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"Base Talent and a Little Monster" (Japanese: チームの地力 (じりき) (ちい) さなケモノ Chīmu no Jiriki to Chīsana Kemono) is the sixty-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 25th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Karasuno struggles to catch up to Aoba Johsai, signifying that both teams differ when it comes to skills and strength as a team. However, the extremely-skilled Aoba Johsai feels uneasy whenever Hinata enters the court, the latter being very eager to play due to his amazement at Seijoh's strength.


As the third set is about to begin, Hinata recalls moments with Aone and Ikejiri and knows that if Karasuno doesn't win this set it'll be the end for them.

With Aoba Johsai's cheering section getting louder, Takinoue gives Shimada plastic bottles filled with pebbles so they can try to keep the team in high spirits during the last set. Faced against Daichi, Tsukishima, and Asahi trying to block him, Iwaizumi is able to do a block-out against Tsukishima's hand and score; putting Aoba Johsai in the lead at 4-3.

Iwaizumi serves and Asahi makes the receive while remembering things they've learned during the second set so they will hope to prevent any more mistakes. After several plays, Seijoh still keeps the lead when the score reaches 9-8.

Keeping an eye on Hinata, Kindaichi remembers that Coach Mizoguchi and the rest of the team discussed how Hinata and Kageyama must have changed their signal for the super quick but that Sugawara is the one behind changing the signal. Matsukawa seems to think he has figured out that, by watching Hinata, they can tell which type of quick Kageyama and Hinata will try; if Hinata watches the ball first then it will be a normal quick versus when Hinata jumps right away it will be the super quick. Despite this possibility, Oikawa reminds them that Hinata is still Karasuno's best decoy.

Kindaichi is able to get a one-touch on Hinata's spike. Kunimi attempts a feint but Nishinoya is able to save it. As Ukai continues to watch, he guesses that there is still one secret about Aoba Johsai that has not been confirmed yet. He is proven to be right in his guess when Oikawa is forced to make the first touch in receiving Asahi's spike and Watari stuns Karasuno when he does a jump set to Oikawa, scoring when he does a back attack and now putting Seijoh at a two point lead.

Ukai explains to Takeda that, when he had been watching the recordings of Seijoh's games, that he noticed Watari had possibly originally started out as a setter or had gained experience in setting to be closely considered a setter. When one of Seijoh's fan's also notices that Watari's set seemed very well executed, Takinoue explains that Watari's set was beyond average and that, as a libero, Watari is limited in where he can move on the court but by jumping from behind the attack line to make the set it was a perfectly legal move.

Daichi receives Oikawa's serve and Asahi tries to score but Hanamaki saves it. The ball looks to be heading back over the net and Hinata attempts to send it back but Oikawa is able to reach the ball first and set to Iwaizumi. The ace scores and now puts Karasuno behind by three points.

Karasuno calls a time-out and Ukai tries to get the players to stay calm but Sugawara is troubled at thinking that Seijoh seems to have no weak points as all of their players appear to be strong and capable of covering for others; this appearing to be their true strength.

Tsukishima is able to score with a feint and receives great praise from Tanaka for catching Seijoh off guard with it and slowing closing the gap in the score. Takeda realizes how strength can rise or diminish during a game but because Karasuno has their decoy, all of the players can give it their all.

Hinata is enthralled by all of the amazing players and their skills and nearly walks out of the warm-up zone until Yamaguchi holds him back before he gets a warning. Yamaguchi is also hoping that he will be out of the warm-up box soon, thinking it must be a nice feeling to be on the court. Before Hinata rotates back onto the court, Sugawara reminds him of what Ukai told him about taking advantage of the open space of the court.

When Hinata rotates in, Oikawa is overwhelmed with a sense of unease at having see Hinata be on the sidelines and letting his energy and frustration build up.


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