Atsumu Miya (Japanese: (みや) (あつむ) Miya Atsumu) was a second-year student at Inarizaki High and the starting setter for the school's volleyball team. He was known as Japan's best high school setter, as well as its best server, and was invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp. As of 2018, he is a member of MSBY Black Jackal, a professional volleyball team in Division 1 of Japan's V.League. He is also a member of the Japan National Volleyball Team, and he participated in the 2021 Olympics. He is the twin brother of Osamu Miya.


Atsumu has golden yellow hair. Unlike his twin brother, Osamu, his hair is flipped to the right side and dyed blonde. His undercut and eyebrows are dark brown , an indication of his original hair color. His eyes are large, hooded, and slightly drooping. He can usually be seen wearing a smile or smirk on his face.

Atsumu in the anime


Outwardly, Atsumu appears to be a carefree, confident person who's usually seen with a lazy smile on his face, though he enjoys provoking people and giving offhand compliments. He can be quite condescending, and somewhat selfish at times. Osamu has described him as someone who doesn't listen to others, doesn't return what he borrows, and lies habitually.

He also appears to be a perfectionist who has ridiculously high standards for himself and his spikers. He strives to provide the best toss for his spikers, but in turn, expects the spikers to perform at a high standard. If the spikers fail to meet his standards, Atsumu is not afraid to confront them directly and even call them trash, including his own twin brother. He is extremely sensitive when it comes to serving and how much noise is around him; if he's disturbed while serving, his outward personality changes completely and he becomes intimidatingly angry towards the disturbance.

Atsumu is a competitive person who hates losing; sometimes, these traits can veer off in a bad direction. Osamu has also noted that his twin brother's mental age drops by five years whenever he's in the middle of a game.


Atsumu lives in Hyogo Prefecture, and thus speaks in a Kansai dialect. He is currently a second year at Inarizaki High School with his twin brother, Osamu. He is recognized as the number one high school setter, as well as receiving the Best Server award during middle school and the Interhigh. Due to his top-notched skills, Atsumu is one of the few players invited to the All-Japan Youth training camp.

The twins have been playing volleyball since their elementary school days. In the fourth grade, they attended a volleyball workshop where they met their current teammate Aran Ojiro. During the workshop, Atsumu witnessed personally how a skilled setter brought out the potential of their spikers by sending them the best tosses. This piqued his interest in becoming a setter. At first, Osamu was picked as the setter due to being more skillful. However, according to Aran, Atsumu is said to have an irrepressible hunger as he pushes himself to improve. Eventually, Atsumu overtook Osamu as the official setter of the team.

Atsumu often got into conflicts with his teammates during junior high, especially when they failed to perform to his expectations. As a result, he was detested among his teammates. When asked about it, Atsumu revealed that he couldn't care less about being hated.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

Preparation for Nationals

Atsumu is one of the players invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp[1]. During the first practice match, Atsumu chuckles lightly at the sight of Kageyama messing up. Sometime later, during a break, he approaches Kageyama as the latter was talking to Hoshiumi. After Kageyama tells Hoshiumi that he's not really affected by his jumping power, Atsumu laughs and calls Kageyama a cool and collected person. He then bluntly tells the first year that he initially thought Kageyama was a badass, but he can now see that Kageyama's just a goody-two-shoes. This annoys the latter, who glares at Atsumu hostilely.

Atsumu calls Kageyama a "Goody-Two-Shoes."

In the final practice match, Atsumu tosses to Kageyama for the first time[2]. Kageyama spikes it with ease and tells Atsumu later that his tosses are easy to hit. In response, Atsumu simply replies that people who can't hit his tosses are scrubs. He then asks Kageyama if he enjoys spiking more than setting because Kageyama seems to be annoyed when he sets. Kageyama doesn't understand and stresses that he's a setter, and Atsumu leaves it at that. Kageyama questions Atsumu about what he meant by being a goody-two-shoes, and Atsumu replies that he just means Kageyama is obedient and honest.

As the players head home after the training camp, Atsumu says goodbye to Kageyama while telling him that they'll meet again at nationals.


