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Eiwa High (Japanese: 英和 (えいわ) 高校 (こうこう) Eiwa Kōkō) is a high school in Miyazaki Prefecture.


The volleyball uniform seems to consist of a lime color uniform with navy details. The libero has a contrasting uniform of white with lime details and the number printed in navy.

Volleyball Club

Not much is known about the volleyball club and its members but they appear to be a good team as they were leading in the 1st set against the eventual Spring Tournament 2013 finalists, Fukurōdani Academy.


Name Number Position Year Status
? #1 Captain ? Active
? #2 Setter ? Active
? #5 ? ? Active
Kohei #9 ? ? Active
? #10 ? ? Active
? #12 Libero ? Active

Spring High National Tournament (2013)

For nationals, Eiwa wasn't exempt from the first round.

First Round

  • Eiwa High School vs Fukurōdani Academy [Tokyo] (0:2 / 22-25, 21-25)
  • Their match was played on Court E as the fourth match of the day on said court.


  • In the manga, Eiwa is labeled as a representative from Oita, the same prefecture as Mujinazaka. This appears to be an error since Oita usually only has one representative in the real-life tournament.
  • Eiwa's prefecture is corrected to Miyazaki in the anime.