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"Crazy for Volleyball" (Japanese: バレー馬鹿 (ばか) たち Barē Baka-tachi) is the one hundred eighty-sixth chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 2nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


Karasuno is at their match point. Shimada says that using a jump serve is a huge risk but in this case the team that chooses to play aggressively and take risks is the stronger team. Reon and the other teammates think of Ushijima as "The Super Volleyball Maniac". While watching Hinata, Washijō is reminded of his high school days as a volleyball player because he too was a short player. The score is currently a tie, 18-18.


With Karasuno at match point, Asahi delivers a serve that goes untouched but is called to have just missed landing in; a result of his toss being fine but his footing being off. The score is once more tied when Ushijima next serves. His also lands out and Karasuno is again at match point. The missed serve causes Washijō to threaten a one hundred serve punishment when the team returns to the school.

Hinata rotates to the front and Tsukishima is up to serve. Seeing Tendō approaching for a set, Hinata reminds himself not to right away jump and quickly spots Ushijima preparing to spike. Hinata and Tanaka jump to block but Hinata is stunned when it appears Ushijima is just floating in mid-air. In truth, Ukai sees that Ushijima's form is so perfect that it will give the appearance of the ace looking like he's just floating. Ushijima is able to score but his weariness begins to be presentable afterwards. Reon simply sees Ushijima as someone who is just crazy for volleyball.

Asahi receives Reon's serve. Goshiki and Tendō are momentarily distracted by Tanaka calling for the ball which gives Kageyama and Hinata the time to perform a quick attack. As Saitō comments how Hinata gives off a vibe similar to the Little Giant, Washijō reaffirms his belief that bigger and stronger is always better. Kageyama's serve is received but returned to Karasuno. As Washijō watches Hinata, he suddenly sees an image of his past self. As Tendō blocks Hinata's next attack, Washijō feel confident that Hinata will be crushed.

Iwaizumi notices how quiet Hinata has gotten and Oikawa believes it is due to the middle blocker being deep in thought of what he will be planning next. With the score once again at a tie, Oikawa feels certain that Hinata is not giving himself the time to feel sorry about his last spike being blocked and is just looking at what he will do next.


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