Atsumu watches Karasuno's first match against Tsubakihara and notes that Kageyama is completely different from when he was at the camp[3]. He then turns to Hinata, having seen his jumping power and speed, and wonders who he is.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

Atsumu and his team, Inarizaki, faces off against Karasuno on Day 2 of the Spring Interhigh. In addition to his team being the second seed, Atsumu is revealed to have a twin brother, Osamu, who plays opposite. While the two teams warm up in the sub-arena, Atsumu approaches Kageyama to tell him to give it his all since he hates playing against players who suck, indirectly referring to Hinata. When Kageyama assures him that Hinata is no pushover and will be a handful, Atsumu breaks into an intimidating smile but stops any further taunts.

Atsumu silences the crowd

Once the match begins, Atsumu is the first to serve. He silences Inarizaki's orchestra as he requires absolute silence to concentrate. However, two girls not familiar with Atsumu's habit, cheer loudly. Atsumu hits a powerful spike serve that paints the line between Tanaka and Nishinoya. He then harshly glares at the two girls who cheered him on during his first serve, displeased with them for interrupting him. He makes his second serve but hits it out of bound. Later, Atsumu is seen questioning Hinata's max jumping power and his similarity to Kageyama as the type of guy who does as he pleases after Hinata tries experimenting with something during their match[4].

As the game progresses, Atsumu shows off his aggressive playmaking by setting off the first touch to Ojiro, who scores before Karasuno could react. His cool demeanor is finally broken when Karasuno counters with a minus-tempo broad attack as Atsumu can't help but fanboy over the freak quick after witnessing it up close. On his next serve turn, Atsumu hits a floater aimed right at Nishinoya, who fails to save the ball. He observes that Karasuno is not particularly shaken by his serves and instructs Osamu to not mess up the timing of their next attack. Atsumu hits another floater, and this time, Karasuno receives it. Once the ball returns to Inarizaki's side, Atsumu successfully executes a minus-tempo quick with Osamu, taking everybody by surprise. Afterward, Atsumu admits that his accuracy is not as precise as Kageyama's, but he has the urge to imitate flashy moves. The match continues with both teams using their quicks against each other. Atsumu deduces from watching Karasuno's previous matches that Kageyama has a habit of forcing a quick after a botched receive. It appears that Atsumu has informed his team about this beforehand as all three blockers jump at Hinata to shut down his spike[5].

The twins next attempt at another quick attack nearly misses when Atsumu unintentionally sends an improper set to his brother. However, their next try at the quick is successful. Atsumu's incredible skills and sets are complimented by Bokuto and Akaashi. At the same time Coach Fuki believes that Atsumu is proof to Hinata that there is someone else capable of giving him incredible sets and that the super quick is not as unique as he believes[6]. Atsumu soon predicts that Kageyama will give Hinata a set and attempts to block the younger player only to be caught off guard when Hinata spikes the ball against Atsumu's hand and score. When the score reaches 17-14 with Inarizaki in the lead, Atsumu is up to serve. Although the ball clips the net, Daichi was able to save the ball. This allowed Tsukishima the chance to figure out that Osamu would be the next attacker and completely stop his spike. After Tsukishima is able to score from having used a running approach to reach a higher spiking height, Atsumu silently questions what's happened to Kageyama since the Youth Camp as he appears completely different now than during the camp. As Hinata rotates back into the front row, Atsumu takes the chance to taught the middle blocker by announcing to his team that Karasuno's wall has weakened and will be their chance to gain points. His confidence is lowered when Hinata surprises him by commit blocking Osamu and blocking his spike. However, Atsumu does not let this upset him and soon watches Osamu easily beat Hinata in a joust at the net.

Mid-way into the second set, Atsumu delivers a float serve that Nishinoya is unable to receive. This not only frustrated the Karasuno libero but it also instilled a sense of dread in the rest of Karasuno; believing that none of them had a chance to make a receive if even Nishinoya couldn't make it. While preparing to serve again, Atsumu realizes that the two people who attempt to receive his serves most are Daichi and Nishinoya. However, during the first set, he saw that Nishinoya had great difficulty in trying to receive the float serves despite how skilled he is. During a time-out, Atsumu expresses how incredible it feels to score a service ace off a powerful opponent but is quickly taunted by his teammates for his simple thinking. Atsumu serves another jump float and once again gets an ace when Nishinoya attempted to receive like normal but the ball simply fell to the ground. On Atsumu's third float serve, Nishinoya is able to dive forward and receive but the libero felt that it was a poor receive. Asahi would then force Atsumu to make the first receive of the counter attack but this did not work well for Karasuno since Osamu was able to cover and Suna was able to get his spike past Tsukishima. Atsumu's serve would end when he accidentally sent his fourth float serve out of bounds.

