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"Challenger" (Japanese: 挑戦 (ちょうせん) Chōsen) is the one hundred twenty-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 39th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Ennoshita continues to strive to play as Daichi would but finds himself at a loss when he cannot do that. It takes Tanaka to get through to him and help him play the way he should.


Hinata and Kageyama successfully execute the quick attack to the shock of many. However, Hinata's momentum from his running approach causes him to crash into Kageyama and terrify Asahi. As Asahi requests the two to try to be more careful, Kageyama insists that he didn't feel anything due to Hinata being so puny. The two right away begin to throw punches and only stop when Ennoshita compliments their play.

Kageyama states that it's when they're backed into a corner that allows them to use their greatest weapons and get through what's in front of them. Ennoshita, Tanaka, and Hinata are caught off guard by this until Kageyama says that this was what Ennoshita had told him once.

Ukai helps Takeda back into his seat. Takeda is impressed with Hinata's improvement with the flying receive, remembering how only a few months back the middle blocker would face plant every time he tried them. Kageyama serves and lands a service ace, bringing the score to a tie. His next serve is received and Nakashima does a block-out to once more keep Wakunan in the lead.

Asahi ties the score again when he spikes through the block. Ukai gives a message to Nishinoya to tell the others that they should stop putting up a triple block when Nakashima goes to spike as it gives him more chances to tool the block.

Yūki Shiroishi attempts a feint but both Ennoshita and Nishinoya spot it. Ennoshita is able to dig the ball. Nishinoya sends the last hit to Asahi but the ball lands out. Nishinoya right away blames himself by saying the set was too low for the ace to spike it properly. However, Ennoshita takes the blame for the lost point, thinking to himself that Daichi would have been able to make the proper receive the team needed.

Tanaka sees that Ennoshita is pressuring himself to play the way Daichi would and tells him to play as he usually does. Tsukishima's spike is received and Nakashima is on the attack once again. Nakashima does a block-out and the ball lands out before Ennoshita can get to it. Remembering what Hinata had said earlier about wanting to know how they can handle Nakashima, Ennoshita calls the players over with an idea he has.

The teams continue to try to out do one another but Wakunan manages to stay at a two point lead against Karasuno. Nakashima is about to attack once more and ricochets the ball off Hinata's hand. At this point, a brief flashback shows Ennoshita explaining his plan to the team that he'll be the one to go after any ball that Nakashima tries to deflect off the block. He puts Tanaka and Asahi in charge of receiving line shots while he takes the back center court. The team readily agrees with the plan.

As he dives for the ball, Ennoshita is determined to prove that he can stay on the court. He manages to receive it and Nishinoya sends the last hit to Hinata. Faced with a triple block, Hinata recalls when Kageyama said that they bring out their biggest weapons when backed into a corner. Tsukishima watches in surprise at what Hinata does next.


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