"Birth of a Combo" (Japanese: コンビ誕生 (たんじょう) Konbi Tanjō.) is the ninth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 20th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2012 series.


Hinata, Kageyama and Tanaka win the match. Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi officially become members of the club. Suddenly, the club's adviser comes in with good news: he has arranged a practice match against one of the best schools in the prefecture.


The accuracy of Kageyama’s toss to Hinata is increasing, and their team is slowly catching up to Daichi’s team, set 1 (24-23). Sugawara notes that he thought Kageyama was already incredible due to his nickname and strong serve but now, he is showing his true abilities as a setter; however, it was Hinata that drew it out of Kageyama. Hinata’s team wins the first set easily, and the second starts subsequently and ends with (25-21), Hinata and Kageyama’s victory. Tanaka approaches Daichi and Sugawara afterwards, asking them if they had expected this combo to form because of the things they said, but they reply that they only wanted to push the two to work together equally (10+10=20), but it turned out with Kageyama using Hinata for full power (10x10=100). Hinata approaches Tsukishima and asks for a handshake to make peace, saying that they will be thrown out if they don’t, but Tsukishima replies coolly that the only reason Hinata and Kageyama were thrown out is because they ignored the captain, started their own match, and then knocked the principal’s wig off his head. Hinata lunges for Tsukishima regardless and forces a handshake. He and Kageyama then hand Daichi their registration papers. Daichi replies by asking the manager if “those” came in, and she carries a box over. Inside it are the new jersey jackets that Hinata puts on enthusiastically. As the team is trying them on, the club’s adviser comes in, announcing a practice match against one of the best schools in the prefecture: Aoba Johsai High School.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Kageyama has only been known so far for his nickname and strong serve but not for his toss. His partnership with Hinata is the first time anyone has ever seen his full abilities as a setter.
  • The Karasuno Volleyball Club’s manager is Shimizu Kiyoko, a third year.
  • The Club’s faculty adviser is Takeda Ittetsu, but he has no volleyball experience.
  • Aobajōsai High School (also known as Seijō) is one of the top four in the prefecture of Miyagi.


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