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"Break" (Japanese: “ブレイク” "Bureiku") is the fifty-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 20th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Karasuno and Aoba Johsai compete over the second set that continues from the previous chapter.


The chapter starts with Asahi doing a block-out. Oikawa praises Kindaichi for at least being able to read Karasuno's attacks but later notes down that Sugawara is not a weak setter but his set-ups are the basics. Takinoue takes note that Sugawara might make more mistakes from Seijoh's spike successions. he is later asked by the female spectators whether volleyball has a time limit which is explained to not have one, instead, one team must have a 2-point difference otherwise, the game will continue.

Aoba Johsai later does a 'break'. Their coaches comment how since Sugawara went on court, he had been using more of the spikers on the left (e.g: Asahi) but are aware that that was still better to combat than against Hinata. Kageyama feels constricted but was not necessarily worried as he had a sense of purpose. Originally, he thought that when he was benched in finals of his Junior High match, it was proof he became 'useless' but remembering Sugawara's words, he understands their purpose to be on the court which was to win the match.


Kindaichi notices that Karasuno had been consecutively scoring by the left side and predicted the next action: a quick involving Hinata. He manages to block it. Asahi tells Sugawara to toss him the next round which he scores. Right after that, Sugawara is swapped out for Kageyama. While swapping, Sugawara tells Kageyama that it was frustrating for him as a setter that Hinata seemed to be different when hitting his toss compared to Kageyama's toss. Sugawara reminds Kageyama that the team together is strong together before going off the court. When Ukai advises Sugawara to use Tsukishima and Hinata more, he includes 'next time' which clearly motivates Sugawara. At the end of the chapter, Sugawara inner thoughts are shown that despite everything, Kageyama was more suited to bring Karasuno to a higher stage.


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  • In celebration of the first character popularity poll, a center color page of the three characters who received the most votes (Kageyama, Hinata and Nishinoya) was included.


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