At Osamu's next chance to serve, Atsumu instructs his brothers to finish the set as quick as possible before adding that he has a higher service ace count than he does. Osamu unintentionally put too much power into his serve and sent it directly into the scoreboard that Yachi was standing next to. Atsumu scolds his brother about sending his serve out but is quickly scolded himself by Aran for getting Osamu worked up. Once Kita is sent into the game and Aran is subbed out, Atsumu and the rest of Inarizaki begin to play more efficiently. Due to this, Inarizaki eventually went on to win the second set. As the teams are preparing for the final set, Atsumu is questioned by Kita about having switched to a spike serve from a jump float after seeing Kageyama's serve. The Inarizaki captain questioned if Atsumu did this because he was getting tired of doing the jump float and wanted to unleash a powerful serve instead. Atsumu agrees with Kita's suggestion to stay with the float serve since it has been earning Inarizaki so many points as well as giving Nishinoya a hard time. Atsumu's serve starts the third set. At seeing the serve curving, Nishinoya calls it as going out only for the ball to narrowly land in. Atsumu's next serve hits the top of the net. This gives Nishinoya and Asahi the chance to counter and end his serve. When Atsumu is once more up to serve, he again aims his float serve at Nishinoya only to see the libero, with the help of Kinoshita, move forward and make a perfect overhand receive. Eventually, Yamaguchi is moved onto the court.

Group s4-e21-6.png

After a few counter attacks from each team, Akagi tried to get the ball to Atsumu but the receive was too low. However, Atsumu would manage to lunge low enough that he would be able to get under the ball and set with both hands, rather than doing an underhand set. This move caught the attention of several present setters and Ukai even applauded the maneuver while wondering how many of people watching actually realized how incredible Atsumu's set was. Atsumu is given great praise by his own team but they are also surprised that Atsumu would perform such a move to be able to make a set. Atsumu explains that it's his job as the setter to do what he has to in order to give his hitters the best set possible. He further explains that doing an underhand set would not have allowed him to make the set with the same precision as it would if he had set with his hands. When Inarizaki is in the lead at 13-12, the Miya twins stun everyone by performing a reverse version of the minus-tempo quick attack[7]. While Karasuno is left in shock at what they just witnessed, Atsumu remarks to Osamu how the set was low and the two begin a debate of whether or not they should attempt another move they've been working on.

When Akagi later managed to receive Kageyama's serve, Atsumu is spotted by Kageyama and Tsukishima doing what he appears to be a setter dump. When Tanaka and Hinata block him, the referee calls the point to go to Inarizaki. Kageyama and Kenma quickly figure out that Atsumu made the switch on purpose as he knew it would result in Karasuno getting a foul. After Atsumu's serve was countered by Daichi's receive, Hinata serves next. When Tsukishima was able to block the counter, Atsumu made the first receive instead of Akagi and directly set to Osamu. As Tsukishima and Asahi rush to block Osamu, the wing spiker instead sets the ball to Aran on the opposite end where only Daichi is ready to block. Atsumu finds great enjoyment in Inarizaki having been able to fool Karasuno but it would not last long when Hinata steals the spotlight by making a perfect receive of Aran's spike. Thanks to Hinata's receive, Asahi tried to score but Atsumu was able to dig the spike. During another attempt to end the rally, Atsumu tries to send the last hit over. As Karasuno stepped back to be in position, the ball hit the net and fell in the front row before anyone could save it.

A time-out is called as it becomes clear that Karasuno was feeling the devastating affect of their hard work having gone to waste. As Hinata lightened the atmosphere, Atsumu hears Osamu make another comment about food. Atsumu questions his brother on why he has been talking about food so much during the game and listened as Osamu explains how Hinata's love for volleyball is similar to that of someone eating a good meal and how it can be contagious to others. When Asahi soon lands a service ace that earns him the praise of Inarizaki's cheer squad, Atsumu deduces that the ace had started out the match using roughly eighty percent of his power and gradually increased it during the match. Atsumu and Osamu would attempt another reverse quick attack but Osamu sends the set slightly too high and Atsumu was unable to hit the ball. Fortunately for the two, Kita was able to cover and get the ball over. When Hinata moves into the front row, Atsumu catches Karasuno by surprise by doing a setter dump and put Inarizaki in the lead at 23-22. Inarizaki and Karasuno each reach match point several times. Hinata was able to tie the score when he and Kageyama perform their quick attack. Atsumu finally sees that Hinata simply doesn't have total trust in Kageyama as his setter but rather that he just expects the ball to come to him. At this realization, he silently gives Kageyama his sympathy for having such a fearsome partner.

