Chikara Ennoshita (Japanese: 縁下 (えんのした) (ちから) Ennoshita Chikara) was previously a second year at Karasuno High, playing as one of the volleyball team's substitute wing spikers. He also became the captain of the team during his third year. As of 2018 he is working as a physical therapist.


Ennoshita is an average-looking guy with slightly down-turned eyes, causing him to have a somewhat sleepy look on his face. He has medium-length dark brown hair kept parted near the middle. His eyebrows and eyes are the same brown color. He doesn't usually attract much attention and often goes unmentioned even when he's on court.


He's usually quiet, reserved and can sometimes be seen with a gentle smile on his face, but he can also behave boldly towards the other second years. Ennoshita is the only second year who's able to control Tanaka and Nishinoya. He has the ability to understand and relate to different people and has been noted to be a stabilizing presence for the underclassmen; this trait makes him a good candidate to be a captain. Despite this, Ennoshita lacks confidence in himself, mostly because of his lack of experience in matches, and initially had trouble while subbing in for Daichi in the match against Wakutani South. Ennoshita's also smart and has never received a failing mark before.


Ennoshita's currently a second year at Karasuno High. He joined the boys' volleyball club in his first year, but after the original Coach Ukai returned, he couldn't keep up with the grueling practices and started skipping, along with Kinoshita and Narita. Eventually, he realized how important volleyball was to him and returned to the team, but by that time, Coach Ukai had been hospitalized again. Because of this brief period of hiatus, he, Narita, and Kinoshita call themselves "The Ungrateful Second Years".

While Asahi and Nishinoya were gone from the team, Ennoshita filled in their spots. After their return, he now cheers from the bench during games.


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Ennoshita first appears along the sidelines during the 3-on-3 first years match.[1] He later helps with welcoming the first years to the team.

Aoba Johsai Practice Match

Ennoshita plays as a regular during the practice match against Aoba Johsai.

Asahi and Nishinoya's Return

Asahi returns to the team and takes Ennoshita's spot. For a while, he stood on the sidelines cheering the team on in official matches with the other benched players, having never missed a game despite not playing.

Nekoma Practice Match

Karasuno starts the training camp leading up to the match against Nekoma. After Nishinoya mentions that Asahi took Ennoshita’s spot on the team, the second year reminds them that he ran away from the team once, puzzling Hinata and Kageyama.[2] The two later ask him about it and Ennoshita tells them about the time he, Kinoshita, and Narita left the team. The three would admit that they were part of the club for fun and the captain at the time was kind and was not too concerned about winning status. This changed when Ukai returned to coach the team and everything became stricter and about winning matches. Because of this, the three and several others left the club as they were no longer enjoying it or were unable to keep up with the grueling training.

Interhigh Arc

While changing in the clubroom with Tanaka, Ennoshita asks about the latter’s frustrated expression.[3] Tanaka remarks that if some girls told them good luck and gave them charms, he would be even more fired up and Ennoshita coldly responds that he only thinks that way because he’s a regular. He then chides Tanaka, saying that if Tanaka continues to think about such things, he would take his spot on the team.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai

While Kageyama’s switched out, Ennoshita explains that Sugawara doesn’t compliment the players simply to “get along”, but rather to check on their conditions.[4] He also brings up Kageyama’s relationship with Tsukishima and hints at Kageyama to try to understand the team’s spikers better to give the best tosses.

Tokyo Expedition Arc

Ennoshita catches Nishinoya and Tanaka when they run away after being reminded of the upcoming exams and how a single failing mark will prevent them from taking part in the summer training camps.[5] Ennoshita, Kinoshita, and Narita go to Tanaka’s house to help him and Nishinoya study where Ennoshita tries to help them improve their study methods while also being firm and preventing them from slacking off.

