassy area, he gets up, hinting that he has made a decision.

On the day of the Neighborhood Association scrimmage, Hinata catches sight of Asahi peering through the gym window, and Keishin Ukai angrily asks him what position he plays. Surprised, Asahi answers, "Wing Spiker," and Ukai tells him to play for the Neighbourhood Association team as they're short a player. Sugawara feels more confident when Asahi returns and joins the Neighbourhood Association's side, just so that he can toss to Asahi again. After a few minutes of the match, Asahi realizes how dependable and mature Sugawara has become in his absence. In a flashback it is revealed how Nishinoya and Asahi fought when Asahi, frustrated, asks why none of them are blaming him for not scoring points during the Date Tech match. Nishinoya yells at him, just as frustrated, and got suspended the next day after pushing the Vice Principal over at the news that Asahi was leaving the team.

During the practice game against the Neighborhood Association (present day), Asahi tells Nishinoya that no matter how many times he gets blocked, he will still try to score points. He tries to score with sheer force... and is still blocked. He's visibly disappointed at being blocked, but Nishinoya saves the ball at the last second and says that as long as he (Nishinoya) is there, Asahi doesn't need to worry about the blocks. The ball goes up in the air and Sugawara is unable to decide who to toss to, despite the fact that Kageyama tells Sugawara to toss to Asahi until he can score. When somebody else calls for the ball, Asahi finds his resolve, calling loudly for Suga to toss him the ball while telling himself that he is not fighting alone - and that he is indeed the Ace of Karasuno. Sugawara tosses to him and he smashes it with all his power, causing everyone on the court to be shocked and amazed by his prowess. During the match, Asahi watches Hinata and Kageyama's quick and realizes that Hinata wasn't exaggerating about Kageyama's tosses. 

After a while, Asahi scores the final point, and wins the match for the Neighbourhood Association. After the match, Hinata approaches Asahi and says that he’ll create the pathway for the ace and become the strongest decoy. Asahi replies that no matter what anyone's position is, the player whom the enemies fear the most is the coolest, and Hinata happily agrees. Asahi nervously adds that he’ll do his best too, if he’s allowed back into the team. Sugawara laughs at him and Daichi remarks that they finally have their libero and ace back.

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