Group s4-e25-2.png

Eventually, Karasuno reached match point again. He and Osamu again tried their super quick but were ultimately blocked by Hinata and Kageyama. This results in Karasuno claiming victory over Inarizaki. As Karasuno celebrates their victory, Atsumu comes to realize that he and Osamu did not take things seriously enough. After the teams shake hands, Atsumu calls out to Hinata. He makes a declaration that he will set to the middle blocker one day but warns him and Kageyama that he will beat them at the next Interhigh tournament. Atsumu returns to his team to thank their supporters and is called out by one of the older supporters for his facial expression saying that the team doesn't deserve their praise since they lost but is firmly told that a well played match is indeed worthy of applause.

When the players are move out of the main arena, Atsumu tries to apologize to Kita only for his upperclassman to stop him on the belief that apologizing will make them feel better. Kita goes on to tell them that he felt they were right to have tried the quick attack at the end of the match but adds that the twins can sometimes be difficult when they start getting ahead of everyone else. Still, Kita admits that he would have liked to have continued with the team for a while longer so he could say that his teammates are amazing. Many of the players begin to tear up at this as Atsumu and Osamu promise that they will become the kind of juniors that he could proudly boast about[8].

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

When Kageyama aims his serve right at Hakuba, baiting the Kamomedai right into a campfire, Atsumu watches in irritation and expresses that he’s always thought that Kageyama was a goody-two-shoes that didn’t think before he acted. Atsumu is frustrated because Kageyama is way different from how he was at the Youth Camp they attended together. Soon after, Osamu notices Asahi's stress after getting blocked multiple times despite being the ace and feels bad for him. At this, Atsumu complains to his brother to just tell Karasuno to get themselves together.

Kageyama sets for Asahi and Osamu praises him for this, which irritates his brother. Despite this, they both break into laughter once Asahi finally surpasses Kamomedai’s blockers. Atsumu is also awed but surprised by Sugawara setting perfectly to Asahi. After Hinata does his minus tempo attack, jumping even higher and faster than before, Atsumu is impressed, but out loud he yells that Hinata is a freak and insults Kageyama’s setting again, saying that he could have set that as well. Into the third set, despite the spectators knowing that Kamomedai has to process a lot of information to be able to produce effective blocks, they are still able to do so and be composed. While watching, Atsumu is frustrated because he just wants Kamomedai to be a normal team and be plain and boring. However, upon hearing this, Kita says that he’s always liked Kamomedai because they’re plain good. [9]

After this, Atsumu notices that there was something that rubbed him the wrong way with Kamomedai, and not only because of Hoshiumi and Hirugami, but also because the whole team reminds him of Kita, who Atsumu sees as a successful perfectionist. Atsumu also gets annoyed when seeing Hoshiumi being able to set so easily. Soon after, Hirugami fails to block Asahi’s spike since it waterfalls, but he manages to dig it. Kita is impressed by this, which leads to Atsumu telling that he and Osamu played against Yurisei in middle school, but he said that at the time he was still really good but was acting more ‘possessed’ in a way. [10]

Despite having insulted Kageyama for the duration of the match, Atsumu brags for Kageyama being able to set to Hinata perfectly for both times he scores impressively. Atsumu also bursts into laughter once Hinata can jump sideways to be used as a decoy. Atsumu then adds that Kageyama must be having a blast using Hinata in such manners to make blockers do whatever he wants. When Hinata leaves the court because of his fever, Atsumu comments that it took them foxes (as in Inarizaki), the kitty cats (as in Nekoma), and those seagulls (as in Kamomedai) to finally take Hinata down. After Karasuno loses, Kita asks Atsumu that if all he cares about are results, then that would mean all of Karasuno’s third years are losers and since Kita is going to stop playing volleyball after high school, so that would mean he would just go “poof”. Following this, Kita tells Atsumu that what matters is playing a good game and feel good about yourself.

