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"Broken Heart" (Japanese: 失恋 (しつれん) Shitsuren) is the sixteenth episode (and the third episode of the second cours) of Haikyū!! To The Top, season four of the anime based on Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on October 16, 2020[1].

The opening theme of this episode is Toppakō by SUPER BEAVER and the ending theme is One Day by SPYAIR.


As Karasuno inches closer to taking the first set, Tanaka begins to falter in his play when he is repeatedly blocked, denied sets, and unable to perform a cross-shot.


Remembering when Tanaka was seen speaking with Kanoka after their match against Tsubakihara Academy, Ennoshita, Kinoshita, and Narita comment on how Tanaka has finally found a cute girlfriend. Tanaka, surprised and embarrassed at their comments, claims that he would never pursue someone he never had a chance with even though Ennoshita points out this is the opposite when it comes to Kiyoko.

Tanaka and Kiyoko s4-e16-1.png

Kinoshita remembers when they were all joining the volleyball club as first years. He remembers how he and Narita stayed clear of Tanaka due to his intimidating appearance and aura. That image of Tanaka quickly vanished when Kiyoko appeared in the gym and Tanaka immediately asked her to marry him only for Kiyoko to right away turn him down. Tanaka would excuse himself from the conversation, claiming he is becoming anxious about the next match and will go for a walk to settle his nerves.

In the game, Yamaguchi scores a service ace after targeting Aran with his jump floater. Atsumu openly admits that Yamaguchi was able to get the better of them, causing Gimjima to scold him for exacerbating Aran's depression. Aran redeems himself by receiving Yamaguchi's next serve. Ōmimi counters and overpowers Yamaguchi with his spike. Tanaka chases the stray ball but is unable to make it in time. In the stands, Mika questions why Tanaka didn't stop before hitting the wall to save an out-of-reach ball. Suguru believes that Tanaka was only focused on the fact that the ball hadn't dropped yet and was determined to get it.

Yūto Kosaku is subbed in as a pinch server in place of Ōmimi. Daichi receives the powerful serve but is unable to cancel out the force. The ball flies back toward Inarizaki's side and heads out of bounds. Surprisingly, Kageyama ducks under the net, chases the ball, and returns it back to Karasuno. Wasting no time, Asahi executes a successful block-out to take Karasuno to set point. The team praises Kageyama and Asahi for their plays while Tanaka notices how everyone seems to be in top shape. Shimada returns to the Karasuno cheer section. Takinoue questions where he was. Shimada explains that he was doing what he could to help his pupil during his big moment.

In the next rally, Tanaka performs a back attack, but Suna successfully blocks it. Kageyama apologizes to Tanaka for giving a short toss while the latter casually brushes it off. Despite maintaining a high-spirited demeanor, Tanaka is growing restless. On the sidelines, Bokuto admits that he would start sending the ball into the net or out of bounds if he were in Tanaka's position, surprising Akaashi with his self-awareness.

While Tanaka attempts to regain focus, Atsumu is preparing to serve. In a brief flashback, Coach Oomi singles Tanaka out as Karasuno's weakness and instructs the Inarizaki players to aim their serves at him. Tanaka quickly realizes that he is the target and puts up a tough front. Atsumu's serve heads directly for Tanaka only for Nishinoya to cut in and receive. Tanaka feels disheartened by his lackluster performance this game but still gathers enough composure to compliment Nishinoya on his receive. Karasuno's synchronized attack splits up Inarizaki's blockers. Kageyama sees an opening to set a back row attack for Daichi, who scores even though back attack is not his forte. 

Karasuno is still at set point when Asahi serves. Akagi makes the receive and Atsumu sends the ball to his brother for a quick attack only for the ball to go past Osamu's spike point. Osamu is able to get the ball over with his left hand. Suna quickly rushes to the end of the court when he sees that Tanaka will get the set. He blocks Tanaka and the wing spiker comes to realize that it's taking less time for the blockers to complete their blocks. When Nishinoya is able to save the ball, Takinoue and Shimada grow concerned for Tanaka but are quickly scolded by Saeko when she declares that her brother will not break so easily.

Tanaka s4-e16-4.png

Tsukishima attempts to block Suna when he is trying a c-quick and Tanaka joins him in trying to block only for Suna to somehow get the spike past them. Although Suna believes he had mistakenly put too much power into the spike, Daichi is still narrowly able to receive. Tanaka calls for Asahi to send him the set. He attempts a straight shot past a triple block but it lands out of bounds. Akaashi notices Bokuto's reaction to the play and believes the ace is relating to the situation of how Inarizaki's blocks and targeting of certain players is combining with Karasuno's eagerness to score that it is causing stress and errors to take place and how it can lead to feeling like everything is going wrong.

In another flashback, Tanaka introduces himself to the Karasuno team. Daichi right away feels that Tanaka is the type of person to possess a strong will and is the kind to not bow down to anyone. Tanaka was aware that Karasuno was not doing well lately but still saw them as a powerhouse school; especially since they had players like Kurokawa, Asahi, and Nishinoya. One day, the volleyball team is forced to play outside once more when another team needs the gym. Tanaka complains of how this is happening so often and how the volleyball club should make a stand for themselves. Daichi points out that this is much different than how it was the previous year but only causes Tanaka to see them as pushovers. After a practice match, Tanaka overhears the hosting teams players talk about how easy it was beat the Karasuno team and threatens to silence the players by beating them up when no one is looking. Daichi advices him to let it go and that they were lucky anyone would practice with them at all. He, Sugawara, and Asahi reveal that other teams refer to them as The Wingless Crows of a fallen champion school in a comical manner but Tanaka sees in their eyes how they find that title anything but humorous. Soon after, Tanaka returns to school having shaved his hair off in a form of regeneration.

