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"Desire" (Japanese: (よく) "Yoku") is the eightieth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 45th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.

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It's Hinata and Kageyama's first Nekoma set, and Lev is able to block HInata's quick attack. Despite this, Hinata gets anxiously excited at the thought of battling stronger opponents. While a toss is set to Asahi, Hinata also aims to spike the ball, which resulted into the two colliding with each other. Hinata apologizes for his fault, and tells Kageyama that he will stop closing his eyes on their quick attack.

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In the match between Nekoma and Karasuno, new middle blocker Lev Haiba attempts to block Hinata but barely misses, putting Karasuno in the lead by one point. The Shinzen coaches watching the match notice that Hinata does indeed have his eyes shut when he spikes but believe this is due to Kageyama's precision and skill as a setter.

Hinata begins his approach for another spike when he suddenly jumps diagonally and catches the Nekoma blockers off guard. Despite this, Lev is able to quickly follow and successfully block Hinata. The act completely surprises Hinata and the Karasuno team. Takeda is amazed that the quick attack was stopped so early in the game but Ukai points out that Nekoma is a team that is able to adapt quickly to their opponents methods but now they have a middle blocker with great height and quick reflexes that will makes things more difficult.

Before the next rally begins, Hinata watches as Lev challenges him and isn't fully paying attention when Kageyama suggests that they switch to normal quick attacks. Kenma calls Lev over and informs him that he suspects Karasuno will switch their quick attacks and tells Lev to start read blocking. As the rally plays through, Hinata begins approaching the net and nearly baits Lev into following him but the middle blocker remembers what Kenma told him about read blocking. Despite being a second late, Lev is still able to get a one-touch on Asahi's spike and then counter with his own spike, further frustrating Karasuno.

Ukai calls a time-out and tells the players not to allow themselves to be taken in by the pressure of the situation. He adds that they'll start using Asahi and Tanaka more for attacks but silently wonders if this is the right things to do. Coach Nekomata watches Karasuno and instantly knows that the team will not get stronger if they continue to play things safe.

Hinata begins to feel the thrill of facing strong opponents and the desire to become stronger than he is now in order to beat opponents like Lev and Ushijima. When the game continues, Daichi sends Asahi the final hit. The ace goes to spike but is shocked to see Hinata also trying to get the last hit and the two collide. Asahi begins to panic about possibly having harmed Hinata but the first year instead begins to apologize to his senior before getting scolded by Kageyama and Ukai for not paying attention. Afterwards, Ukai and Asahi both realize that Hinata had appeared to try to take the ball meant for the ace.

Nekomata watches what took place and thinks Hinata wanting to grow is exactly what Karasuno needs in order to start evolving. Hinata approaches Kageyama and announces that he wishes to start hitting the ball with his eyes open.

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  • In celebration of the upcoming anime adaptation, a center color page of Karasuno High, Kenma, Yamamoto, Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Aone, and Futakuchi. The text reads: “An anime adaptation is coming April 2014!!”


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