Final Arc

Atsumu has now become part of the MSBY Black Jackals, making him teammates with Hinata, Sakusa, and Bokuto. On the bus heading to Sendai, Hinata shows Atsumu a picture of his former Brazil teammate, and Atsumu remarks that he looks scary but congratulates him when he finds out he is going to be a father soon. However, Atsumu gets annoyed upon seeing Kageyama’s curry commercial, though he still laughs at it with Hinata afterward. When Bokuto wakes up from his nap, he suddenly becomes excited, which surprises Atsumu and Hinata. [11]

Atsumu notices Hinata and Kageyama arguing in front of the restrooms and he steps in, telling Kageyama to stop picking a fight with his spiker. After this, Bokuto bursts into the scene, once more surprising Atsumu. Upon Ushijima's arrival, Atsumu thinks aloud that things just got more complicated. When Bokuto challenges him to a fight, Atsumu tries to warn him but gets ignored. Upon seeing Hoshiumi, Atsumu doesn’t say anything but is clearly annoyed. After this, Bokuto realizes how much Aran has done to keep order back with their team at Inarizaki and apologies internally for taking him for granted. Remembering his senior, Atsumu tells himself that he’ll work hard to become a good role model to his teammates.

Sakusa boldly tells Ushijima that they were going to win that day and Atsumu makes a joke about sea urchins but gets devasted when no one laughs. When Kageyama is introduced as the nation's top setter, Hinata tells Atsumu that he still thinks he’s super cool despite being the second-best setter in the nation, just after Kageyama. After this, Atsumu says a corny message about teamwork and friendship, which Bokuto and Sakusa are quick to react to, making Atsumu admit that he thinks it’s lame being second. [12]

During the game, Kageyama immediately starts with an aggressive serve, but Hinata is quick to receive it, shocking the crowd. This is followed by Atsumu setting to him, which surprises the announcers since he chose not to use a quick set or a combo play. During the next rally, Atumu gets ready to serve but quiets the crowd (as he did during the Inarizaki match) before he does so, unsettling the spectators by quiets them down nevertheless. Despite this, Atsumu’s serve is too aggressive and it goes out of the court bounds, and Osamu remarks that he got too excited. Atsumu hears this, and snaps at his twin brother to stop talking behind his back, which intimidates Akaashi next to Osamu, surprised that he could hear that so far away.

During the next rally, Atsumu gets shocked when seeing Romero’s serve in real life. During the next rally, Sakusa bumps Romero’s serve and Atsumu gets ready to set. When deciding who to set to, Atsumu remembers back to the time he and Osamu had been fighting because Osamu was going to quiet volleyball during high school, and Atsumu boldly claimed that at their deathbeds, he was going to tell him he had a better life. [13] Atsumu chooses to set to Hinata, which impresses the crowd at how good it is, and in the end, the Jackals win the rally. After this, Ukai notices that the attack was even faster than both the twin freak and Hinata and Kageyama’s quick set back in high school.

When Hinata messes up his serve, Atsumu doesn’t blame him for it as it’s his first serve of the day but Inunaki reminds him that he failed his first serve as well, which offends Atsumu. Sometime later, despite his block getting ignored by Romero’s spike, Atsumu is still awed at the aspect of facing a world-class ace. Sometime later, Hinata is used as a decoy for Atsumu to set to Meian, and after they get the point, Atsumu feels extremely good about himself. After seeing Hinata set to Atsumu while using Tomas as a decoy, Atsumu high fives Hinata in awe. Not long after, Bokuto bumps Romero’s spike with his chest and Atsumu pulls a dump to score. Following this, Atsumu tells Hinata that the points he scores are his and the points his hitters hit are also his, which confuses him, then he remembers what Kageyama had told him in the past about how the only way he can hit is because of him since Hinata made him realize that he could do whatever he wants with his hitters.

Hinata gets frustrated due to Kageyama’s dump, but Atsumu tells him that it wasn’t his fault. Following this, Atsumu scores an ace, his first one of the day, but Sakusa does not react. Atsumu directs himself to the middle as if he was going to set to there, tricking the enemy blockers, and goes left to set for Bokuto. During the past three rallies, Atsumu scores three aces in a row, which excites him. Despite taking four steps, seemingly going for a jump floater, Atsumu switches to a powerful spike serve. During his fourth serve, he scores another ace.

