Conversations (Japanese: 会話 (かいわ) Kaiwa) is the ninety-eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 13th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Karasuno prepares for the upcoming Spring High Preliminaries and the hurdles they must overcome to advance to the next round. Meanwhile, Tsukishima has a heart-to-heart talk with his older brother, Akiteru, about their current status in volleyball.


Takeda elaborates on the steps Karasuno needs to take to advance to the qualifiers in October. Hinata questions why that they only have to play two games, so Sugawara explains they are exempt from the first round for having placed in the top sixteen during the Interhigh.

During practice, Kiyoko notices Yachi being nervous about partaking in her first tournament. She unintentionally upsets the first year manager when she mentions that it will be the last tournament for the third years. Meanwhile, Tadashi practices his jump floater with Shimada's advice to not aim at the libero in mind. However, he still ends up sending it toward Nishinoya, who bumps the ball easily. Ukai joins Takeda in browsing through the tournament pamphlet and becomes alerted by a player from their upcoming opponents.

Tsukishima returns home and is surprised to see his older brother, Akiteru Tsukishima, there as well. At Ikkei Ukai's volleyball court, Hinata and Kageyama request for more practice time when the elder Ukai insists they stop to rest. Ukai's other students remark that the duo's practice attempts have not been very successful thus far. Immediately afterward, Hinata and Kageyama pull off the perfected new quick, shocking everyone watching.

In their backyard, the Tsukishima siblings have a proper talk after a long time. Akiteru asks about the Tokyo training camp. Tsukishima answers that it wasn't tough, but Akiteru notes his expression belies the truth. After a moment of silence, Tsukishima asks if Akiteru still plays volleyball. Akiteru replies affirmatively and reveals he is on a team and participates in tournaments. Having anticipated Tsukishima's thoughts, Akiteru brings up the incident from high school. He is still frustrated about what happened back then and feels guilty for letting Tsukishima discover the truth the way he did. Akiteru recalls the joy of scoring off a spike and earning the crowd's cheer. Thus, he regrets not being able to accomplish anything during high school and wants another chance to play volleyball to the fullest. Tsukishima is reminded of what Bokuto said about finding a special moment that will make him truly love volleyball as he contently accepts his brother's choice.

Akiteru then remembers Karasuno's upcoming match and amazes over Tsukishima for being a regular. Tsukishima dismisses the thought, attributing it to his height only. Akiteru promptly scolds his brother for that way of thinking, declaring that height is a great gift that many are envious of and could mean the difference between a win or loss.

At another high school, a player with a height of 201 cm introduces himself. His coach is impressed at having such a tall player while the captain warns the team that Karasuno may be their biggest challenge at the prelims.



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