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"Birds vs. Beasts" (Japanese: 禽獣角逐 (きんじゅうかくちく) Kinjū Kakuchiku) is the three hundred twenty-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 45th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


The third set heats up with both sides giving their all. Karasuno displays their core philosophy of never backing down on offense while Nekoma keeps the score close.


As the third set continues, Kenma performs a dump shot. Both Hinata and Nishinoya react to it instantly, causing a miscoordination in the defense. However, Nishinoya saves the ball with the back of his foot in the midst of a flying receive. Nobody anticipates the miracle save, resulting in a point for Karasuno. Later, Lev lands a one-touch on Asahi's spike, and Fukunaga sends a receive purposely veered toward the right. After tricking the Karasuno blockers to move, Kenma tosses to Yamamoto on the left before the blockers can catch up.

Eventually, Yamaguchi is subbed in as a pinch server. He works together with Tsukishima to execute another successful serve and block combo. Tsukishima prepares to spike but barely makes contact with the ball after Kageyama overestimate the toss's height. Luckily, the failed spike ends in another point for Karasuno. In the following play, Yamamoto cleanly receives Yamaguchi's serve and scores immediately. Kuroo also performs a service ace to tie the score at 14-14. 

Sugawara is subbed in once Tsukishima rotates to the back row. After receiving Lev's spike, Sugawara also joins in on the offense to the surprise of everybody. With Nekoma distracted by Sugawara, Kageyama sends the toss to Daichi for a back attack. Nekoma once again resorts to a no-block strategy, choosing to fall back for the receive instead. However, Daichi quickly decides to aim his spike toward the front of the court. His spike ends up making contact with the net but goes over and lands on Nekoma's side nonetheless. In the face of Karasuno's relentless offense, Nekoma prepares to sub in Inuoka once again.


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