"Baby Bird" (Japanese: 幼鳥 (ようちょう) Yōchō) is the one hundred fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 19th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Despite his short height, Hinata proves to be a troublesome opponent for Kakugawa and the 201 cm Hyakuzawa. Karasuno dominates with a wide variety of weapons in their arsenal, but Hyakuzawa is determined to help his team win.


Hyakuzawa is stunned to see Hinata spike above him despite the latter's shorter height. Hinata scores with a quick and loudly celebrates with Nishinoya and Tanaka. Takeda believes that Karasuno is functioning at their normal level, but Ukai says they are different.

After a few plays, Hinata prepares to serve. He notices Kakugawa covering Hyakuzawa from the serve receive, thereby allowing the wing spiker to focus on offense. Takeda is relieved to see Hyakuzawa in the back until the latter shows off a powerful back-row attack. Ukai remarks that Hyakuzawa feels like an unpolished player specializing only in hitting high sets. Because of this, when Hyakuzawa is in the back row, Karasuno will have the advantage at the net for having Tsukishima in front.

Karasuno eventually reaches set point first. A bystander, Mikako, wonders how Hinata can score so much despite being short. Ikkei and his students explain to her the three different tempos in volleyball. Ikkei states that when it comes to a battle of height, the one who reaches the peak first is the winner. He reveals that Hinata and Kageyama are using a minus tempo whereby the spiker has already launched into his jump when the setter sets. The students are amazed by the technique, but Ikkei warns them that it's only possible due to Kageyama's ridiculous skills. The elder Ukai also notes that the minus tempo is not used to its full potential.

Karasuno wins the first set. During the break, Hinata asks Kageyama if he already knew their new quick would work and hence isn't worried about facing the 2-meter giant. Kageyama denies but admits he's in peak condition today. He is confident since Hinata practiced other attacks with Bokuto and Lev during the training camp but taunts the latter for failing his feint regardless. Meanwhile, Kakugawa switches tactics and prioritizes supporting Hyakuzawa over stopping Hinata. Hyakuzawa is unusually fired-up and earnestly accepts his role as the point-getter.

Once the second set starts, Hyakuzawa breaks through the opposing defense with his overwhelming height and power. However, Karasuno is confident in their ability to fight back. When asked if the minus tempo is the only effective counter against taller opponents, Ikkei assures his student that they can win by number. At the moment, Karasuno unleashes their synchronized attack with Tanaka scoring for the team. Kakugawa captain, Komaki, is unnerved that Karasuno has other tricks up their sleeves but is reassured when Hyakuzawa promises to get their points back. Ukai notes that Hyakuzawa not only acts as the ace but also the cornerstone of blocking for Kakugawa. Despite the immense physical exertion, Hyakuzawa is only growing more intense. He acknowledges his lack of skills but refuses to let it hinder his scoring capabilities as he smashes one ball after another.

Karasuno eventually reaches match point. With a shorter blocking rotation, Daichi suggests using a soft block against Hyakuzawa. Hinata, Tanaka, and Daichi succeed in their blocking attempt and keeps the ball alive for their teammates to follow up. Hinata gets the last hit and faces off directly against Hyakuzawa. Recalling his training with Bokuto, Hinata targets Hyakuzawa's fingertips for a block out and wins the match for Karasuno. After the match, Hyakuzawa admits that volleyball is not as simple as he originally believed.


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  • In celebration of the anime’s airing, a color center page of Hinata, Kageyama, Ushijima, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Lev, Akaashi, Bokuto, Kenma, and the Small Giant. Sandwiching these characters are junior high-aged Hinata and Kageyama standing behind a volleyball net. The text reads: Sooner or later, that one step will lead to the creation of another legend!!!”


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