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"Beat You to 'Being Better'" (Japanese: 一番乗 (いちばんの) りの (おとこ) Ichiban Nori no Otoko) is the three hundred ninety-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 24th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


Hoshiumi is out to prove that being short is not a sign of incompetence. Even at the highest level, Hoshiumi continues to be an unstoppable force as he finds ways to outsmart and outmaneuver much taller players.


In a flashback, Sachirō Hirugami had a heartfelt talk with Hoshiumi about his decision to study veterinary. Having learned to let go of his mistakes in volleyball, Hirugami understood that any errors from now on may cost a life. Nevertheless, he is prepared as he is doing something he likes.

Atsumu is up to serve after Bokuto scores another point for the Jackals. The Adlers once again uses a four-man receive formation to stop Atsumu's momentum. Atsumu executes a jump floater, but Hoshiumi cleanly receives it. Hirugami hits the ball over while the Jackals successfully keep the ball in play. Bokuto gets the last touch and targets the blockers' fingers with a block out. However, Fukurō Hirugami withdraws his hands at the last second, causing Bokuto's spike to miss its target and fly out-of-bounds. Those spectating the match remark that the block out, a technique especially useful for the shorter players, is no longer foolproof at the pinnacle of the professional league. Udai is once again reminded that skills and techniques are not enough to make up for a lack of height since everyone is capable of becoming good through practice.

Kageyama receives Hinata's spike, and the Adlers entrust the last hit to Hoshiumi. Hoshiumi remembers Hirugami's words about screwing up and is determined to make it count at the risk of losing his place on the court. Hinata anticipates Hoshiumi to use a block out and moves his hand out of the way. However, Hoshiumi sees through Hinata's ploy and switches to a regular spike to take advantage of the opening in the block. Afterward, everyone is stunned by Hoshiumi's terrifying skills in aerial battles.

Fumi Enaga, the female reporter who got lectured by Hoshiumi back in the 2013 Spring Interhigh, is reporting on the current match with an intern, Akane Yamamoto. Ever since that day six years ago, Enaga has been closely following Hoshiumi's career. She admits that she interviews him due to his height but says it's what gives him wings rather than a handicap. As she says this, Hoshiumi silently challenges all the tall players on the court.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Tsukishima is currently 195 cm.
  • The journalist who interviewed Hoshiumi in Volume 28 Chapter 245 is revealed to Fumi Enaga.
  • Akane is currently a college freshman and an intern for a publishing company.



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