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Ayumu Moritake (Japanese: 森岳 (もりたけ) (あゆむ) Moritake Ayumu) is the 2nd year middle blocker of the volleyball team at Ohgiminami High.


Moritake has very short tan hair, thin eyebrows, and large ears. He is reasonably tall, standing at 185cm.


Not much is known about Moritake’s personality, but Akimiya describes the whole team as thugs who never back down from a fight, so it is safe to assume that Moritake acts at least somewhat similarly. Additionally, he wasn’t afraid to make fun of Tanaka’s hair because he didn’t like it.


Moritake currently attends Ohgiminami High, located in Miyagi Prefecture in the region of Tōhoku.


Interhigh Arc

Ohgiminami suffers a crushing defeat to Shiratorizawa early in the Interhigh tournament. Their loss is reported on the news after day one of the Interhigh.[1]

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Oyasu and Moritake see Tanaka’s buzz cut and make fun of it, calling it lame right in front of him. For the warm-ups, Tanaka spikes the ball very aggressively to scare Oyasu and Tazawa, which works.

As the game between Karasuno and Ohgiminami progresses, Karasuno is gaining a visible lead. Hinata jumps sideways, and surprises Moritake, which prevents him from blocking.

Nearing the end of the second set, Towada tries his best to get the ball that Kageyama has just served and succeeds, the whole team gets motivated to get it, and it the end, Yokote is able to receive it. After the ball goes back-and-forth from Ohgiminami’s and Karasuno’s sides of the court, Karasuno gets the point and wins the game. Akimiya comes to see his former team after their loss against Karasuno and Yoshiki bows to thank his senior, his team following their captain’s example and doing the same, all thanking him as well.[2]


Ohgiminami High

Moritake seems to get along well with his teammates. Similarly to all of Ohgiminami other than Akimiya, he wasn’t very into volleyball due to his team not being very motivated to win against Shiratorizawa or Karasuno since they were losing drastically. Akimiya wasn’t able to motivate the rest of his teammates against Shiratorizawa in the interhigh tournament, but Towada was after showing his desperation to get receive the ball after Karasuno was one point from winning during the Miyagi Spring High Preliminaries.