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"Back to Normal: Part 2" (Japanese: 通常運転 (つうじょううんてん) ・2 Tsūjō Unten・2) is the fifty-eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 21st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Kageyama switches with Sugawara and finally returns to the court. He is able to get a service ace and score with Hinata with their normal quick, and he's become conscious and considerate to his teammates. With the freak duo back in action, Karasuno takes the lead.


Kageyama heads back onto the court and tries to be friendly and smile to the team but instead shocks them and the Aoba Johsai players with his attempt. Hinata especially is terrified by Kageyama's attempt to smile though Nishinoya tries to assure the middle blocker that Kageyama isn't plotting anything and is just trying to be nice.

Daichi is amazed that Kageyama would try to be friendlier and quickly gets the team to focus on the game again. Hinata and Kageyama recall Sugawara's reminder of their hand signals and prepare for the rest of the game.

Sugawara is relieved now that he's out of the game. Upon Yamaguchi's confused look, Sugawara explains that, until last year's Interhigh, he hadn't played often in official matches and realizes that Kageyama has had more time and experience on the court than himself.

With the score 17-16 with Seijoh in the lead, Kageyama gets ready to serve. Many of the players notice that Kageyama seems to be happier. While some are concerned about this behavior, Sugawara is relieved to see the first year setter in a better mood. Takeda tries to get Kageyama to relax but sees that there's no need.

Oikawa sees how calm Kageyama is and warns his team to be careful and not let him score. However, Watari fails to receive Kageyama's serve and the score is now tied 17-17. Tanaka tries to get a high-five from Kageyama but the setter is confused at the action until Hinata explains things. When Tanaka and Kageyama high-five, the action confuses Kindaichi and Kunimi who have never seen Kageyama act in such a way.

Kageyama serves again and get Aoba Johsai out of formation when they desperately try to get the ball back over. At the net, Kindaichi wonders which signal Hinata will give to Kageyama but is surprised when Hinata does not say anything at all and is able to score. Kageyama tries to compliment Hinata on scoring a point but Hinata seems confused by Kageyama's attempt.

Kindaichi becomes nervous that his timing will be thrown off if he continues trying to determine which quick Hinata and Kageyama will use. Oikawa also tries to calm everyone down and tell them not to rush things.

Kageyama serves once more but Iwaizumi is able to receive it. Seijoh is able to get a point back when Hanamaki scores. While watching Kageyama interact with his team, Coach Irihata sees that Kageyama has not only gotten his rhythm back but is also more conscious of his teammates.

Hinata notices Kageyama give him a signal before Kunimi serves. As the two carry out their attack, Sugawara remembers how Kageyama had once stated that as long as he is around Hinata is the strongest. The third year sees how that statement also applies to Kageyama when the two are together.

Hinata scores and Karasuno is the first to reach twenty points in the second set. Hinata signals to Kageyama for a high-five and Kageyama reciprocates but with a little too much strength as Hinata cries out in pain.

With Hinata next to serve and Nishinoya going out, Tsukishima heads in as Tanaka declares that now a battle between Kageyama and Tsukishima has started.


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