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"Battle Lines" (Japanese: 戦線 (せんせん) Sensen) is the tenth episode of Haikyū!! To The Top, based on the manga Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on March 13, 2020.

The opening theme of this episode is PHOENIX by BURNOUT SYNDROMES and the ending theme is Kessen Spirit by CHiCO with HoneyWorks.


A minor crisis strikes when Hinata's shoes suddenly go missing before the team's first game. Kiyoko embarks on the task of retrieving the shoes as she remembers how she first became the manager of the team and the bonds that have been formed. Karasuno faces Tsubakihara Academy in their first game and another crisis takes place when Kageyama seems to be off his game.


The Karasuno team is preparing for their first game. Takeda sees that some of the players are not as nervous as they were during the previous days' practice. Ukai receives a call from Shimada that the first games are moving quicker than originally believed and the team will need to head to their first game sooner than expected.

Before the team take the bus to the stadium, Hinata and Tanaka make a quick run to the bathroom. While the two are away, Yamaguchi keeps an eye on their luggage. Kinoshita remarks how the first years have more luggage than the others and offers to help Yamaguchi with it. While Yamaguchi is not paying attention to the bags, a young boy accidentally takes Hinata's bag.

The team eventually makes it to the stadium. Daichi and Asahi are showing signs of being nervous as Ukai tries to keep his own nerves under control for the sake of the team. His attention is soon drawn to Hinata when the middle blocker discovers that the contents of his bags are not his own and that his sneakers are missing.

Hinata reveals that he borrowed the bag from his younger sister because it was compact and sturdy enough to hold his shoes. The bag is from a children's clothing store and quite popular. Yamaguchi admits that when Hinata had been in the bathroom he had looked away from the luggage for a brief moment and this must have been when Hinata's bag was taken. Takeda quickly calls the gym to see if Hinata's bag was possibly found and turned in when Kageyama asks Hinata where his cell phone is. Hinata realizes that he left his phone in the bag and Yamaguchi quickly calls it to see if anyone will answer. Moments later, he informs Ukai and Takeda that the bag was accidentally taken by a young boy. The boy and his mother are still at the gym where the team had been but there is no one available to go grab the shoes.

Kiyoko and Yachi s4-e10-1.png

Kiyoko then volunteers to go and retrieve the shoes. Yachi quickly states that she should go instead but Kiyoko is confident in her speed and stamina to get the bag and make it back in time. She tells Yachi that she is aware the younger girl may be nervous without her there but must become use to it as she will soon be the next team manager. Kiyoko prepares to leave, promising that she will make it back before their game starts and asks the team not to worry too much while she is away. As she runs off, Tanaka and Nishinoya wish her a safe journey that only causes Asahi to becomes more nervous as Sugawara tries to assure them that Kiyoko will be fine.

As Kiyoko makes it to the bus that will take her to the gym, she remembers when she use to be on the track team and jump hurdles. She recalls how hard she had practiced only for everything to suddenly come to an end. Once in high school, Kiyoko is approached by Daichi asking if she would like to become the manager for the volleyball team. At the time, Kiyoko believed she had been more afraid of the truth then she believed of how her time on the track ended and agreed to be the team manager. Daichi later introduced her to the team and received great praise from his teammates.

Because the team had been without a manager for so long, Kiyoko had to learn many things on her own. She had studied how points are scored, hand signals made by the ref's, the rules of the game and many other things. She had felt relieved to devote herself to an activity but still felt like she was an outsider. As time passed, this view began to change as she developed bonds with the players and soon felt like part of the team herself.

Back at the gym, Ukai warns the team that the floor is different from what they are use to and it will be harder for them to slide on. He encourages them to work up sweat in order to reduce the friction and lessen the chance of possible injuries.

When the game before them ends, Daichi leads the team onto the court to start warming up. Ukai comes to realize that the height of the ceiling may pose a possible threat to them as the size of the gym may cause the players to take longer to adjust to when it comes to sense of distance.

While practicing overhand receives with Kinoshita, Hinata becomes distracted by how bright the lights are and ends up getting hit by the ball. Sugawara's nerves begin to surface and his hands are growing cold. Kageyama asks if the older setter needs gloves but Sugawara declines and instead asks Kageyama why he is not nervous. Kageyama answers that he is not nervous at this moment because he sees the next game as just a stepping stone into getting the team to their goal. Mildly annoyed by his junior's wisdom, Sugawara lightly kicks Kageyama. Without his shoes, Hinata becomes the ball boy as the team continues warming up.

