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Chiharu Tsukioka (Japanese: 月岡 (つきおか) 千春 (ちはる) Tsukioka Chiharu) is a second year student at Tsubakihara Academy and one of the volleyball team's pinch servers.


Tsukioka has short, black hair, with very narrow eyebrows. He shows a rather angry expression, due to his short eyebrows.


Tsukioka seems to be an encouraging person that can easily put someone’s spirits up. He’s not afraid to call out his teammates when they are being lazy, even to the third years on the team. Additionally, he did everything for Himekawa to have the courage to pull effective serves that would earn their team a lot of points even if it meant that he would get fewer chances to play.  


Tsukioka currently attends Tsubakihara Academy, located in Kanagawa Prefecture in the region of Kantō.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

As the Tsubakihara’s match with Karasuno progresses, Iwamuro is benched for Himekawa. Himekawa is nervous so he tries to reassure himself, but when seeing that Tsuioka, Tsubakihara’s habitual pinch server, is watching, he tells himself that he should see this as an opportunity since he hardly ever gets to play in games, this being his first time playing in a tournament at all[1].

As Himekawa serves, he hits Teradomari in the head, and after he goes to his teammates, Tsukioka does not blame Himekawa for messing up that serve since Tsubakihara’s specialty, serving, had not been up to par in the latter portion of the first set. Maruyama, feeling targeted since he had pulled off a lazy serve not long before, apologizes in shock and hurry.

Shortly after the match resumes, Osado calls Himekawa to serve once more. Before going, Tsukioka glares at him and tells him that if Himekawa dared worry about him, he would give up on Himekawa's serving abilities the next week. Either way, Tsukioka knows that Osado would just go back to putting him in the next game anyway, so Himekawa must focus on making the best of the little chances he’d get in the future.

When Himekawa serves once more, he manages to score two service aces in a row, and at his third serve, he is still able to put up a good defense. During this, Tsubakihara gloriously congratulates Himekawa for his success, which puts their hopes up to win[2]. After this, Tsukioka gives Himekawa a towel to wipe off his sweat. At first, Himekawa is shocked at this since he was often the one assisting his teammates while they played.

After Tsubakihara’s loss, Echigo shakes Daichi’s hand, as they are the two opposing team’s captains, and Maruyama, Echigo, and Teradomari break into tears. Right after, Osado tries to comfort his team by offering them lunch.


Aoi Himekawa

Since Tsukioka is Tsubakihara’s main pinch server, Himekawa respects Tsukioka greatly. Tsukioka did everything for Himekawa to have the courage to pull effective serves that would earn their team a lot of points even if it meant that he would get fewer chances to play.


  • “To be honest, our serving wasn’t really up to par in the back half of that set. If our serving isn’t aggressive, we effectively kneecap ourselves.” (Volume 27 Chapter 239)
  • “Hey, if you dare worry about me, I will punt you straight into next week. Understood? Coach will just go back to putting me in the next game anyway. You won’t get many chances to, so focus on how to make the best of them.” (To Himekawa, Volume 27 Chapter 239)


  • The 'Tsuki' in Tsukioka's name, 月岡, is the same as Tsukishima Kei's. They both mean 'moon'.
  • Nomenclature
    • Chiharu (千春) - Thousand Spring
    • Tsukioka (月岡) - Moon Hill