Daiki Ogano (Japanese: 小鹿野 (おがの) 大樹 (だいき) Ogano Daiki) is a third year at Shinzen High. He is the Boys' Volleyball Club's captain and a wing spiker.


Ogano has narrow eyes that are slanted slightly upwards. His hairstyle is curly and puffy enough to resemble a broccoli floret. Both his hair and eyebrows are a chestnut brown. 


Ogano is generally an expressive person. As part of the Fukurodani Academy Group , he gets along with the other captains, especially Masaki Gōra from Ubugawa. The two do not hesitate to tease about the other's appearance, calling each other "Broccoli Head" and "Fish Lips". [1] He is someone easy to get a reaction out of when teased. 


Not much is known about his background other than the fact he lives in Saitama Prefecture and goes to Shinzen High School. He eventually becomes the captain in his third year.





References Edit

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