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"Challengers" (Japanese: 挑戦者 (ちょうせんしゃ) たち Chōsensha-tachi) is the four hundred second and final chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 33rd - 34th double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


It's 2021 and the Tokyo Olympics is fast approaching. With all eyes on them, Japan Men's and Women's Volleyball Team face off against powerful teams on the world stage. Hinata and Kageyama continue their volleyball journey together throughout the years as both teammates and opponents.


In March 2021, the former Shiratorizawa members gather at Goshiki's place to tune in to a televised coverage of Tendō as a chocolatier. As the segment progresses, Tendō is joined by Ushijima for dinner. The two reveal their history as teammates and openly declare themselves as best friends. Washijō, while watching with his wife, laughs at their antics.

Sometime later, the old Nekoma team is getting ready for a reunion at Kenma's house. Yamamoto, Kai, Inuoka, Teshiro, and Shibayama bring food to prepare for a hot pot, but Fukunaga unexpectedly makes paella instead. Kuroo is joining in late due to work while Yaku is stopping by Shibuya to check out a huge poster ad of the Haiba siblings after returning from Russia.

Three months later in July, Japan Women's National Volleyball Team advances to day 4 and faces off against Serbia. A Serbian player, Stojković, targets Kanoka with her serves and nets a service ace. Even under heavy pressure, Kanoka makes a perfect receive of the following serve and scores to prove her title as the ace. From their home, Tanaka and Kiyoko watch the match on TV and cheer for Kanoka.

In August on day 13 of the Tokyo Olympics Men's Volleyball, Daichi and Sugawara gather at Tanaka's home to watch the match. While conversing, they bring up Asahi and how he's currently in a "whirlwind tour" around the globe with Nishinoya. They suddenly receive a message on their phone and open it up to reveal a photo of Nishinoya and Asahi posing in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza. As the countdown to the match begins, many familiar faces from Date Tech, Nohebi, and Karasuno also eagerly tune in.

The Argentinian team makes their appearance with Oikawa as the starting setter. Oikawa has naturalized as an Argentinian citizen and is about to face off against his former friends and foes in Japan. The old Seijoh team proudly wears the Argentina flag in support of their former teammates. Kyōtani is watching the upcoming match from his phone while still at practice with the Sendai Frogs. He is surprised to see Tsukishima not watching. In response, Tsukishima explains that he is inspired to work harder just seeing those players stand on the court.

Back at the Olympic venue, Bokuto is excited to play and beat Argentina. Kageyama is also confident with a highly capable and all-star cast by his side. Upon seeing their underclassmen on TV, the Karasuno alumni all tear up. At the same time, Kita is proudly introducing his amazing teammates, Atsumu and Aran, to customers dining at Onigiri Miya.

The oddball combo steps onto the court side by side. Hinata reminds Kageyama to sent him a lot of tosses, and Kageyama agrees on the condition that Hinata receives well enough. Oikawa starts off the match with a powerful serve. Although Sakusa manages to keep the ball in play, Oikawa has thrown the Japanese team off formation. However, the oddball combo mobilizes to adapt. With memories of middle and high school making up the backbone of their growth, Hinata and Kageyama flawlessly execute their signature minus-tempo quick to snatch the first point. Afterward, the two fist-bump in celebration.

In 2022, Hinata and Kageyama would meet again on the opposite side of the court at the finals of the FIVB Volleyball Men's Club World Championship in Rome. With Hinata representing Asas São Paulo in the Brazil Super League and Kageyama for Ali Roma in Italy Serie A, the two rivals challenge each other again determined to come out victorious.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Tendō has become a chocolatier and famous enough to get his own documentary special.
    • He appeared in Paris in his TV coverage, but it's unknown if he resides there or is just visiting.
  • Nekoma's career path:
    • Yamamoto is playing as an outside hitter for VC Kanagawa in Division 1 of the V.League.
    • Kai is an arborist and works in landscaping.
    • Inuoka is a childcare professional.
    • Teshiro is a cram school instructor.
    • Shibayama plays libero for the Tokai Heavy Industries Esperanza in Division 2 of the V.League.
    • Fukunaga is a comedian and part-time restaurant chef.
    • Yaku plays libero for Cheegle Ekaterinburg in Russian Volleyball Super League.
    • Lev and Alisa have become models. They are influential enough to have their ads displayed in Shibuya, a popular shopping and entertainment area in Japan.
  • Kanoka is an outside hitter for Hikari Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits in Division 1 of the V.League. She is also acknowledged as the ace of the Japan Women's Volleyball Team.
  • Asahi is currently traveling around the world with Nishinoya. They are currently in Egypt and have plan to visit the North Pole.
  • Date Tech's career path:
    • Kamasaki is working as an upholsterer in Miyagi.
    • Sasaya is a house husband living in Yamagata. He appears to have two kids.
    • Moniwa is a welder in Miyagi and has won tickets to watch the Olympics live.
  • Ikejiri is a civil servant and is playing as an outside hitter for the Sendai City Hall Municipal Team.
  • Michimiya is a hotel employee and plays Sepak Takaraw in Tokyo.
  • Nohebi's career path:
    • Daishō is an outside hitter for Yotsuya Motor Spirits in Division 2 of the V.League. He's currently based in Aichi, Japan.
    • Mika Yamaka is a nurse in Tokyo.
  • Aoba Johsai's career path:
    • Oikawa naturalized as an Argentinian citizen. He is still with CA San Juan and a starting setter for the Argentinian National Team for the Tokyo Olympics.
    • Iwaizumi is an athletic trainer responsible for Japan Men's Volleyball Team.
    • Hanamaki is currently in-between jobs while in Tokyo.
    • Yahaba is a sports instructor in Miyagi.
    • Matsukawa works at a funeral home in Miyagi.
    • Watari works at an aquarium in Kanagawa.
    • Kyōtani plays opposite for the Sendai Frogs in Division 2. He is teammates with Tsukishima.
  • Hinata, Kageyama, Ushijima, Sakusa, Yaku, Hyakuzawa, Bokuto, Hoshiumi, Atsumu, Komori, Hakuba, and Aran are on the Tokyo Olympics team.
  • Udai is working on a volleyball manga called "Meteo Attack."
  • Tsukishma is already capable of performing a jump floater.


Chapter402 colorPage.jpg
  • The final chapter includes a colored double spread of every high school volleyball teams that appeared in the series watching a match between Karasuno and Nekoma.


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