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"Battle's End" (Japanese: 終盤戦 (しゅうばんせん) Shūbansen) is the one hundred twenty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 41st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Karasuno begins to take the lead in the third set as Wakutani Minami attempts to take advantage of Karasuno not having their captain present to lead them.


For several rallies, Karasuno and Wakunan keep the ball in play. Karasuno is eventually able to get into the lead against Wakunan by bringing the score 19-18.

Coach Onikōbe calls a time-out. He instructs the team to stay focused as he is confident that because Daichi is out, Karasuno will eventually make a mistake that they can take advantage of. Before the players head back out, Onikōbe tells Nakashima to show Karasuno that he will be the next Little Giant and not Hinata.

Tsukishima soon relays a message to Kageyama from Ukai that they should start sending Asahi more sets. In the next play, Kageyama is aware that the Wakunan blockers will be more aware of Asahi since Hinata is now in the back row. When Karasuno carries out a synchronized attack, he sends the set to Ennoshita.

Ennoshita is able to score when Nakashima cannot receive and puts Karasuno at a two point lead. Ennoshita especially is happy that he was finally able to get a spike to count. Hanayama is amazed that Kageyama would use a spiker he's barely had any time with in the game.

The score reaches 23-21 with Karasuno still in the lead. Asahi serves but it lands out. The act is repeated by Tsuyoshi Matsushima and Karasuno is now at match point. Tsukishima's serve is received and Nakashima lands a feint in the open spot where Nishinoya would have been. Saeko believes that Nakashima waited until the Karasuno libero was out of the rotation to pull off the feint.

Nakashima notices that Kawatabi is feeling nervous about possibly missing the serve. He tells Kawatabi that he will look really cool to the cute girl in the stands if he hits the ball really hard. Now calm, Kawatabi serves. The ball clips the top of the net but Nishinoya is able to save it. Hinata debates if doing the quick at this moment will be possible and decides to try it. The set is unfortunately too high but Hinata is able to use his left hand to get the ball over.

Ennoshita suddenly calls out to Hinata not to get too excited and questions him on how a good jump is done. Hinata calms down and answers that a good jump is done with a solid approach. Coach Onikōbe realizes that Wakunan will no longer be able to take advantage of Karasuno not having Daichi in the game because now they have Ennoshita.

Nakashima is sent a set. Kageyama and Hinata go to block and while in the air Hinata notices that Nakashima will attempt a block-out and tries to move his arms out of the way. Tsukishima notices what Hinata has tried. Unfortunately, Hinata is not able to move his arms out of the way in time and Nakashima deflects the ball off Hinata's hand.

The ball heads toward the back of the court until Ennoshita is able to hit it back to Kageyama. Hinata gets a running start and the two first years do the super quick.


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