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"Both Teams" (Japanese: (たが) (さま) O Tagai-sama) is the one hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 51st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


With Karasuno four points behind in the score, Sugawara is sent into the game in hopes of being able to turn things around. Using his serves, he tries to target one of Aoba Johsai's players to keep him out of attacks.


Seeing that Sugawara is preparing to be subbed into the game, Takinoue and Shimada discuss the probable reason the third year setter is being sent in while explaining to Saeko and Yachi the different reasons that players are subbed in and out of a game.

With this toss feeling perfect, Oikawa makes the next serve and it lands before anyone on Karasuno can attempt to save it. Daichi begins to see just how much Oikawa has practiced on his serve as it not only brings the players back to reality but also ignites a sense of fear. Oikawa next serve clips the net and Nishinoya is able to save it in time. Hinata sends Tanaka the final hit. Faced with a three man block, Tanaka hit the ball against Kyōtani, causing the ball to ricochet off the block and land out.

Sugawara is now sent in and Tsukishima is brought out. After relaying a quick plan to Kageyama, Sugawara tries to settle his nerves as he gets ready to serve. When he serves, Kyōtani is forced to make the save. Takinoue and Shimada instantly notice how this will cause Kyōtani to be late to attack. Kindaichi attempts to land a spike but Sugawara receives and Hinata is able to score when he bounces the ball off Kindaichi's arm.

With Karasuno now only two points behind, Shimada figures out why Sugawara was subbed in at this point. He explains that when Tsukishima would rotate to the back, only Hinata and Tanaka would be available to attack up front and Tsukishima is not able to block from the back row. This would be Karasuno's weakest rotation in terms of offence and defense.

Sugawara serves again and once more targets Kyōtani to make the receive. Coach Mizoguchi also sees that Sugawara is purposely targeting Kyōtani and preventing him from participating in any attacks. When Daichi receives Iwaizumi's spike, Sugawara and Kageyama suddenly switch positions, allowing Karasuno to now have five spikers ready to attack. Sugawara sets to Kageyama and the first year setter scores with a straight shot.

Karasuno is now behind by one point.


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