Though Ennoshita mostly is seen cheering for the team during the practices matches and carrying out the penalties, he does join the free practices due to wanting to perfect the timing of the synchronized attack. His want to do this caused Tanaka to feel as if his fellow teammate was wanting to take his spot.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

After Daichi has to be switched out because of an injury in the match against Wakutani South, Ennoshita replaces him.[6] He’s pressured initially because of the position he’s filling, but is surprised when his teammates reveal that they expected him to come on. When Tanaka apologizes, Ennoshita responds that Daichi might’ve had to be removed from the game, but at least Tanaka isn’t hurt as well.

At first, he has trouble in the match but after remembering his past when he left the team, he loudly yells at Wakutani South to bring it on and receives the next ball. Yamaguchi’s switched in as well and Ennoshita covers up his mistakes. When Ukai returns, angry at Yamaguchi’s serves, Ennoshita steps up for the first year and remarks that Yamaguchi knows better than anyone what he did wrong.

During the third set of the match, Tanaka is able to see that Ennoshita is trying to play and lead like Daichi but tells him to just be himself. This allowed Ennoshita to finally be able to fit himself into the game and formulate a plan to counter Nakashima's block-out spikes.

Despite winning the match and getting complimented by Daichi, Ennoshita still has regrets and rushes off to the bathroom by himself. He notes that half of his spikes missed and only put in the effort with receives in the second half. But, after reminding himself that he needs to think about his next match, he regains his motivation[7].

Tokyo Nationals Arc

When the players were discussing their new height measurements, Ennoshita teases Hinata for this being the time his math is on point when he is able to right away figure out the differences since their last measurements. Ennoshita is present when the team receives news of Kageyama being invited to the All-Japan Youth Camp and expresses his amazement of how the team has been able to play alongside such a talented person. From then, he is mostly seen during the team practices and the practice match against Date Tech. When the team arrived at Tokyo and Daichi had to be in a meeting with Ukai, Ennoshita was put in charge of the team; to Sugawara's annoyance. Ennoshita discovered Kageyama and Hinata wanting to go out for a run but was concerned about them being out in an area they were not familiar with and 'forces' Tsukishima to go with them in order to make sure they returned safely and are not out too long.

Karasuno vs Tsubakihara

Just before the match against Tsubakihara began, Hinata's shoes are discovered to have been mistakenly taken and he therefore did not have them when the team arrived at the stadium. Ennoshita originally suggested that they should purchase Hinata a new pair of shoes until Kiyoko volunteered to retrieve the shoes herself.

Ennoshita joined in the cheer when Kinoshita was sent into the match as a pinch server. After the match, Ennoshita spotted Tanaka speaking with Kanoka and points out how Tanaka has the chance to have a girlfriend. Doing this exposed Kinoshita and Narita from having pretended not to eavesdrop but Ennoshita would continue his statement by saying he noticed Kanoka's behavior toward Tanaka just before the opening ceremony of the tournament and firmly believes that she may have a crush on Tanaka[8].

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

Like the rest of the team, Ennoshita was overwhelmed at the presence of the Inarizaki band supporting their team. When Tsukishima and Kageyama are able to pull off an attack using Tsukishima's height to their advantage, Ennoshita is able to easily read their facial expression of not wanting to admit to one another that the attack worked[9]. When Tanaka is struggling during the game when trying to execute a cross shot, Ennoshita believes that Tanaka will be fine and reminds the others that Tanaka was the only second year who never left the volleyball club. When Tanaka was able to finally make the cross shot work, Ennoshita, Kinoshita, and Narita laugh happily. Like the rest of the team, Ennoshita is shown being surprised when Hinata was able to perfectly receive Aran's spike in the third set. Ennoshita joins the team on the court to celebrate when Karasuno wins the match.

