"Creator" (Japanese: クリエイター Kurieitā) is the seventy-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 41st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Yachi fears that her mother might not allow her to become the volleyball club's new manager and struggles to express her feelings about it. Thanks to Hinata, she finally opens up to her mother and declares that a "Villager B" like her can fight too.


At home Hinata marvels over Yachi's notes and muses how Karasuno would appear like one of the major schools if she agreed to be the second manager of the volleyball team.

At Yachi's apartment, Yachi she informs her mother, Madoka Yachi, that she has been invited to be a manager for the boys volleyball team. Recalling that the team had gone to Nationals before, Madoka asks Yachi what she knows about volleyball. Yachi says that she doesn't know much now but plans to study as much as she can about the sport. As Madoka's co-worker arrives, Madoka encourages her daughter not to join the team if she doesn't plan on taking it as serious at the rest of the team. As they leave, Madoka's co-worker scolds her for being harsh to her daughter. Madoka replies that she was not trying to be hard on Hitoka and instead is trying to teach her how to be strong as she is worried Hitoka would become demotivated by anything said to her unless she learns otherwise.

The next day, Yachi and Kiyoko are getting ready for practice when Kiyoko notices that Yachi seems troubled. She informs Yachi that she herself had once been an athlete but when she became the volleyball team manager, she had no experience being a manager and knew nothing about the sport itself. Kiyoko tells Yachi that perhaps all she needs is a little bit of curiosity to become fully interested in being the manager.

Yachi catches Hinata before heading into the gym and informs him of what she's troubled by, though Hinata does not seem that her reason is not as frightening as things he's done; such as vomiting on Tanaka's lap, hitting Kageyama with a volleyball, and even knocking off the vice principal's toupee. He encourages her to join the team if she really wants to.

After practice, Sugawara announces that Wakatoshi Ushijima has been announced as Japan's representative for the Youth World Championship. Daichi makes it clear that if they want to make it to the Spring Tournament, Karasuno will need to beat Ushijima and Shiratorizawa. Hinata questions Yachi if she is still worried about her mother's approval and suggests she speak to her.

Hinata and Yachi hurry to find her mother and catch her when she's headed toward the train station. Yachi shouts out that Villager B can fight as well and she plans to join the volleyball team as the new manager. Though taken back, Madoka approves of Yachi new boldness and decision to be the team manager. Hinata especially is excited that Yachi has agreed to join when Yachi suddenly asks him for a favor.

Later, Yachi approaches Takeda and informs him that she is aware of the club's funding situation and suggests an idea she came up with. Over time, the team has another practice match and many of the members continue studying. Yachi is even seen getting help with a project from her mother.

Some time later, Hinata is riding his bike in front of a store when he suddenly stops and sees a poster of himself with the announcement that the team is accepting donations to make it to Tokyo for the Spring Tournament. Takeda later is seen receiving a phone call by someone who wants to make a contribution to the team.

In the gym, the team is wearing their jackets and waiting for Yachi to appear. She finally arrives and Daichi announces that Yachi has officially joined the team as the new manager. Kiyoko presents Yachi with her own team jacket and the boys give Yachi a great welcoming.

On the weekend, Hinata and Kageyama are leaving Yachi's apartment after a study session when Kageyama realizes that they are not far from Shiratorizawa Academy. Hinata recognizes the school being where Ushijima attends when behind them the said person suddenly appears.



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Ushijima is the only player from the Tōhoku region to play in the Volleyball Youth World Championship.


  • Yachi officially joins the Karasuno High boys volleyball team as a co-manager.
  • Yachi’s mom works in a design company.
  • To raise money, Yachi and Takeda put out a poster of Hinata about to spike. The text reads: “A second ‘small giant.’ The Crows soar toward the nationals once more.”


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