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"Build the Flow" (Japanese: (かぜ) をつくる Kaze o Tsukuru) is the two hundred third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 21st-22nd double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


Nohebi takes the first timeout of the second set after Yamamoto's spike. They remain positive, deciding to focus on targeting on Nekoma's ace as well as Lev, whose blocks are less certain than the other members of his team. The opponents were right; even Nekoma acknowledges that Lev hasn't reached his full potential yet, but as a team they will not fall because of that. Numai is subbed in even though his thumb was dislocated earlier on. They manage to score a point for Nohebi, by means of his teammates blocking the referee's field of vision. In order to disrupt their opponent's momentum, Nekoma takes the second timeout of the set. The score is now at 21-20, with Nohebi in the lead.


Having landed his straight shot, Yamamoto taunts Lev that he cannot call himself the ace without being able to defend properly. Coach Ōmizu encourages the Nohebi players to continue aiming for Yamamoto to keep him contained. Kuguri points out that he's noticed Lev does not seem to have mastered his blocking techniques as he at times blocks in directions he thinks the spiker will send the ball.

Utilizing this information, Kuguri is able to get a spike past Lev and Kuroo is unable to receive. Kuroo recalls when Yaku would scold Lev for the way he blocks and wonders if he should do the same but decides against it since Lev has been playing well for several plays.

Hiroo blocks Yamamoto but makes a show when it's pointed out that he touched the net. Players from another school are aware of the tricks Nohebi uses during their games and know that only their opponents will on to the method's.

Lev attempts to block Kuguri when it looks like he will try a cross shot but does a straight shot instead. Kenma tells Lev that trying to read Kuguri's form may not be successful but Lev is still determined to block him as he did earlier.

When the score reaches 19-20 with Nekoma in the lead, Nohebi sends in third year wing spiker Kazuma Numai. Several members in the audience recognize him as the team ace whose thumb was dislocated in the game against Itachiyama Institute. Akane also knows who Numai is and begs Nekoma to stop him at one serve.

Despite the pain in his hand, Numai serves. The ball clips the top of the net but Kuroo is able to save it. Fukunaga gets the last hit and sends the ball toward an open space near the back of the court. Numai and libero Sō Akama quickly determine that they will neither be able to reach the ball or send it back. They dive for the ball, block the line ref's sight and call the ball as landing out.

The ref's call the ball as out and the score is now 20-20. The players from another school noticed what Numai and Akama did and remember Suguru doing the same thing to one of Fukunaga's earlier spikes.

Nohebi embraces these method's from the belief that nothing is ever certain in a game and will do everything they can to get the odd's in their favor. As he gets ready to serve again, Numai remembers how Suguru said they should consider it an honor to be called cheaters. Numai actually hates being called a cheater and is determined to change that when he lands a service ace that puts Nohebi in the lead.


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  • In celebration of the popularity of the Tokyo Qualifiers arc and the upcoming release of the series' 21st volume, a center color page of Lev Haiba. The text reads: "The lion awakens."


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