Kiyoko s4-e10-3.png

Kiyoko finds the mother and child waiting for her. She retrieves Hinata's bag but spots the bus departing before she can get to it. She quickly thanks the mother and boy for waiting for her before running off. As she runs, she remembers how she had decided to become the team manager on a whim and believed that they would return to how they were before she joined if she ever decided to leave. But now she sees that she must pass the role on to someone she can trust. Kiyoko jumps over the barriers as she makes it back to the gym and hurries inside while acknowledging that she is not on the court and wearing a uniform but still accepts the challenges before her.

As the warm-up time ends, Kiyoko calls out to Yachi and tosses the bag down to her. Yamaguchi and Hinata greatly thank Kiyoko and Hinata proclaims that he feels like he can jump five meters high with Sugawara encouraging him to try.

Daichi calls out to the team to get ready to line-up right as the Tsubakihara team do their team chant. Kazuki Maruyama leads the team onto the court while admitting his nerves are starting to get to him and is scolded by Motoki Teradomari to not make them seem like a rowdy team.

As the game is about to start, Takeda voices how nervous he thought the team would be but sees they seem to be over it now. Ukai agrees and says that Hinata especially seems to be over his nerves which may have been a result from his shoes being lost and brought back by Kiyoko.

Coach Tatsumi Ōsado notices how Maruyama seems more nervous than the rest of the Tsubakihara team but is assured by the third year that he is not nervous. Ōsado advises his team to concentrate on disrupting Karasuno's attacks with their serves, believing that this will allow the Tsubakihara team to limit and have an easier time handling Karasuno's attacks. Above all else, Ōsado warns the players to never take their eyes off of Hinata because he will pose the biggest threat to them due to being able to attack from any direction possible.

Yūshi Maiko spots Tanaka and Nishinoya staring at them as Yoshitomo Atema comments how Karasuno was the team to beat Shiratorizawa. Maruyama warns them not to think of such things when the team captain, Sakae Echigo, questions if they would rather face Shiratorizawa. The three quickly answer that they wouldn't and find this situation more favorable than having to face Ushijima, especially since they had seen a tape of Karasuno's game against Shiratorizawa and saw that it wasn't an easy victory for them. Echigo still recognizes that Karasuno was the team that beat Shiratorizawa but is determined not to let their time at nationals end so soon.

The game begins and Kageyama is first to serve. He delivers a powerful serve that Echigo sees will land out. Tsubakihara gets the first point of the game. Middle blocker Tōgo Iwamuro serves next and Ukai sees that he has purposely aimed his serve to go where Kageyama would pass in front of Tanaka. Daichi attempts to land a spike but Maruyama manages to receive it.

A quick flashback shows the team going over a tape of one of Tsubakihara's games and Ukai warns the team that they need to be most cautious of the team ace, Teradomari, as his height of 190 cm will allow him to be able to spike above blocks and he has a powerful back row attack.

Kageyama s4-e10-1.png

Teradomari spikes over Hinata and Daichi but Nishinoya is able to save the ball. Asahi sends the last hit to Tanaka but accidentally sends it too long, allowing Maiko to do a direct spike and score. Tanaka receives Iwamuro's next serve and Maiko, Atema, and Teradomari notice Hinata running ahead and get ready to block. Kageyama sends the set to Hinata only for the ball to go past Hinata and fall onto Karasuno's side. Takeda comes to realize that volleyball is a sport in which the ball is in the air nearly the entire time and that a sharp sense of awareness is necessary. He is aware that the team's nerves as well as being in the Tokyo gym are causing their awareness to be thrown off and that Kageyama is possibly the one most affected by this. Kageyama apologizes to Hinata for the missed set and promises to adjust. The setter then asks Daichi to allow him a little time to adjust and get his accuracy back on track.

Kageyama's next set to Hinata goes too long but Tanaka is able to save it and send the ball to Tsubakihara's back end and score. Ukai sees that the team is being affected from Hinata and Kageyama not having been able to sync up before the game started. Teradomari lands a successful feint shot, putting Tsubakihara at a three point lead. Atema sees that Kageyama is off his game and calls for the team to not expect any quick attacks. Hinata quickly questions why he believes this and states that they will indeed use quicks.

In the next rally, Asahi and Hinata make a running approach but most of the attention is focused on Hinata. This ends up fooling the Tsubakihara blockers when Kageyama sends the ball to Asahi who manages to score. Atema especially is irritated as he had believed he was baiting the Karasuno team but instead was baited himself. Kageyama's next set to Hinata goes too high but the ball bounces off Hinata's head and lands on Tsubakihara's side. As Hinata is teased for the way he scored, Kageyama feels himself getting closer to getting his sets back on track.