With Tanaka's straight shot landing out, the score is tied 25-25. Daichi tries to help Tanaka shake off the guilt of the spike landing out but Tanaka is visibly frustrated. Kinoshita is confident that Tanaka will overcome whatever he is going through. Ennoshita agrees by reminding them how strong Tanaka is in matches and that he was the only second year to stick with the club no matter what was going on. Suna observes Tanaka and notices that he is not growing quiet or having a hard time being able to look at his teammates. Ginjima's serve clips the top of the net. Kageyama makes the receive and Tsukishima goes to make the set. As they watch, Suguru tells Mika that Tanaka will surely take this play hard if he does not get the set. When questioned how he knows the ball will go to Tanaka, Suguru explains that it's a traditional play as well as the wing spikers being like the last line of attack.

Remembering how he didn't call for the ball due to fright during the first match against Aoba Johsai, Tanaka calls for the ball but Tsukishima stuns everyone when he sends the ball to Asahi instead. Asahi is able to get the ball in against the blockers with a waterfall ball and put Karasuno back at set point. Having watched what happened, Akaashi is barely able to catch Bokuto when the ace collapses. Kanoka's teammate sees that Tsukishima was just trying to shake the team off of the slump they're in by sending the ball to Asahi but feels sympathetic for Tanaka. When Hinata moves back onto the court, he gives Tanka great admiration when he was able to move in place to block Suna when he tried a center attack. He explains how reassuring it feels when someone comes to aid a middle blocker since they are trying to block alone most of the time. His statement is heard by Tsukishima who silently admits that Hinata is saying something productive.

As Aran receives Tsukishima's serve, Osamu is rushing to the end of the court with the confidence that he will be able to get past Hinata who is alone in trying to block him. However, Osamu is stunned when Tanaka suddenly appears to help with the block by cutting off the chance for a cross shot. Osamu hits a straight shot where Daichi was positioned and ready to receive.

Tanaka s4-e16-7.png

Just before Kageyama is about to set, Tanaka reflects how he is just a normal person; especially in terms of physical stature and abilities. When he was young, he was convinced to have been a genius and thought that way until he reached middle school and still a little now in high school. Despite his confidence, Tanaka is aware that he cannot beat a height of 180 cm and is not the best on the team at any one thing. While knowing these are not reasons or excuses to quit, he admits that every six months or so his mind will think negatively and he'll start to believe that he's not anything special. Regardless, he knows that he does not have the time to be looking down like this.

Tanaka calls for the ball. Kageyama sends it to him but spots Suna quickly getting into place to block. Now back to his normal self with renewed confidence, Tanaka stuns everyone by performing a super cross shot that lands on the attack line and wins the set for Karasuno. While the team and several others celebrate, Takeda admits he was unsure of what the outcome would be but Kiyoko assures him that Tanaka usually makes it through things just fine. Tanaka approaches Tsukishima and questions if he purposely ignored setting to him earlier. Tsukishima answers that felt Asahi had the better chance to score at the time and therefore was the more logical one to use. Despite this, Tsukishima does admit that Tanaka's mental strength can be scary at times and questions if he ever gets depressed. Tanaka tries to point out that he was depressed during the match but Tsukishima claims it did not seem like he was.

While her teammate says how Tanaka is not so bad after all, Kanoka remembers how Tanaka helped her during their childhood by seeing that her natural height wasn't something to be ashamed of but at the same time he seemed jealous of her height. Knowing that Tanaka has always been straightforward and honest, Kanoka voices how she knows her heart has been broken.




Episode Notes


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Anime: Tanaka first meeting Kiyoko happens as one of the opening scenes and Tanaka introducing himself to the team happens after Tanaka misses landing the straight shot. Manga: The flashback of Tanaka introducing himself to the team takes place after Daichi performs the back attack and also takes place earlier than the scene of Tanaka and Kiyoko first meeting. The flashback of Tanaka first meeting Kiyoko appears right before Tanaka is able to successfully execute the cross shot.
    • Manga: Nishinoya is also shown to be awake for part of the conversation. Anime: He is shown to be sleeping during the whole thing.
    • Manga: Daichi, Sugawara, and Nishinoya were also shown in the flashback of Tanaka first meeting Kiyoko. Anime Ennoshita was shown.
  • Manga: After Asahi and Daichi compliment Kageyama on being able to return the ball from Inarizaki's side, the Aoba Johsai team are shown watching the match and Yahaba trying to cover why he was cheering for Karasuno. Anime: This was not shown. 
  • Manga: When Suguru is explaining to Mika how Kageyama was allowed to return the ball from Inarizaki's side, the explanation is split in two parts with half being shown when Kageyama runs after the ball and a second part discussing fouls showing after Asahi does the block-out. Anime: This was not shown. 
  • Manga: Before Daichi's back attack, a flashback is shown of Ukai discussing with the team of doing things in a game they're not familiar with. Anime: This is not shown. 
  • Manga: When Atsumu sends the set past Osamu, their coach is seen scolding him from the sideline. Anime: This was not shown. 
  • Manga: Before Tanaka attempts the straight shot, he has minor flashbacks of the third years and of Suna. Anime: This is not shown. 
  • Manga: When Tsukishima is preparing to set to Asahi, Suguru explains to Mika that it's a traditional play since the wing spiker's are the main attackers. Anime: This is not shown.
  • Manga: Before Tanaka is able to do the final cross shot, there are flashbacks of times he was practicing it during matches. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: When Kanoka admits that her heart is broken, she remembers moments from her childhood of Tanaka helping her gain confidence in herself and the previous night when he admitted he was in love with someone else. Anime: This is not shown.
  • Manga: Yachi is shown watching throughout the game. Anime: She does not appear in this episode.

OSTs Used


  • - OP -
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