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Dai Mikawa (Japanese: 三川 (みかわ) (だい) Mikawa Dai) is a second year student at Tsubakihara Academy and one of the volleyball team's pinch servers.


Mikawa has short black hair and a freckled face.


Not much is known about Mikawa’s personality, but he seems to be an encouraging person that listens to his coach and his team’s third years.


Mikawa currently attends Tsubakihara Academy, located in Kanagawa Prefecture in the region of Kantō.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

As Tsubakihara's match against Karasuno progresses, Mikawa serves, aiming right at Daichi and the ball reaches him before he can process what happened. Nevertheless, he is still able to bump it messily. Later on, Kinoshita is sent in as Karasuno’s pinch server and not long after Tsukibara does the same, benching Iwamuro for Himekawa. During this, Mikawa is seen with a look of worry on his face[1].

When Himekawa serves once more, he manages to score two service aces in a row, and at his third serve, he is still able to put up a good defense. During this, Tsubakihara gloriously congratulates Himekawa for his success, which puts their hopes up to win. After Tsubakihara’s loss, Echigo shakes Daichi’s hand, as they are the two opposing teams’ captains, and Maruyama, Echigo and Teradomari break into tears. Right after, Ōsado tries to comfort his team by offering them lunch.


He seems to have a good jump float serve.


Tsubakihara Academy

Mikawa seems to get along well with his teammates and he listens to the third years and the coach.


  • Nomenclature
    • Dai (大) - Big/Great
    • Mikawa (三川) - Three, River