Tadashi s4-e10-2.png

Now four points behind, Ukai and Takeda see the team is starting to let their nerves surface and decide to send Yamaguchi in early. As Yamaguchi goes out onto the court, he accepts that he may only just be participating in serves during the tournament. He remembers what Shimada taught him about forcing himself to calm down by having a reset point that will allow him to reset his emotions so he can focus on where to aim his serve. Using an exit sign as his reset point, Tadashi quickly figures out what point over the net to send his serve so that it will be aimed to go behind Teradomari. He serves and the ball goes between Maiko and libero Akifumi Kaikake but veers more toward Kaikake.

After a brief hesitation of who will receive, Maiko makes the receive and the team is now thrown off. Teradomari sends Echigo the last hit but it is ultimately blocked. Maiko and Kaikake are scolded by their coach for their hesiataion. Yamaguchi serves again and scores when Maiko fails to make an overhand receive.

Hinata and Kageyama s4-e10-1.png

On Yamaguchi's third serve, he is eventually cut off when Maiko manages to receive and Atema spikes and scores. After Tsukishima scores in the next rally and is next to serve, Kageyama believes he has finally adjusted and sees Hinata expressing how he wants the next set. As the rally progresses, Kageyama is highly aware of where the ball is at all times and sends Hinata a perfect set. Hinata executes the quick attack and scores, completely stunning the entire Tsubakihara team and cheer section. As Karasuno celebrates their point, Kageyama apologizes for keeping the team waiting.






Episode Notes


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Manga: Shimada is shown being at the stadium as the team heads to warm-ups. The team is also delayed getting to their gym to warm-up due to the train being down. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: The bag Hinata keeps his shoes in has a checker pattern style. Anime: The bag style has a simple orange and yellow design.
  • Manga: Kiyoko has minor flashbacks of when she ran track before leaving to get Hinata's shoes. Anime: She does not have the flashback until she has already left the stadium.
  • Manga: When Kiyoko is watching the track team running, they are on the school track. Anime: The team is running laps around the school.
  • Manga: When the team is doing their warm-ups, Ukai recalls when he met with his previous college senpai. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Hinata is practicing overhand receives with Narita. Anime: He practices with Kinoshita.
  • Manga: When Sugawara kicks Kageyama, Kageyama is not holding a ball. Anime: Kageyama is holding a ball.
  • Manga: After the team goes onto the court to warm-up, Kiyoko is shown getting Hinata's bag. Anime: The team is shown going through their warm-up first.
  • Manga: Hinata and Yamaguchi are shown reacting when Kiyoko calls out to Yachi. Anime: Only Yachi is shown reacting.
  • Manga: When Kiyoko throws Hinata's bag to Yachi, she throws it straight down from the first stands. Anime: The area where the commentators are is in the way, so Kiyoko throws the bag further forward.
  • Manga: Tanaka is shown staring at Tsubakihara's team with Hinata jumping next to him and Asahi concentrating in the background. Anime: Tanaka and Nishinoya are staring at the team with Asahi and Sugawara in the background.
  • Manga: Takeda's realization of awareness adjustment occurs after Maiko does the direct spike. Anime: His realization is after the failed quick attack.
  • Manga: When Tanaka saves Kageyama's set, he is shown having to stop himself from running into the net. Anime: He does a dive for the ball.
  • Manga: Characters Genta Okuda and Hiromi Takanashi are seen obeserving the game. Anime: They are not shown.
    • Hence their scenes in the manga aren't included in the anime.

OSTs Used


  • With Each New Game (Japanese: 試合を重ねるたびに Shiai o Kasaneru Tabi ni) 0:00 - 0:50
  • - OP -
  • It Doesn't Work (Japanese: うまくいかない Umaku Ika nai) 3:43 - 5:42
  • Battle Lines (Japanese: 戦線 Sensen) 6:17 - 8:04
  • What It Means to "Connect" (Japanese: 繋ぐということ Tsunagu to iu Koto) 9:30 - 11:15
  • Fellows (Japanese: Tomogara) 11:35 - 11:45
  • - eyecatch B-
  • - eyecatch A-
  • Worthy Opponent (Japanese: 好敵手 Kōtekishu) 13:01 - 14:12
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  • Engine (Japanese: エンジン Enjin) 18:56 - 20:50
  • Outbreak of War (Japanese: 開戦 Kaisen) 21:39 - 22:21
  • - ED -


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