"Backs to the Wall" (Japanese: 背水 (はいすい) (じん) Haisui no Jin) is the one hundred ninety-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 14th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


The match between Nekoma and Fukurōdani ended with the latter winning 2-0. Fukurōdani has now secured a spot in the Spring High. The two teams shake hands and Yaku mentions that they now have one more chance to earn a spot for nationals. Lev is depressed because he felt like he did not make a big impact in their last match. Lev mentions that Nekoma is a team founded upon teamwork and he cannot be the one who's the weak link on the team. Kuroo tries to cheer him up by saying that teams are complicated. But the moment when you feel yourself clicking with the rest of the team will put you in a state of euphoria. Nekoma heads out onto the court to face their next opponent, Nohebi Academy. The winner will be the host representatives at nationals. The two captains shake hands and group up with their team and the match begins.


With the win of the second set, Fukurōdani advances to the finals and Nekoma must now play for the chance to be the third representative for Tokyo.

Before their next game, Kenma points out that Lev is in a depressed state, upset at how he played during the first game. When Kuroo goes to speak with Lev, the middle blocker reveals he knows that Nekoma is a team founded on teamwork and does not want to jeopardize that. Kuroo is surprised Lev is aware of this but goes on to say that, while it can at times be difficult to be on a team, the moment when it suddenly 'clicks' will most likely be the best feeling he could experience.

Looking over a message from Hinata, Kenma learns that Karasuno has won the chance to be the representative for Miyagi at the Spring Tournament. He remembers when he told Hinata that he would like to play a game against Karasuno that was an automatic game over and Hinata eagerly agreeing.

After the girl's match between Taishou Academy and Wamyouka Joshi has ended, the game between Nekoma and Nohebi is about to begin. Kuroo and Suguru meet to shake hands where Suguru states that he knew it would come down to their two teams to fight for the third representative spot.

Nohebi's coach, Kiyoshi Ōmizu , approaches first year Naoyasu Kuguri to inform him that he will be playing in the game instead of third year Kazuma Numai due to suffering from a hand injury in the game against Itachiyama Institute. Kuguri agrees and Coach Kiyoshi tries to get Kuguri to become more enthusiastic about the match but Suguru sees it is a lost cause as Kuguri is not one to display much emotion.

In their pre-game meeting, Kuroo warns the team to be especially cautious of Suguru as he may try things like feints right off the bat. At the same time, Suguru tells his own team that they will need to be as tenacious as Nekoma in order to defeat them. As they get ready to step onto the court, Yaku tells the players not worry if they lose five points as they can make it up with ten and then concentrate on not letting Nohebi score off them.

At Karasuno High, Nishinoya does a double Rolling Thunder and accidentally knocks over Tanaka in the process. While this is going on, Asahi mentions how the Tokyo representative tournament is taking place.

Back at the tournament, Kenma delivers the first serve of the game.


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