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"Battle with the Little Giant Resumed" (Japanese: (ちい) さな巨人戦再開 (きょじんせんさいかい) Chīsana Kyojin-Sen Saikai) is the one hundred twenty-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 37th-38th double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


As Aoba Johsai and Date Tech begin their match, Karasuno and Wakutani Minami enter the third set. Hinata starts to become more competitive with Takeru Nakashima whose play style is the most similar to the Little Giant.


Oikawa and Futakuchi shake hands and wish for a good game. Oikawa notices how serious Futakuchi seems and tells him to relax since he does not need to worry about the outcome of this game as he still has next year to look forward to. Futakuchi is not worried about next year and Oikawa feels the same, knowing that the stronger team of six is the one who will be victorious.

Ennoshita spikes then ball but it lands out. Wakunan is now at set point. Ennoshita is starting to become frustrated as this is the third spike that he has missed. Saeko also wonders what is wrong and Shimada surmises that Ennoshita is having a hard time due to filling in for Daichi who is normally attacking from the right. Ennoshita is officially a left-sided attacker and is most likely not use to attacking from the right side of the court, though Shimada mentions that pressure is probably the greater factor.

Hinata's spike gets a one-touch and Nakashima once more deflects the ball off the block. Kageyama tries to save the ball but is unable to and Wakunan wins the second set. Seeing Ennoshita is on edge, the second years try to help him relax. Ennoshita too knows that he needs to calm down and tries to tell himself to keep playing like Daichi would.

Hinata takes the chance to ask Ukai if Nakashima's playing style is like the Little Giant. Ukai does confirm that Nakashima's style is probably the most similar to that of the Little Giant. Kageyama instantly tells Hinata not to try to compete against Nakashima as the Wakunan captain is far more skilled in aerial combat. Hinata argues back that he knows that Nakashima is better but states that the real problem is what they are going to do about it.

Before the third set begins, Kenjirō Shirabu wonders who will make it to the finals to face off against Shiratorizawa. Ushijima replies that it does not matter as it will not change the outcome.

After Nakashima lands a line shot, he acknowledges Hinata is a middle blocker at his height and is fairly skilled. Despite this, he is determined to prove that he will be the one to surpass the legacy of the Little Giant. In the next rally, Hinata attempts a block-out but aimed too high and the ball goes out. Asahi's next spike is received and Nakashima is spotted coming from the back. He hits the ball against Hinata's arm and the ball is about to head out but Hinata gives chase, surprising Nakashima with his speed.

Hinata dives to make the receive, Ukai having to snatch Takeda's seat out of the way. Thanks to the many flying laps done during the summer training camp, Hinata makes the receive with a perfect flying receive.

Even though Hinata is clearly at a disadvantage, Ukai knows that Hinata can still fight back with everything he's learned. Hinata and Kageyama successfully land the quick attack.


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