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Daiki Ogano (Japanese: 小鹿野 (おがの) 大樹 (だいき) Ogano Daiki) is a third year at Shinzen High. He is the Boys' Volleyball Club's captain and a wing spiker.


Ogano has narrow eyes that are slanted slightly upwards. His hairstyle is curly and puffy enough to resemble a broccoli floret. Both his hair and eyebrows are a chestnut brown.


Ogano is generally an expressive person. As part of the Fukurōdani Academy Group, he gets along with the other captains, especially Masaki Gōra from Ubugawa High. The two do not hesitate to tease about the other's appearance, calling each other "Broccoli Head" and "Fish Lips"[1]. He is someone easy to get a reaction out of when teased and is also quick to boast when he and his team succeed.


Not much is known about his background other than the fact he lives in Saitama Prefecture and goes to Shinzen High School. He eventually becomes the captain in his third year.


Tokyo Expedition Arc

Ogano's debut appearance comes during the training camps held by the Fukurōdani Academy Group[2]. Ogano and the Shinzen team were originally able to play against Karasuno without much trouble due to the fact that Hinata and Kageyama were absent for the first few matches. When the two first years eventually arrived, Shinzen would play against Karasuno for their final game of the first day and were suddenly not able to keep up with Karasuno; specifically the freak quick attack. Seeing how quick Hinata is, Ogano had Eikichi try to mark Hinata, but Chigaya was only able to graze the ball. After Karasuno won the match, Gōra taunted the Shinzen captain on their loss as Ogano tried to defend himself that Gōra wouldn't be able to do any better against the quick attack.

When Shinzen plays against Ubugawa, Ogano is unable to properly receive Gōra's serve but is able to regain a point for Shinzen when the team performs the synchronized attack. During the barbecue, Ogano later notices how Yachi was frozen in fear when several players tried to help her after she ate a burnt piece of meat before he would openly admire the rest of the female managers. Ogano is present to say good-bye to the Karasuno team when they leave.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Ogano goes to watch the Karasuno vs Nekoma match with Eikichi Chigaya and Masaki Gōra. They arrive to the match right after Hinata scores the first point of the game. At witnessing Nishinoya successfully perform a jump set, Ogano comically remembers how Nishinoya would miss several jump sets during the summer training camp. Ogano appears to be one of the few to catch on that Nekoma would use their blockers to direct where Karasuno spikers should send their spikes when he watches Lev and Kai force Tanaka to send his spike directly where Yaku is waiting[3]. When Kageyama was up to serve and Chigaya comments how he and Kageyama became close friends during the All-Japan Youth training camp, Ogano questions if Kageyama even knows Chigaya's name which causes Chigaya to nervously hope that Kageyama does know his name. Like many others, Ogano is surprised at seeing Kenma rush to make an overhand set as they were not used to seeing the setter put in more effort than necessary. He later jokingly comments how they might see Nishinoya start spiking after Daichi scores with a back attack.


He seems to be good at spiking. He's strong enough to cleanly receive Gōra's serve, who is an excellent server himself.


Eikichi Chigaya

Ogano and Chigaya are often seen hanging around one another both on and off the court, suggesting they are good friends. The two attended the third day of the Spring Tournament together along with Masaki Gōra.

Masaki Gōra

During the training camp arc, Ogano and Gōra appear to be bitter rivals, often mocking one another about certain plays and calling each other insulting nicknames; Ogano calling Gōra 'Fish Lips' or 'Ponytail' and Gōra calling Ogano 'Broccoli Head'. This mostly appears to just be simple rivalry as the two are later seen watching the match between Karasuno and Nekoma along with Chigaya and appear to get along rather nicely.