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"Becoming" (Japanese: なにもの Nanimono) is the three hundred sixty-eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 45th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2019 series.


The Karasuno vs. Kamomedai match is over. Meanwhile on Court C, another team has just lost: Itachiyama Institute has fallen in their quarterfinals match against Inubushi High. Coach Hibarida remarks on the struggle of competition that all teams must face, pondering what the players who lose during this tournament will do to grow and evolve in the future.


The ball falls. Karasuno has lost the final set against Kamomedai with a score of 23-25. Daichi, exhausted, falls back and stares at the bright lights in the ceiling before standing, unsteady, and joining the rest of his team. Both sides line up, bow, and shake hands. Hinata, watching with the borrowed tablet from the hospital waiting room, bows with his team. The third year members of Karasuno take one last time to bow to the court and the audience.

Meanwhile, Kita tells the Miya twins his view that winning isn't everything. Even if they feel that results are everything, especially for those only focused on the competitive aspect of volleyball, the experiences that they shared on the way here were worthwhile. At the very least, it kept them active and healthy.

Back in the Karasuno audience, Tenma reassures Saeko that he's sure that Hinata hasn't given up. Saeko tells him that, if Hinata hadn't seen him on the television several years ago, then he never would've begun playing volleyball, would've never chosen to come to Karasuno, would've never become part of a fearsome duo with Kageyama. Tenma laughs, wondering if he's created a "monster" in Hinata.

On Court C, Itachiyama has just lost to Inubushi High. Everyone in the crowd is in disbelief. It appears that their captain and setter, Tsukasa Iizuna, was injured. Sakusa says that he has no use for others' pity; in fact, he feels that giving others pity is an insult. On the sidelines, Coach Hibarida says that every team in this tournament will taste defeat--if they haven't already, they will someday. And it's only those brave enough to overcome their defeats that can enjoy volleyball to the fullest. The chapter leaves off with a final question: What will all these defeated players become tomorrow?



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