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"Direct Sunlight" (Japanese: 直射 (ちょくしゃ) 日光 (にっこう) Chokusha Nikkō) is the seventy-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 39th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Kiyoko recruits the first-year, Hitoka Yachi, as a temporary manager on a trial basis. Meanwhile, Hinata and Kageyama continue their studying for exams and ask Yachi if she can teach them.


Kiyoko appears in the gym with a shy girl behind her. The girl introduces herself as Hitoka Yachi and is a candidate to become the team manager.

Daichi and Sugawara welcome Yachi while Yamaguchi comments on her cuteness. Asahi asks which grade she's in but unintentionally scares her with his appearance. Sugawara notices that Tanaka and Nishinoya are staring at Yachi and quickly stops them from intimidating her. Asahi is glad that the team will have a new manager next year. However, Kiyoko reminds him that Yachi is only temporary for now. The boys greet Yachi in unison, but Kiyoko warns them not to overwhelm her. Yachi soon leaves. Afterward, she becomes paranoid over standing next to Kiyoko for too long and potentially getting attacked by her fans. Back in the gym, Kiyoko reveals that she did this to help the team and ensure there is someone prepared to take over her responsibilities.

The next day, Hinata and Kageyama find Tsukishima in class to ask for academic help. Tsukishima refuses, having stated that he would only tutor them before and after their club activities. They leave and run into Yamaguchi, who reminds them that Yachi may be able to help since she's in a college preparatory class. The two find Yachi in class. She immediately panics and stresses over her inability to remember names. Hinata and Kageyama introduce themselves and ask her to help them study English. Hinata explains that they need to pass their exams to be able to go to the upcoming Tokyo training camp and adds that Tsukishima is refusing to help. Yachi agrees but worries if she can be a kinder teacher than Tsukishima.

Under Yachi's tutelage, Hinata and Kageyama quickly understand the material. Yachi then asks Hinata if he dislikes studying. He confirms he does and is only putting in the effort to attend the training camp. Hinata continues chattering about Nekoma and various strong teams he faced. Yachi wonders if Hinata is also a manager. She immediately grows ashamed after realizing she judged him incorrectly base on his appearance. Hinata reassures her that he's not upset and exclaims that he can fly to compensate for his height.

After classes, Yachi returns to the gym. Hinata informs her that he got a third of the questions right on his English quiz with her help. The two first-years celebrate while Sugawara comments on Hinata's impressive communication skills. Yachi watches as the team practices. A stray ball suddenly flies toward her, but Hinata blocks it in time. After checking on Yachi, Kiyoko remarks on Karasuno's top-class offense and their aim to make Nationals. After practice, Ukai informs the team of their practice match the next day and urges them to win.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Yachi is a first-year student from class 5, a college preparatory class.
  • Yachi has an eye for proper layout and color scheme due to her designer mom's influence.
  • Yachi struggles to remember names she just heard once.
  • Hinata hates studying.



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