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I want to show my abilities. This desire is too strong. Although I know that the current Shiratorizawa does not need such a setter, this desire is uncontainable. But when I'm serving, I am free.

Eita Semi (Japanese: 瀬見 (せみ) 英太 (えいた) Semi Eita) is a third year student at Shiratorizawa Academy. He plays on the boys volleyball team as a setter and pinch server.

In 2018, he is a civil servant as well as a musician in a band.


Semi has thick and messy ash blonde hair with dark grey tips. His eyebrows are black, contrasting his hair. His eyes are brown and sharply shaped, and he's often seen with a small scowl on his face. He has a lean but muscular build.

Post-timeskip, Semi's hair appears slightly longer and his clothing reflects that he is now a musician.


He appears serious and stoic, but is actually hot-headed and competitive; partially towards Shirabu, who had become the team's regular starting setter. Despite that, Semi acknowledges the strength and abilities of his teammates and those of his opponents. He also cares about his teammates and is occasionally sincere and nice. However, he does tend to show annoyance when Tendō calls him by his unwanted nickname Semi-Semi.


Like most members of the Shiratorizawa Boys' Volleyball Team, Semi got into the school through a sports scholarship. He was a famous setter during his time at middle school and was the main setter for Shiratorizawa before being replaced by Shirabu[1].


Interhigh Arc

Shiratorizawa wins against Ohgiminami (2:0 / 25-10, 25-6) and then goes on to face off against Aoba Johsai for the last match. Shiratorizawa wins the finals as well[2].

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno

During a timeout in the second set, Semi calls Shirabu from the side and advises him to carefully think of how to support Ushijima, but Shirabu brushes him off, which annoys the third-year[1]. The game resumes, and Shirabu unexpectedly performs a dump shot, shocking the entire gymnasium. Semi quietly admits that Shirabu isn't that bad.

Semi serving a ball as a pinch server.

Near the end of the second set, the score reaches a deuce and Semi is sent into the game while Tendō is brought out. Semi would unleash a powerful serve that threw Karasuno into disarray. When the ball returned to Shiratorizawa, Shirabu gave Semi the ball to set and he, in turn, gave the final hit to Goshiki who easily got his spike between Daichi and Hinata. Semi's next serve was received by Daichi and, even though it was off, Kageyama and Hinata were still able to perform their super quick; shocking the entire arena in the process.

In the fourth set, Semi is subbed in for Shirabu when the score is 21-21. However, due to Goshiki hesitating to block, Hinata and Kageyama were able to get a quick attack in and end his serve. Early in the fifth set, Semi warns Shirabu that he's setting to Ushijima too much. Taichi believes that Shirabu is doing this because Tsukishima has been so persistent in his blocking.

Semi returns to the game during the fifth set. While preparing to serve, Semi understands that he is not the type of setter that Shiratorizawa needs as he is aware of his need to show off his skills. But the one area where he can truly show his strength without worry is his serves. Semi lands a no-touch service ace and puts Shiratorizawa ahead by three points. After Karasuno called a time-out, Semi serves again. However, his time on the court ends when Hinata pulled an incredible play by receiving Ushijima's spike incredibly close to the net and it landed back on Shiratorizawa's side. With this, Semi is removed from the game for the final time. Shiratorizawa eventually lost the match and placed second in the tournament.

Sometime later, the third-years gather the underclassmen for a farewell speech[3]. Semi watches Ushijima prepare the rest of the team for next year with words of motivation and advice before the upperclassmen officially retire from the club.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Semi occasionally helps out during the First Year Training Camp shortly before the Spring Tournament. He had noticed that Hinata wasn't taking part in the actual matches and later learned from Goshiki that Hinata had crashed the camp and was only allowed to stay if he acted as a ball boy. Semi would later show amusement when Shirabu tried to get Goshiki to ask Ushijima for advice and the younger wing spiker refusing to ask a rival for help.

Final Arc

After high school, Semi has become a civil servant and a musician in a band. He and Reon attend the Adlers and Jackals game and greatly cheer for Ushijima during the match. He would later gather with many of his former teammates at Goshiki's home to watch a show on Tendō having become a chocolatier but also showed him and Ushijima meeting in Paris.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Semi is a steady and reliable setter, and he is skilled enough to have been the main setter for Shiratorizawa in either his first or second year. He is physically stronger than Shirabu but doesn't play as safely as he wishes to show off his true abilities, which may be a reason why he had to concede his position to the second-year.

Nonetheless, his serves are powerful and quick, which makes him valuable as a pinch server.

Jumping Reach: 325 cm


Kenjirō Shirabu

It has been shown that Semi harbors a strong dislike towards Shirabu's dismissive and disrespectful behavior, particularly when he gave him advice in the match against Karasuno. However, Semi does acknowledge Shirabu's skills and, in contrast, the areas where he himself is lacking in regards to Shiratorizawa's way of playing.

Satori Tendō

Semi and Tendō have a banter-based friendship. Tendō has teased Semi about his fashion sense in the past while Semi is critical of his forwardness. Despite this, the two of them keep each other in check when either gets too unruly.

Shiratorizawa Academy

Semi gets along well with his teammates, especially the third years. He has been shown to eat lunch with Ushijima, Reon, and Tendō, and converses with them regularly about topics unrelated to volleyball. Out of everyone on the team, Semi appears to be closest to Reon. He uses first names with Ushijima, Reon, and Goshiki.


  • "I know where I am weaker than Shirabu. I want to rely on my own strength to avoid the blockers. I want to show my abilities. This desire is too strong. Although I know that the current Shiratorizawa does not need such a setter, this desire is uncontainable. But when I'm serving, I am free." (To himself, Volume 21 Chapter 181 / Season 3 Episode 8)


  • Favorite Food: Tekka Maki
  • Current Concern: Tendō told him that he looks uncool in casual clothes.
  • His star sign is Scorpio.
  • Nomenclature
    • Eita (英太) - Outstanding Magnificence
    • Semi (瀬見) - Seeing a Chance/An Opportunity