A few rallies later, Atsumu remembers that Kita never liked the team motto back in high school. Atsumu liked it but never understood it, however upon scoring another ace, he realized that when playing volleyball there are no memories needed. [14] Sometime later, Bokuto is awed at how good everyone is but aggressively tells himself that he’s still going to beat them all while spiking, however, Ushijima internally tells him that he’s still better as he slams the ball down, however, Atsumu is still able to receive it impressively. When he serves, Atsumu tells himself that he doesn’t need participation prizes because he wants to be surrounded by cheers. At this, Atsumu scores an ace once more.

Later on, after Tomas lunges to save the ball, which is followed by Atsumu setting for Hinata from an extremely low point and scoring. After the jackals’ victory, Atsumu finds out the extremely large amount of losses and wins Kageyama and Hinata have had, and Atsumu claims to be getting exhausted just by hearing it.

In 2021, Atsumu plays in the Japan Men's National Volleyball Team.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Post-Timeskip Statistics
Game Sense

Atsumu is the current best high school setter in Japan. His tosses are said to be very easy to hit, never wavering and never off, thus creating the illusion that the spikers have improved. Atsumu is always ready to go the extra mile to give his spikers the best toss possible even in difficult positions whereby an underarm toss is the norm. Like Kageyama and Hinata, he is capable of perfectly coordinating with his twin brother Osamu in pulling off the God-Like Quick. However, his toss is not as accurate as Kageyama's version due to executing the attack without prior practice. In addition to being a skilled setter, he also won the Best Server award at both the middle school meet and the Interhigh. He is also a capable spiker when doing the Minus-Tempo Quick Reverse with Osamu. He also is proficient at receiving and digging.

Jumping Reach:

  • Pre-Timeskip: 335 cm [15]
  • Post-Timeskip: 342 cm [16]


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception
  • Spike Serve and Jump Floater: Atsumu is known as the "Dual Wielder" for his mastery of both the spike serve and jump floater. His spike serve is packed with power while his floaters are fast and unpredictable. This makes it incredibly hard for his opponents since they won't know which type to prepare for until the last minute. However, Atsumu has some peculiar habits regarding his serves. He takes 4 steps from the end line for a jump floater and 6 steps for a spike serve.[17] He also requires absolute silence during his serve or else risks losing his concentration.
  • Hybrid Serve: After observing Russian volleyball player Mikhail Orlov, Atsumu successfully adds a third type of serve to his repertoire and evolves into a "Tri Wielder"[18]. His hybrid serve uses the same toss and number of steps as a jump floater but is packed with the intense spin of a spike serve. With three serves in his arsenal, Atsumu is able to trick opposing defenders into positioning themselves incorrectly and thus making receiving any of his serves incredibly difficult.
  • High-Quality Tosses: Kageyama has described Atsumu's toss to be incredibly easy to hit, thus creating the impression that the spikers have improved. Atsumu is extremely dedicated to providing the best toss for his spikers and would try to use an overhand toss even in difficult positions. An example is when Atsumu gets into a crouched position while tossing overhand with the same speed and fluidity. Due to this, Kenma has described him as the "prototypical setter."[19] His talent as a setter is so immense that he can mimic Kageyama's toss for the minus-tempo quick on the spot.
  • Minus-Tempo Quick Set: Like Kageyama, Atsumu is capable of making use of the Freak Quick with either his twin Osamu or Hinata. While he misses the toss more often than Kageyama does, he has enough precision and speed in his tosses to make full use of the quick.
  • Sharp Game Sense: In addition to his ability to make the best use of his spikers, Atsumu is an expert on pressuring his opponents. He doesn't hesitate to copy Kageyama and Hinata's signature quick to shake Karasuno up. He is also very observant and figures out Kageyama's tendency to toss to Hinata after a botched receive.[5]
  • Dump Shot Feint: Atsumu can bait his opponents into a foul by pretending to do a dump shot before switching to set up for a toss. This relies on the rule forbidding the blockers to reach over the net for the ball unless it's an offensive play. Atsumu is seen using this trick to gain an advantage in battles at the edge of the net.[20]


Osamu Miya

Atsumu and Osamu s4-e13-1.png

Atsumu and Osamu have a typical sibling relationship. Between the twins, Atsumu is the one usually taking the initiative with Osamu following along. However, whenever Atsumu steps out of line, Osamu is not afraid to use physical force to teach him a lesson. Despite being quick to quarrel and fight, they don't stay angry for long and quickly reconcile over playing a soccer game.

