Eikichi Chigaya (Japanese: 千鹿谷 (ちがや) 英吉 (えいきち) Chigaya Eikichi) was a first year at Shinzen High, he was a middle blocker on the school's boys' volleyball team. As of 2018, he's a college student and plays as a middle blocker for VC Kanagawa, a V. League Division 1 volleyball team. 


He has curly black hair with the slightest navy tint, cropped closely to his head. His eyes are dark blue and are quite big. In his first year of high school, he seems to have a large build, standing at 6' 4", which is very large for someone his age. 


Eikichi appears to be a friendly person. During the All-Japan Youth Camp, he was around Kageyama most and tried to be friendly and start conversations with the setter but found himself at a loss when Kageyama proved to be a challenge to speak to.


Plot Edit

Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

First appeared on the Fukurōdani Academy Group Joint Training. During Shinzen's first practice match against Karasuno, he was able to keep up with Hinata and Kageyama's quick attack even though he had never seen it before.

Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit

Before the Spring High National Tournament, he was seen with Kageyama at the All-Japan Youth Training Camp. He tries to make friend's with Kageyama since he was the only person he knew at the camp but found difficulty in this as Kageyama was not very talkative. Despite this, Eikichi was often seen close by to Kageyama. At the end of the camp, Eikichi offers to show Kageyama the way to the train station when the setter admits that he forgot where it was. 

Later on, Eikichi, Daiki Ogano and Masaki Gora from Ubugawa High went to watch the Nekoma vs Karasuno match where he would claim to be a close friend of Kageyama's but is actually uncertain if Kageyama sees him as a friend.

Final ArcEdit

Eikichi's final appearance is when he is watching the game between the Schweiden Adlers and the MSBY Black Jackals. He is a college senior and is playing for the V-League Division 1 team VC Kanagawa as a middle blocker.


Original Statistics
Game Sense

Despite not having many of his abilities shown, it is hinted that he is very skilled. During Shinzen's first practice match against Karasuno, he was able to keep up with Hinata and Kageyama's quick attack even though he had never seen it before.[1]

Later on, he is seen attending an All-Japan Youth intensive training camp.[2]


Tobio KageyamaEdit

Chigaya believes he and Kageyama are close friends due to attending the youth training camp, having eaten lunch together, and exchanging few conversations. He even brags to his teammate Daiki Ogano that he and Kageyama are best friends. However, he is unsure when Ogano questions if Kageyama even knows his name, indicating that they are not as close as he claims.[3]


  • Favorite Food: Yakitarako Onigiri (Rice balls stuffed with grilled cod roe)
  • Current concern: "Our manager is really into sekihan and cooks it very often for me… but I don’t like sekihan." (Sekihan is sticky rice with azuki beans, traditionally prepared and served during celebrations.)
  • He shares the same voice actor as Shōhei Fukunaga.
  • Like Ushijima, he's also left-handed.[2] In the anime, he can be seen using both his right and left hand to spike. It is unknown if this is an error or he is ambidextrous. 
  • In the official English translation of chapter 391, he is said to be 21 years of age when in actuality he's supposed to be 22. 
  • Nomenclature
    • Eikichi (英吉) - English Luck
    • Chigaya (千鹿谷) - Thousand Deer Valley



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