Karasuno vs Nekoma

Ennoshita cheers for his teammates during the match against Nekoma. He finds amusement when hearing Sugawara name Asahi's block-out as the Block Crusher. Ennoshita would join the team in running onto the court to celebrate when Hinata was able to use a receive to score the winning point for the second set.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

During the game, Hirugami is quick to score a blocking point, which is something that Yamaguchi is frustrated about but not surprised as they are facing “Hirugami the Immovable”. Then Sugawara takes a moment to think, repeating the “Immovable” nickname and Ennoshita notices that Sugawara likes the name. Into the second set, Ennoshita notices that Kageyama always makes his set look easy, but after pulling after an especially impressive one, he was making it look even easier. Sugawara then explains that it’s because he moved from standing right in front of the net to in the middle. Into the third set, Hinata tearfully apologizes for not being able to take care of his health well. His team tries to cheer him up, include Kinoshita but he doesn’t know what to do and stutters a few words. Ennoshita doesn’t know what to say either so he doesn’t.

After the third years graduate, Ennoshita becomes the new team captain.

Final Arc

Ennoshita's final appearance of the series is when he is revealed to have become a physical therapist after high school.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Ennoshita's fundamentals are all intermediate and he has a decent playing style, but his abilities aren't outstanding overall. He is predominantly a left-wing spiker. Ennoshita is level-headed and good at analysis during games, allowing him to often see through his opponents' plans. This ability gives him a stable presence on the team, similar to Daichi, which is one of the reasons why Ennoshita was chosen to be captain next year.

As of mid-November:

  • Fingertip Height: 223 cm
  • Jumping Reach: 305 cm (spike) / 290 cm (block)


Hisashi Kinoshita and Kazuhito Narita

He appears to be good friends with Kinoshita and Narita and is often seen with them during practice or games. They have known one another since they were first years and because of their past with leaving the team, they support each other greatly during matches.

Yū Nishinoya and Ryūnosuke Tanaka

Ennoshita knows Tanaka and Nishinoya very well and is always the one scolding them for their antics on Daichi's order. Despite this, he maintains a close relationship with them and keeps an eye on them whenever they get out of hand. He also willingly helps them study on their exams for their sake.

Kiyoko Shimizu

To Tanaka and Nishinoya's dismay, he can talk normally with Kiyoko Shimizu without being ignored. Unlike his teammates, Ennoshita doesn't seem to be attracted to her.

Karasuno High

Ennoshita has a stabilizing presence on the team and is able to communicate with the first years well. He is considered the "Don of the Second Years" for his ability to rein in Tanaka and Nishinoya. Most of the members find him similar to Daichi and see him as the next captain.


  • Favorite Food: Vinegared sea pineapple
  • Current Concern: Even when he's really fired up, people tell him he looks sleepy.
  • Ennoshita wears white gym shoes with black accents.
  • He used to be #3 until Asahi and Noya returned.
  • There's a running gag of Ennoshita being a genius filmmaker as Director Ennoshita. He has made several movies comprised of both his own teammates and players from other teams. 
  • His star sign is Capricorn.
  • When asked about Ennoshita's name, Furudate said, "I gave him this name with the image of succeeding greatly in the future."[10]
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Ennoshita placed 22nd with 954 votes.[11] In the second, he dropped to 28th with 1,602 votes.[12]
  • Nomenclature:
    • Chikara (力) - Power
    • Ennoshita (縁下) - Below Destiny
  • His name comes from the expression "en no shita no chikara mochi" (縁の下の力持ち) which refers to a person who does a thankless task or who works without expecting credit.


  • "It's not like I've been playing in the earnest the whole time. I ran away from it once too." (To Asahi, Volume 4 Chapter 27)
  • "I might sound biased, but I think our spikers are pretty skilled." (To Kageyama, Volume 7 Chapter 56)
  • "Don't think I'm gonna warm that bench forever." (To Tanaka, Season 2 Episode 8)
  • "If I don't get this ball, then I don't deserve to be on this court." (To himself, Volume 14 Chapter 122)
  • "This is the first time I’ve fought 'til the very end. Even though it’s like this, I’m still not satisfied at all." (To himself, Volume 14 Chapter 125)
  • "The things that people tend to take to heart vary from person to person." (Volume 25 Chapter 224)


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