The twins have been interested in volleyball together since elementary school. The two are each other's biggest rivals and pushes each other to improve due to their dislike for losing. On the court, they have perfect chemistry and can perform a God-Like Quick without prior practice.

Tobio Kageyama

Atsumu and Kageyama s4-e4-1.png

Kageyama took an immediate dislike to Atsumu when the second year called him a goody-two-shoes, but Atsumu later explained that he was referring to how Kageyama was diligent, honest, and obedient; it's still unknown though if Atsumu intended his explanation to be a compliment or another derogatory comment. Despite this, Kageyama doesn't hold the grudge for long. Atsumu seems to be amused by Kageyama for some reason and calls him "Tobio-kun".

Shōyō Hinata

Atsumu first took notice of Hinata when he went to observe Karasuno's match against Tsubakihara. Atsumu didn't think highly of Hinata at first and indirectly referred to Hinata as "people who are real crap at the game." However, Atsumu's opinion changed during their match after realizing Hinata's potential as a player and his "trust" as a spiker to his setter. At the end of the match, Atsumu called out to Hinata declaring that someday he will toss to Hinata. Later, the two would become teammates in MSBY Black Jackals, thus fulfilling his earlier promise.


  • "People who can't hit my tosses are nothin' but scrubs." (To Kageyama , Volume 25 Chapter 219)
  • "Well, with a dig all you've got is two arms. But going overhand means you've got ten fingers to use. Ten is more than two. More support is better, so I went overhand. Cuz I'm a setter." (To Suna , Volume 32 Chapter 279)
  • "One day, I'm gonna set for you. But before that happens, I'm gonna whup the pants off ya in next year's Inter-High, so you'd better be ready." (To Hinata after their Tokyo Nationals second-round match, Volume 33 Chapter 291)
  • "For that prickly first impression, you gave... Out on the court, you're an awful sweet goody-two-shoes, ain'tcha." (To Kageyama , Volume 24 Chapter 215)
  • "Don't interrupt my serve again... You oinkin' pigs!" (Volume 28 Chapter 249)
  • "Us foxes...The kitty-cats...and then those seagulls. It took aaall three of us to bring that monster down."(Thoughts on Hinata, Volume 41 Chapter 365)
  • "Back in the day, I remember our old club captain said he didn't like the team motto. I've always liked it, but now I feel like I'm finally gettin' it. In volleyball, the past is gone. There ain't no such thing as memories. All you need is right here. All I need... are my muscles!" (To himself, Volume 44 Chapter 391)


  • Favorite Food: Fatty Tuna .
  • Current Concern: It's the season where your fingertips get really dry.
  • It is revealed that Atsumu is the older twin. [21]
  • When Atsumu Miya and Osamu Miya were fourth-graders, they found Aran Ojiro cool for his foreign-sounding name.
  • Atsumu wears black gym shoes with blue accents.
  • The Miya brothers attended the same Inarizaki Group Training Camp as Aran Ojiro
  • Although Coach Ukai listed Osamu's, and by extension Atsumu's, age as 16, the Miya twins should have already been 17 by the Spring Interhigh due to their birthday in October.
  • He is currently second in serve rankings under Tobio Kageyama.
  • He refers to Aran Ojiro as someone he should look up to because of his ability to shut down jokes and always have a comeback ready.
  • Yako (野狐; lit. field fox) is a spirit possession of foxes in Japanese folklore. Unlike how most of the other schools were named, Yako Junior High School uses the actual kanji of what it's referencing.
  • In a few extra manga panels, it shows that Atsumu and Osamu are both Saeko Tanaka's fanboys.
  • When taking the ‘Atsu’ (暑) from Atsumu and the ‘Samu’ (寒) from Osamu, the kanji mean ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ respectively


  • Atsumu (侑) - Urge to eat
    • (Metaphorically cannot satisfy his hunger for winning)
  • Miya (宮) - Shrine


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