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"Confronting the Champion" (Japanese: 王者 (おうじゃ) との対峙 (たいじ) Ōja to no Taiji) is the seventy-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 42nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Upon meeting Ushijima in the street, Hinata and Kageyama follow him to Shiratorizawa Academy. Hinata is amazed at the school's facilities as they make their way to the gym. Kageyama introduces himself to Ushijima, and is surprised that Ushijima knows of him. Kageyama tells the latter that he failed to get into the school, which Ushijima isn’t surprised about, as he had seen him play egoistically during middle school. Ushijima then goes on to talk about Oikawa, before a ball comes flying out the gym towards them. Ushijima attempts to catch the ball, but Hinata jumps up and catches the ball first, shocking the former. With a determined look at his face, Hinata states that they would be the ones to take Shiratorizawa down and go to the Nationals.


Wakatoshi Ushijima is walking by when Hinata mentions his name. Yachi remembers what Hinata said about Ushijima being the absolute champion and is terrified at how big the famed ace is. Ushijima is about to leave when Kageyama suddenly announces that he and Hinata are from Karasuno High asks if they can follow him and learn more about the Shiratorizawa team, stunning Hinata with his boldness.

Ushijima recognizes Karasuno as the team with the super quick and replies that he does not care if they follow him, stating that having them learn more of his team will not make any difference. He allows the two to follow him on the condition they are able to keep up with him as he runs, revealing that he and the team are out running but everyone else is slower than him.

The group soon departs and Kageyama sees that Ushijima has a quick pace. Hinata is excitedly talking about how he can't wait to see the Shiratorizawa school and is promptly scolded by Kageyama for acting childishly. Neither notice how Ushijima is impressed that they are both able to keep up with him while arguing. The three soon reach Shiratorizawa Academy. Hinata and Kageyama are right away amazed at how large the campus and school building is along with the fact that the school has a horse riding club and the volleyball team has their own private bus. Their distraction causes them to lose Ushijima in the process.

Hinata and Kageyama eventually find the volleyball gym and observe the team through a window. Kageyama realizes the team playing against Shiratorizawa is a college team. He tells Hinata how Shiratorizawa is so strong that none of the local high schools can stand up to them and therefore have to play against college teams or teams outside of Miyagi.

Ushijima arrives and Kageyama introduces himself. The ace is aware of Kageyama and how he played at Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. Kageyama reveals how he tried to attend Shiratorizawa but failed the entrance exam. Ushijima is not surprised and comments how he believes it is because Kageyama cannot dedicate himself to the team ace.

Kageyama becomes offended at the comment until Hinata starts laughing, saying that Ushijima is right that Kageyama isn't the devoted type. Hinata mentions how Oikawa is not a devoted type of setter despite possibly being the best setter in the prefecture. Ushijima then surprises the two by stating how Oikawa is an excellent player and had hoped he would have attended Shiratorizawa. He says Oikawa has the talent to bring out the full potential of his players and can therefore make whatever team he is on as strong as possible.

Ushijima refers to this as Aoba Johsai being barren land and the only strong one is Oikawa. Hinata turns serious at this, questioning that if Ushijima sees Seijoh as barren land then he must see Karasuno as a concrete parking lot. Ushijima apologizes if Hinata felt offended by this but says it's the best way he could say it about teams that have lost to Seijoh.

A ball bounces out of the gym and Ushijima is ready to catch it but Hinata rushes forward, jumps and catches the ball first; his jump and speed stunning Ushijima in the process. Hinata hands the ball to Ushijima while introducing himself. He tells Ushijima that Karasuno will go to Nationals after defeating Shiratorizawa.

Hinata and Kageyama leave after being spotted by a teacher and thanking Ushijima for allowing them to tag along. Before he leaves, Kageyama promises to show Ushijima that he is a stronger setter than Oikawa. As the two leave, Ushijima admires their abilities. Kageyama points out to Hinata that what he vowed would be difficult to accomplish since they lost to Seijoh who in turn lost to Shiratorizawa. Hinata is not deterred and says this is why they have to make it to the Tokyo camp.

Later on, Hinata, Kageyama, Tanaka, and Nishinoya wait nervously for the results of their exams.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Ushijima seeks a setter that can devote their entire time to him.


  • Shiratorizawa Academy Boys' Volleyball Club has their own bus. The school is also shown to have a horseback riding club.


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