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"Cats' Claws" (Japanese: (ねこ) (つめ) Neko no Tsume) is the three hundred second chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 25th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


The match continues with Karasuno and Nekoma neck-and-neck. The score reaches a deuce at 24-24, but Nekoma pull off an impressive receive.


Daichi receives a ferocious serve from Kuroo. Kageyama throws off the blockers by setting to Daichi in the back, who finally scores cleanly against Nekoma. However, Yamamoto immediately fires right back, and it's Kenma's turn to serve. His serve goes straight to Hinata, who is excited to get a serve receive, but Sugawara notices that Hinata is being targeted. Nonetheless, Kageyama sets to Tanaka, who spikes past three blockers and scores.

Kageyama serves. Yamamoto receives it, Kenma sets the ball, and Lev scores. Lev next serve, which barely passes above the net, is also meant to target Hinata. Kuroo goes straight to the left after the receive and kill blocks Tanaka, tying the score at 23-23. Akane points out that Lev's serve successfully prevented Karasuno's from doing a freak quick attack. 

Lev's next serve isn't as successful, as it hits the net. Immediately after, Tanaka's serve goes out. The score is tied at 24-24. Yamamoto serves, and Tanaka receives it. Kageyama and Hinata execute a quick attack from the middle, but Yaku saves the ball, which is slammed down by Kuroo. However, Daichi manages to save it as well, passing it back to Kageyama. Kageyama sets to Asahi, who prepares to do another "block crusher." This time, Nekoma is ready. They back up in anticipation of the ball being sent flying, and Yamamoto receives the ball after it is smashed past the blockers. 


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